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It was 12:00 am when my friend Alice woke me up from my deep sleep. It was so hard for me to stand up and try to listen to what she was trying to say to me. She  looked so upset  and she was shouting and moving around nervously without understanding why. But finally a shocking  realisation woke me up from my dizziness.

Alice all this time  had been trying to say to me that there was something wrong with the ship. That we had hit some rocks and that now, we were sinking! I panicked, I  started shouting, and rushing around trying to get  my things in one place. But Alice grabbed my hand and said that there was no time, we had to - leave the ship immediately!

we ran to the lifeboats that were waiting for us. Alice and I were the last passengers but thank God there was one last boat for us. We got in and they pushed us away from the ship.

It was dark  and cold. We were alone in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Just the three of us. Alice, me and the sea. For 4 hours we waited for help and we started to  lose hope. They must have forgotten us since we were the last passengers to leave the ship.

But luckily in the deep, there was a small light. We decided to follow it. Maybe someone was looking for us. But as we got closer the light got bigger and bigger and then became a huge  fire mixed with lava and ash. It was a volcano on a tropical island.     

 Luckily we had found an island on which to survive. Hopefully we would find some food and water because we were starving to death.

 The sun was hot and soft. I climbed  a palm tree and got some cocoanuts for us. Also I managed to cut some big leaves too, so we could sleep on something at night.

 The next morning, a really bad smell woke me up. The ash from the volcano was all over the place. It was obviously that soon it was going to erupt again so, we had to find some help quickly.  I thought that maybe it was a good idea to look around the island. Perhaps we could find some fresh fish and water, to start our day. But before that I thought to write on the sand in big letters the SOS. Perhaps during the time that we were gone, someone who was passing would see it.

 As we were walking through the woods, we heard some loud drums playing.  As we got closer and closer, the sound became louder until we saw two tall men playing the drums. Of course, I thought, this island has natives. Maybe they could help us escape from this creepy place. But what if they thought that we weren’t their friends. Probably they would kill us.

 So we continued our journey to the river. At the river we found some fresh fish that we caught with our bare hands. Also we drank from the fresh water and we took some with us, so that it wasn’t necessary to come back later for some more. Likely for us as we were coming back from our journey we saw a boot on the horizon. It was such a relief. It was the happiest moment in my life. Alice and I started waving our hands so they could see us. We had to do something to make sure that the ship could see us. I thought maybe if I lit a fire, and made signals with the smoke they would see us.

 After a couple of minutes, it worked. The ship was moving! But unfortunately it was going away. It was a disaster. I felt so disappointed that I turned around and I sat on the sand and cried. I thought “What are we going to do now. The volcano is erupting. We are going to die. I don’t want to die, I am too young”.

 When I turned to look at Alice she was smiling, I turned around and I saw the big ship coming towards us. I felt so happy because we were saved. We were going home at last. I grabbed Alice by her hand and ran towards the ship!



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Serial Killer Arrested!

Yesterday a very dangerous murder was found by the F.B.I. That strange human was breaking in the house and he was killing people with his own hands. Then he was opening up the victims belly and he was eating their liver. But unfortunately Donna Scully and Fox Mulder managed to catch the victim after a lot of effort. Here is Donna’s Scully and Fox Mulder’s story:

 In 2 murderers the victims were George Usher and Tomas Warner. Before that there were 3 murders exactly the same. Mulder and Scully discovered that every 30 years there were 5 murders exactly the same, that the liver was removed by hands and that there was an unusual fingerprint. What was that strange creature? Maybe he was or he is a monster or an alien from of space, Nobody knew, until Mulder and Scully  found him in the victim’s building. His name was Eugene Tooms.  


They arrested him and they gave him a lie detection test. He fail the test but the chief decided to left him go.

 BUT Mulder and Scully continued to watch Tooms. They found information from an old policemen and they went to his apartment. In his apartment was a nest. The nest was made of bile and rubbish. Mulder thought that the strange creature hibernates for 30 years and he wakes up to feed on 5 human livers. In the apartment they found a table full of little and different little objects. Tooms was taking a trophy from each victim. On the table were only 10 different objects and that means that he was missing 1 trophy, 1 liver and 1 dead human.


 Scully was exhausted and she went home to take a bath. But she wasn’t alone. Tooms was there. He went to kill her. She was his last victim. He attacked many times and he was trying to open her belly and eat her liver but fortunately Mulder came and saved her from him. Mulder knew that Scully was the next victim because he had seen her necklace in Toom's apartment. But luckily they managed to arrest him and put him behind bars.

At last thanks to Donna Scully and Fox Mulder this evil creature has been put behind bars and the city is safe again.






Dear Ms. Mavrou,

I am writing to you about the serious traffic problems that we have in our capital city. I would like to offer you some solutions.

First of all we could encourage people to use public transport more. However, in order for people to want to use it, we must make sure that it is free, comfortable, clean and of course safe. There would need to be special car parks outside the city and bus lanes for it to work.

Another solution is to change the times that people start and finish work. The government should be a good example by introducing new hours for civil service. Also schools could start later which would mean fewer cars on our roads.

Lastly we should synchronize the traffic lights so that the traffic would move more smoothly through the city.

In conclusion, I am convinced that if we use these way then the traffic problem of Nicosia will be solved once and for all.


Best wishes,






I woke up and I was feeling really happy. I was feeling that today was going to be the best day of my life.

I decided to go to the shops to buy my friend a present. It was her birthday and I had been waiting for this day almost a week. I spent a lot of time buying her a present that she will remember for ever. I decided to buy her a photographer frame to put our photo inside.

In the evening I prepared for the big surprise. I put on my best clothes and shoes and then I put some makeup and lip-gloss

In the car I felt stressed because of the traffic I couldn’t wait any longer. Suddenly our car stopped. We had a puncture. Immediately I started running to reach the house before it was too late. While I was running a car passed by me and splashed me with water and mud. I felt so sad and upset.

When I reach the house I realized that I was late and I missed all the action. I walked up the stairs to change because I was a mess. My friend gave me some clothes but they are 2 sizes bigger than me and I was like a balloon with mud on my hair.

When I had changed and fixed my hair I went down stairs to eat some birthday cake. The cake was delicious but someone pushed me and the cake was in my face and all over my clothes.

I went upstairs for a second time to clean my self. I felt really stupid and embarrassed. After that there was some music and I thought I would dance to forget all the bad things that had happened to me. Someone was holding a glass of water and I didn’t see him. Oops suddenly the water flew across the room on to the CD player and the music stops. Oh my God I thought what have I done now? I apologize and I opened the door to get some fresh air. A cat got in the house and made a mess.

I thought it was better to live before I destroyed all the house. I felt at o’clock in the morning and I walked home. On the way it started raining again and for the third time I got wet. This day I couldn’t be worse I thought.

When I got home at last I looked for my keys but then I remembered that I put them in the present to remember them. I thought of climbing up the tree to see if a window was open and it was! This time I was lucky. I got in quietly not to disturb my parents. But they heard me and they said that in the morning they would punished me because I was late and that I had forgotten my keys somewhere. It couldn’t be worse I thought and I closed my eyes and I slept because I was feeling really exhausted.  







Today we interviewed Elpida about her life. Here is what she said .

Elpida is 13 years old and on the 9th of December she is going to be 14. She thinks birthdays are very special and she loves opening presents. So we are going to buy her a present aren’t we.

In her free time she enjoy dancing, speaking on the telephone of course and going out with her friends. She said that she feels wonderful when she does this because she is doing what she likes. She loves dancing, but in the future she would like to be an actress in the theatre. At the moment she is playing in a TV program which is another reason why she wants to be an actress and she said that it is really exhausting because she has to work long hours.  

Elpida loves pets (as do all of us I hope) because they are different from people. Elpida thinks they  aren’t mean or bad but they are good and friendly. She has two cats named ‘Zaza” and “Nureyev” and one dog named “Browny” because of its brown colour of course. Elpida seems to like animals!

Oh I forgot! Elpida has one other pet - her sister. She hates sisters and said that she doesn’t want another one because it’s very boring.

 Elpida thinks living in Cyprus is great and you feel free but the one thing she dislikes is that Cyprus hasn’t got many opportunities because it’s a small country. If she could have a wish she would live in Greece because it’s her favourite country and because it has a lot of opportunities. She especially likes the small islands there.

She thinks that the best way to feel happy is to have someone to love and to have a really special friendship. What makes her really really happy is having other people love her and respect her.

Elpida gets upset and sad when someone tells her lies or talks about her behind her back. She also feels upset when she speaks to a person and he doesn’t listen to her.

 So that’s Elpida. I am sure if you ever met her you would like her as much as I do!!!




It was a beautiful sunny day my best friend Katerina and I decided to go climbing up Olympus. As we were climbing the weather started to get worse. The clouds closed in storm started. It was snowing so hard that we could hardly see. We decided to find a shelter because we couldn’t stay out in the cold.

It started to grow dark. We decided to find some wood to make a fire because it was freezing cold. Luckily we found some tiny bushes and small trees. We slept in our sleeping bags but whatever we did we could not get warm.

The next morning was better but was still too bad for us to climb. We decided to phone a rescue team but there wasn't any signal. Then we started to climb down the mountain as it was the only way to survive.  My friend started to feel dizzy from the height. A few minutes later I looked down and Katerina was gone. I called her and she answered me "Help me please. I can't move". I started climbing down the mountain quick, as I could.

When I found Katerina she had a broken leg. I tried to phone the rescue team again but it was no use. What was I to do? I had two choices, either I could carry her until the phone worked or leave here there and go find some help. I put Katerina on a shelter in a sleeping bag.

I started climbing down the mountain again. During the next few hours the storm grew worse. I found a cave and I sheltered there. I made a fire so that I could melt the ice to drink water because I was very thirsty.  After 3 hours the storm died down so I started climbing down the mountain again. It was a race against time. I had to find help soon or Katerina would die.  I had been climbing for hours and couldn't feel my hands or my feet.

At the road I heard the sound of a helicopter. Indeed it was a helicopter. I shouted and waved my hands but they couldn't see or hear me. I decided to write in the snow "HELP" so the could save me. It was good idea because the helicopter saw me and started to come down. I knew I was going to make it. I got on board the helicopter and told them "I am going to take you to my friend Katerina. She's injured in a shelter waiting for help".

When we arrived at the cave we found Katerina sleeping. She was freezing. We put her in the helicopter and her toes had frostbite and she never climbed again.