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 Kate, John, Jane and Tom thought that it was a marvelous day to go camping. It was a beautiful sunny summers day so they decided that they didn’t want to stay in the big city. They chose one of the loveliest places to visit. The four friends fixed their baggage took a map, a torch, tents, blankets for the night, clean clothes, water and some food.

 When they arrive they were amazed.
“Woah, it is beautiful up here…!” John said enthusiastically.
“Oh yes, it is great!!” Jane answered.

“And you haven’t seen everything yet!” Tom said.

“Why? Where are we going?” Kate asked.

“I know a natural path which leads to a beautiful green valley. I came 3 years ago with my family and some friends. There is an amazing view and it is a very nice and safe place for camping.” Tom answered proudly.

Everybody decided to trust Tom and go to the valley.

“We should go through the forest now. I think it is a shortcut .” Tom declared.

“Are you sure Tom? I don’t think that is a good idea and safe place for camping.”

“No! We are going to go through the forest otherwise we are going to be there tomorrow.” Tom answered angrily.

“But Tom… in the forest there are lots of animals and you know that I am scared of them…” Jane cried.

“If you are scared of them then why are you here?” Tom replied.

“Don’t speak to her like that!” John said angrily.

“Cut it out now!” said Kate very angrily, “I think that Tom is right… it is getting darker and we should stay somewhere… anyway we will have to walk through the forest… look at the map.” She showed them the map.

So the four friends decided to follow Tom.

“Look, I think it is going to rain” Kate said worryingly.

“Ok, let’s move faster…” John said.

The four teens started walking faster…

“It got very dark over here…” Jane cried.

“We are in the forest and it is 7:30, what do you expected?” Tom said a bit angrily.

Suddenly Kate stopped and looked back…

“What’s the problem Kate?” John asked.

“Why did you stop?” Tom asked.

“I…I… think I heard something…” Kate said uneasily.

“Oh my God!” Jane cried, “What are we doing now????”

“What did you hear Kate?” Tom asked her.

“I am not sure” Kate replied, “maybe it was my imagination…”

The rest looked at each other and then…

“We don’t have any time to waste, let’s move it!” Tom said.

“Suddenly, while they were walking, it started raining.

“Oh no! it is raining… what else…?!” John cried.

“Emmm guys… I think I saw this place before…” Jane said.

“Yeah me too…” Kate completed, “Tom are you sure that we are going the right way?”

“I think… that… we got… lost” Tom said embarrassed.

“Toooooooooooom…!!!!!!!!!!” “Kate said very angrily.

“What….? Do you expect me to remember exactly the way to the valley after all these years????” Tom tried to excuse himself.

“At least don’t try to excuse yourself! We trusted you because you said that you knew the way!” Kate screamed.

“I know the way…” Tom said, but before he finishes…

“We can see it clever!” Jane said.

“Ok I made a mistake… I didn’t remember how to continue after turning round, Tom answered.

“You should have said it before…!” Kate said.

“You said that you heard something and I didn’t want to frighten you more.” Tom explained.

“Ok, why don’t we have a look at the map?” John said.

“Good idea John!” Jane answered.

So they took the map out of the backpack but…

“Oh no! It is windy…” Kate cried.

“I’ll catch it… I’ll catch it… here…” John said.

He tried to get the map but…

“The map got wet! I can’t read anything!” Kate said.

“What are we going to do now? The phone hasn’t got a signal…and we can’t stay in the forest all night…” Jane started crying.

“Hey look over there! There is a small house!” Kate said happily.

“Let’s go and check it out!” Tom answered. And they ran towards the light…



Scene 2

But it was raining and soon it was so dark that they couldn’t see anything.

‘Oh my legs are hurting! Can we stop please?’ cried Kate.

‘No Kate’, John said angrily, ‘we can’t stop now’.

‘But John I can’t see anything following us. Let’s rest!’ Jane was tired too.

‘Kate is right’, Tom added. ‘Let’s stop for a while’. He could hardly breathe. ‘I think we are lost. What are we going to do now guys?’

‘Hey look over there…’ Jane was sounded enthusiastic. ‘…there’s the house again! Let’s go and ask for some help.’

So the four friends went to the old house. They rang the bell and knocked on the door and the windows.

‘Help! Please help!’ Jane shouted loudly.

‘Is there anyone there?’ Tom asked.

Then a man opened the door. He was wearing black and he had a pipe in his mouth. He asked, in a deep voice ‘Hello. Who are you and what do you want?’

‘Hey sir. We’re sorry to disturb you but we got lost in the forest and we need your help. ’ Tom said.

‘Sir, do you know how we could get to the camp site?’ Kate asked him.

‘Of course I know.’ the man turned and looked them in the eyes. His look was terrifying and cold. Jane, who was in front of them, took a step backwards.  ‘But it’s raining outside and it’s freezing, isn’t it?’ he smiled. ‘…please come in till the rain stops’.

The four friends went inside the house, feeling strange. ‘Here, Sit over here. Next to the fire so you can get warm’ the man said them.

‘Thank you sir.’ John said

‘So… you got lost in the forest?’ he said.

‘Yes sir. We were at the village and we thought that coming through the forest was easier but we thought wrong as you can see’ Tom worried.

‘Don’t worry. Here have some hot chocolate.’ The man sat on the chair opposite them. Next to the fire, all of them took the hot chocolates and thanked him.  They could finally feel warm.

Tom started chatting with Kate. ‘He’s very good to us. And he doesn’t even know us!’ he told her. ‘I don’t know. I feel very uncomfortable here’ Kate said with fear in her eyes. ‘Don’t be silly!’ Tom said.

They couldn’t continue, because the man was coming straight towards them. ‘Here eat something.’ he was holding a plate full of sandwiches.

‘Thank you sir. It’s very kind of you’ John said happily.

‘Oh, it’s nothing! I don’t think that the rain will stop. Usually it takes hours. So what if you stay here tonight?’ said the man with his strange smile and cold look.

‘Thank you very much but we don’t think so’ Kate answered very fast without thinking.

Jane looked Kate in the eyes and then said to the weird man ‘Can we borrow your phone for a minute sir?’ ‘Of course’ he answered.

They tried to call but the phone was out of order. ‘Aw no. what are we going to do now?’ John asked panicked.  ‘Don’t worry John. Everything will be fine.’ Tom told him.

‘I don’t want to annoy you but my offer is still there. You can stay for the night if you want.’

‘I don’t think so guys…’ Kate was looking really worried.

 ‘Come on Kate! What else we can do now?’Tom shouted at her.

‘Yes Kate.’ John added. ‘Let’s stay here tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll continue to the camp site!’

‘But guys…’ Jane was thinking about it too.

 ‘I don’t like it’ Kate added again.

 ‘Ok do you have a better idea??’ Tom said. Kate looked him angryly. ‘No you don’t Kate.’ he shouted. ‘So stop talking like a baby and agree to stay here tonight!’

... The four teenagers looked uncertain and they started whispering to each other:

‘Shall we trust him?’ John said.  ‘I don’t know guys; he looks a bit scary’ Jane answered.

‘No way! We don’t know where we are, the phone isn’t working. What if he tries to hurt us?’ Kate asked the others upset.

‘Come on guys! Really you mustn’t watch all those horror films! I believe that we don’t have other option. I say that we should stay.’ Tom said.

‘Yeah, and in the worst case scenario: he will kill us all, and you know… hahahaha’ John laughed.

‘Stop acting like an idiot, it’s not the time for your jokes and especially this kind of!’ Kate said angrily.

‘Come on guys! It’s not the best place for your arguments. I think that we should wait till the rain stops and then we could go if that is all right with him.’ Jane said.

‘I prefer this! So… let’s ask him.’ Kate said.

‘Excuse me sir… we decided to stay here until the rain stops and then we could go back at the camp site… is this alright?’ Tom asked.

‘I don’t think that the rain will stop. Usually it takes till the next morning or maybe afternoon… but we’ll see.’ the Old Man repeated.

‘Thank you sir!’ Tom said.

‘Em… guys… I believe that the rain will not stop tonight…’  Jane said.

‘Do you mean that we must spend the night here?’ Kate said.

‘Oh please stop acting like a 3 years old! You are such a coward! It’s just for one night. What can possibly go wrong in just one night?’

‘Absolutely NOTHING!’ Tom added.

All of them knew that was the only option, unfortunately. So they agreed to stay at this old man’s house.

‘Come in the kitchen and eat the sandwiches I made. But I have to tell you something. If you are stay here tonight you must be follow my rules, so be careful. First nobody wakes me up in the middle of the night for any reason and second no one touches anything.’ the Old Man explained

Now they were even more terrified because he looked so weird when he was saying all those things.

‘Ok sir, no problem’ everyone said!

‘Good’ he answered.

As they were eating the food that he offered them John asked

‘Can I use the bathroom please sir?’

‘Of course son… it’s over there, next to that red door. Try to keep it clean because I don’t like it dirty!’ the Old Man said.

‘Thank you sir.’ John answered.

As John went to the bathroom, he passed a door. It smelled strange and he thought he could hear something behind it. He felt cold all of a sudden and really frightened.

John came back and sat down, looking just in front of him without speaking. His colour was white.

‘What’s wrong with you John?’ Kate asked him.

‘Hey man you are white, like you are dead or something’ Tom said.

‘Don’t ever say again that word!’ John replied.

‘Ok man relax’ Tom said.

‘Sir Can you show us the beds because we really got tired?’ John asked him.

‘Of course I can. Is it everything alright? But if you want to sleep now follow me…’ the Old Man said.

‘Thank you sir’ ‘Hey guys… look I had a really terrible feeling! We must leave now if we want to live!’ John said.

‘What are you talking about?’ Jane asked without understanding what was really happening.

‘I passed a door!’ John said in a quiet voice.

‘So…?’ Tom was still not understanding.

‘I could smell something awful, and I heard these weird noises. We should leave immediately guys!’ John said.

‘Oh…! I say you stop saying stupid things because I will…’

‘It’s not a joke Tom! You have to believe me!’ John said.

‘Ok cut it out now! This is too much!’ Kate said.

‘If you don’t believe me why don’t you have a look?’ John said.

‘Hey I think that he is not lying at all! Look at him, he is like a fish!’ Jane added.

‘If you are telling the truth…’ Tom said.

‘Which I am…’ John said.

‘… then we must leave now… Let’s go!’ Tom said.

‘No are you crazy?!...!? I have got a plan: Let’s wait till he sleeps and then we’llrun away…’ Kate said.

‘Kids where are you? The rooms are ready!’ the Old Man said.

‘Em…. We are coming sir!’ John shouted.

‘Ok let’s go…’ Tom said.

‘Ok if that guy is a maniac killer…, Kate said frightened, then we shouldn’t get him angry because he will absolutely kill us! ’

‘I agree with you!’ Jane said.

So don’t show your panic or any of your feelings to him because he will understand it! Okay?’ John told the guys.

‘Okay!’ Jane said.

‘Yeah okay!’ Kate replied too.

‘Em… what if he kills us while we are waiting for him to sleep?’ Jane said.

‘I don’t know… we won’t let him kill us anyway! Now let’s…’ Tom was adding when:

 ‘Kids where are you!?’ the old Man shouted angrily.

‘Oh my God!’ the four friends whispered.

 ‘We are coming! , John shouted, be careful guys, I’ll see you soon.’

So the four friends went to bed. The man separated the girls from the boys in 2 different rooms and afterwards he went to bed.

The girls started whispering to each other:

“Hey! Don’t you find the man a bit weird?” Jane asked Kate.

“Yeah, he freaks me out. And his voice sounds like an undertaker or something.” Kate said.

“I’m sure he is hiding something!” cried Jane.

“…Yes, maybe he is the joker from batman and he kills people after torturing them for a long time”

“Stop scaring me more! I’m already about to pee my pants.” Jane replied angrily.

“Haha, I’m just kidding Jane, I wanted to make you laugh for a second” Kate laughed.

“Well it’s not working so shut up!” Jane said even more angrily.

After their little argument they went to sleep. Ten minutes later Kate wanted to go to the bathroom.

“Hey Jane, are you still awake?” she asked.

“Mm, Kate what do you want?” Jane replied to Kate trying not to fall asleep.

“I need to go in the bathroom! Please come with me!” Kate said desperately.

“Yeah right, 10 minutes ago you were the brave girl and now you need me to come with you to the bathroom? I don’t think so!” and then Jane turned her back on Kate.

Oh Jesus Jane, you acting like a 3 year old. I’m scared as much as you. But anyway I don’t need your help…” Kate said disappointedly.

 Kate went out of the room but it was really dark. She could barely see her own hands in front of her. So she used the wall to feel her way.. When she felt a door she stopped walking and tried to open it. But the door was old and it needed a bit strength to open it. She finally managed it and instantly the lights turned on in the room. Kate was so surprised that she screamed for a second but then she put her hands over her mouth so they couldn’t hear her scream.  It was the last thing she expected to see. There was blood stains and skelletons Kate started to cry in terror. Then she ran back to her room and woke up Jane.

“Oh my God Jane, we need to get out of this house immediately!!!!!” Kate said terrified.

“What’s wrong now Kate? I’m not buying any of your stupid jokes again.” Jane said angrily.

“It’s not a joke Jane; the man really is a killer. I found a room full of bones and there’s blood all over the room. You have to believe me! We need to get the boys and get out of here as soon as possible!” Kate said terrified. “No more speaking. We need to get the boys and ourselves out of this damned house right now.”

 “Ok let’s go!!!!” Jane answered

 The girls got out of there bedroom and walked to the boys bedroom slowly, trying not to make any noise so they wouldn’t wake up the old killer man.

 “Oh my… I can’t see anything here… Jane cried.

“Don’t worry about that! I know were the room is… you should worry about other things right now!” Kate answered.

“I know… I know…” Jane replied.

“Here we are…” Kate said and opened the door trying not to make any noise.

 “John…, Tom…, wake up!” Kate said standing above them.

“Come on guys, wake up!” Jane cried.

“Emmm… What’s going on…?” Tom asked.

“We should get out of this house immediately!” Jane said.

“What… why…? What are you two doing here? What are you talking about?” John just woke up.

“I wanted to go to the toilet but I’ve missed the door … I went into an other room… and I saw something terrible… I saw a room full of blood and skeletons and dead bodies… We should get out NOW!

“Oh my God Kate…are you sure that wasn’t your dream??” Tom said

“I am telling you what I saw! If you want to stay here then stay! I will live now!” Kate answered.

“I am coming with you Kate!” Jane said.

“Yea me to! True or false I can’t sleep into a house I heard that there is blood and skeletons and dead bodies!” John cried.

“Ok, if you are telling the truth…then no more speaking! Let’s run!” Tom said.

 The four teens got out of the bedroom. They tried to go downstairs without making any nose but the wooden ladder was old and…zzzzzzjzjjzjz.

 “Here we are…”Tom said.

“Were do you think that you are going my little 4 stupid friends!??” the old man woke up.

“Oh no!!!! Let’s get out of here!” Tom said and tried to open the door.

But the door was locked . They panicked.

“Oh my God! Please help us and I’ll do whatever my mum sais to me! I’ll come to the church every Sunday and I’ll be a good kid!” John cried.

 The others tried to find an exit while John was praying but everything was looked!

 All of a sudden they heard the old man’s laughter behind them. They screamed in panic and ran off in different directions.

 John and Kate were terrified. They hid in the kitchen as they heard the man chasing after the boys.

Suddenly the two friends heard foosteps.

“It’s him!” whisperd Kate. “He’s going to kll us”

They watched in horror as the door handle slowly turned and then the door creaked open and there was Tom!

“You nearly gave us a heart attack!” cried John.

“Sssh, he’ll hear you” whispered Tom.

“What are we going to do?” asked Kate

“We have to trap him. And then we can escape” said Tom.

“How?” asked John.

“I know” said Tom. “Kate will go upstairs and attract his attention and when he chases her into here we’ll lock him in.”

“I don’t want to” said Kate

“You have to” said the boys together. “Just do it!”

“Only if you come with me. I can’t do it alone.” cried Kate

“Oh alright” said John. “I’ll come”

 So Kate and John ran upstairs very quickly. They split up. John went in his room and Kate went in the bathroom. While Kate was trying to find something to kill him, the man appeared behind her. He trapped her and she was so terrified that she hit him on the head with her right foot so she could escaped. The man was dizzy so Kate thought to kick him again but she missed. The man caught her foot. Kate was trying to escape from his hands but she couldn’t. he was holding her very tight. Then John appeared and jumped over him so Kate could escape from his cold old hands.  So the man let her go and he was trying to get John. Kate didn’t know what to do. Then John told her to find something that could kill him. A spade or something else. She was looking, she messed it all up until she found a big ax. She shouted to John that she had found an ax and but man at that time hit John and put him down with strength. John was hurting so much. Kate tried to go to him but she couldn’t because the man saw her and chased her. Kate started to run and left the ax down. Then he caught her again and she hit him as many times she could and then John stood up, caught the ax and hit the man on his back. The man  fell down and he was bleeding a lot. He tried to attack them but he couldn’t. Then Kate and John hugged and saw the man. Jane and Tom got in the bathroom and went next to them. They asked them a lot of questions. Kate looked at the man for a second and then she thought that he was dead. She told it to everyone. They thought that the ax reached his heart and he died. When they were sure that he was dead they went downstairs to wake up from the shock. They were all shocked of what it just happened. “Guys, we should erase the day from our memories and get the hell out of here. Come on, lets find our way back home” Tom said and then, the rain stopped.