Vince Allan       UP



At around 8 o’clock dinner was served and everyone was there. They all looked unhappy; Mr Jeffrey looked like a thunder, young Archie looked terribly unhappy and Daphne looked as if she was about to cry. At the end of the table Mr Oscarsson and Mrs Horsehair were having a very intimate conversation- Miss Topless looked a bit annoyed. At 9 o’clock the dinner broke up. The gentlemen went to the billiard room and the ladies retired to the parlour.


Mr Jeffrey: In the hall he was talking on the phone at around 7.15, he was saying: “can’t you wait a bit longer, the old woman is so damned with her money...(long pause) I will find the money somehow”. He owes money to one of his gambling companions. He is very fond of the roulette but his mother doesn’t give him a lot of money because she wants him to stop.

At 9.30 he took the port decanter and he went to the library saying that he had an urgent letter to write. He is smoking the same cigarettes that we found in the ashtray in the library. Around 9.45 Mrs Horsehair went in the library with him.

Around 9.50-55 he slammed a hall door and then the front door and he went outside. He didn’t want to stay with the vicar so he left (don’t know where he went). He came back in the house after the murder and he said that he had found the vicar unconscious.

p.s the window in the library was open, the big candlestick was missing.




Young Archie: he is in love with Miss Daphne. He is planning to get married with her but he is penniless. He went with the other gentlemen in the billiard room but at 9.30 he got a message from Miss Daphne which said: “darling meet me in the conservatory at 9.30 desperately, Daphne”, so he went to the conservatory (p.s the only entrance to the conservatory is from the library) and (we suppose) he stayed there until the murder.


Daphne: she is in love with young Archie. She is planning to get married to him and she said it to her aunt but she replied “if you marry him, you stupid little fool, I will cast you without a penny”. She didn’t go with the other ladies to the parlour and she sent a message for young Archie: “darling meet me in the conservatory at 9.30 desperately, Daphne”, so she went to the conservatory and (we suppose) she stayed there until the murder.


Mr Oscarsson: he was planning to get married to Mrs Horsehair. He was penniless and very good friend with Miss Topless. After dinner he went with the other gentlemen into the billiard room but at 9.30 he went into the ballroom with Miss Horsehair (where they were fighting) and then Miss Topless joined them. Then Mrs Horsehair leaves-towards the library (from the HALL) so he stayed there with Miss Topless (we suppose) until the murder.

p.s the connecting door between the ballroom and the library was open.



Miss Topless: she is a very close friend to Mr Oscarsson. She is upset and angry with him (probably she doesn’t want him to get married with Mrs Horsehair). She was with the ladies at the parlour but around 9.30 she joins Mrs Oscarsson and Mrs Horsehair (they were fighting) in the ballroom. She stayed there with Mrs Oscarsson (we suppose) until the murder.



Who did it and why...


The murderer of Mrs Horsehair it is Miss Topless. She killed her because she was jealous of Mrs Horsehair. She was in love with Mr Oscar and he was planning to get married with Mrs Horsehair. She didn’t want that.

She was with him in the ballroom and when she heard the doors slamming she left and went inside and killed her with the candlestick. Then she wanted to get rid of it so she went outside by the window. But unfortunately for her the vicar was outside smoking. She heard him so she hit him because she was worried that he saw her. When they heard the piercing screaming they all run into the library so none of them saw her coming again inside by the front door. She went inside from ballroom after Mr Oscar so it would seem like she never got out.



The Wave


The book I read was called “The Wave” and it is written by Todd Strasser. It is historical because it is about an experiment to show the silent treatment of the Nazis in Germany at the Word War Two. That experiment took place at Paolo Alto’s high schools, at Cubberley High School in the fall of 1968. The story is about an experiment that a teacher had done with his students to show them how the Nazis commitment all those crimes and everybody just followed the orders of the authority. It was amazing what did the student did and how after those entire historical things they knew...  the characters of that book is a teacher- Mr. Ross – and all the students of the school with main characters his history class students. The massage of the story is very strong and we must always follow it: never obey wild the authority or anyone else without thinking by ourselves and never let anyone to will us. Never judge the others and must let them decide what they want without force them.

That story I think it is very realistic because it happen twice at the past and it could happen at the future. I liked it very much because with that book we saw the mistakes of the past so we will be prepared not to do the same mistakes again.

The book was easy to read but it had a lot of words that i didn’t know and were difficult to be read.




                  LOVE STORY

By Haris...

I was searching on the Net when I found something very interesting. It was an article written by a boy called Mark Jones and it was so nice that I read it thousands of times. I couldn’t believe that it was written by a boy of my age. I was very curious to see what he looked like so I decided to found him at facebook.

He was the only one with that name but unfortunately he didn’t have any photos. Anyway, I sent him a request to be my friend and he accepted!

We start talking and I was very impressed with his thoughts. We spoke every day since then and I realised that he was the prince that I had been dreaming at! But why didn’t he have any photos of himself???? That didn’t prevent me from speaking to him every day and falling crazy in love with him!!! I desperately hoped that he was feeling the same as I did.

 One day he asked me to meet him. I wanted to see him but at the same time I was worried. What if he didn’t like me or what if I didn’t like him...? Finally I accepted his invitation and decided that it wouldn’t matter how he was outside because inside he was a treasure!!!

 We were going to meet each other at a cafe down town. We decided that I was going to sit at a table and he was going to come to me because he had already seen me on facebook. To recognise him I asked if he could wear something and he told me that he was going to wear a blue hat.

The day came. I was sitting at the cafe waiting for him, feeling a bit anxious. Then I saw a gorgeous boy, I think about my age maybe one or two years older than me, with green eyes and blond hair. But unfortunately he wasn’t wearing a blue hat! He sat at the table next to me and ordered a cappuccino. He kept looking at me all the time and smiling. I felt so uncomfortable but at the same time felt an instant attraction. Then I saw a short, fat boy, with black eyes and hair coming inside wearing a blue hat. When he saw me, he smiled at me and start coming towards me. The boy next to me stood up and said to me:

-         I don’t think that my friend is coming and as I can see we are both alone... Do you want to come with me for a walk???

I really wanted to say “yes!!!” but as Mark had always  said “look with your heart and not with your eyes” so I replied

-        Emm... no thanks I have company...

And that time ‘Mark’ came to the table.

-        Oh I see...  the boy said to me.

-        Sorry... I replied sadly.

And he left...

-        Hello Lisa, ‘Mark’ said to me.

-         Hi Mark, please have a seat.

-        Oh thank you. I didn’t understand much but the boy who just left...

-        Oh don’t worry, it was nothing...

-        I don’t think so... he gave me this... and I am not Mark... So... bye bye... nice to meet you Lisa!

And then he left too...

I did not understand what was happening... why had that boy given that piece of paper to Mark who said that he wasn’t Mark to give it to me??? The only thing I could do was to read the paper... When I read it I was so surprised! It said:

“If now you are reading this, then you made it. Congratulations Lisa!!! You heard me... ‘Always look with your heart and not with your eyes’. If you still want to meet me I’m waiting for you in the playground next to the cafe. 

                                                          Always yours,



I quickly grabbed my bag and ran to the playground. I understood everything... Mark was trying to check if I only cared about the appearance of someone...and because I didn’t I had won his ‘heart’. 

I don’t think that I have to tell you what happened next...!

And that is the story of how I met my husband!!!


                                                                                            Lisa Jones





It was a very cold night. Arthur was driving back home from a hard day at work. Suddenly his car hit some ice and skidded in the road. Arthur lost control and the car crashed into a tree. Arthur’s head hit the wind screen and he passed out. After he woke up again, he got out of the car and tried to find someone to help him

“Help, heeeeeelp! Is it anybody who can help me??? Hellooo...??

While he was walking he finally found a beautiful house. He ran there and rang the bell. When the door opened he fainted.

The next morning he woke up in a lovely room with expensive clothes which were on the bed. He couldn’t find his so he wore the clothes and ran out of the room.

“Helloooo, is it anybody here?...? Helloooo?...”he screamed. “Where am I?” he thought.

 He ran downstairs and tried to find someone. He saw a huge table with one plate, one knife, one fork and some- delicious- breakfast. He decided to sit and eat the breakfast until someone appears.

“Mmm, the breakfast is delicious! I wish my daughters and sons were here to eat with me now...!”

When he finished his breakfast he went in a room near the kitchen. It looked like an office room...

When he got in he saw some money on the desk but he decide not to take it.

“I wish I could have that pour children are working so hard...”

 Then he saw something else on the desk. It was a beautiful necklace.

“Mmm, this is very nice. I think I will get it for Bella. Nobody will miss it...”

So he got the beautiful necklace. When he touched it he heard an ugly voice screaming behind him:


“I...I am... so sorry sir...” Arthur answered

At that time he let the necklace fall out of his hand and turned to see the man. He got very scared. He saw a very ugly man...!

“I will forgive you, and I will let you go to your family and I will give you some money on one condition: you will bring me one of your daughters to come and live with me!” Edward said

“Oh no, I can’t do that!” Arthur said

“Well, you will stay here, without your family, to work for me. Are we deal?” Edward reply.

“I can’t do this either!”

“Choose and call me. Here is my number. Your car is outside. I fixed it. Go home with this money. I will watch you. If you don’t bring me one of your daughters, I will come and take Bella, the girl who you stole the necklace for and kill her!” said Edward.

“OH MY GOD!!!!" Arthur said. the evening at Arthur’s house…

“Oh daddy I was so worried about you. Where have you been?” Bella asked

So Arthur explained everything to his children. Arthur had two sons: Jacob and Andrew. He also had three daughters: two terrible twins- Martha and Tracy- and a polite beautiful girl-Bella. Tracy and Marta hated Bella because she was beautiful and very clever. They always wanted her to leave from the house or even better to die!

“Dad, Bella MUST go to leave with this monster like you said” Martha said.

“Yes, you are in trouble because of her dad. She should go!” Tracy completed.

 After a long time of time of their conversation Bella thought that her sisters were right. She should go and live with Edward...


At Edward’s house...

“Bella, my poor Bella. Are you sure that you want to go in there? If you’ve changed your mind I’ll go and work for him!” Arthur said.

“Oh, no, no, no dad! I want to go there... After all, it’s my entire fault...” Bella answered.

In the house…

“Oh dear Bella, is that you?” Edward asked.

“Yes, it’s me. Where are you? I can’t see you...” Bella said.

But there was no answer...

“Hello, where are you? What’s your name?”

But again, there was no answer...

At 9 o’clock, when Bella was walking in the beautiful garden, Edward appeared!

“Hello! I’m Edward...” he said.

“Oh! Hello Edward...” Bella was so frightened but she didn’t want to show it. “Where have you been all day long?” She tried not to cry because he was too scary. “Why weren’t you answering me?” Bella said in a low voice.

“Mmm... Let’s say something else...” Edward answered.

They were talking in the garden for ages! Bella felt so nice being with him and she didn’t want to go to her room. This thing went on every night.

One day Bella had a phone call. She heard that her father was ill and he was home alone (her sisters where on a trip with their new husbands and her brothers were at the ‘Big City’ for work) so he asked Edward to let her go see him. Edward agreed but only for 7 days. If after 7 days she wasn’t there, he was going to kill himself. Bella agreed...

She went to her father and helped him get well. By the 7th day, while she was packing to go back to Edward’s house, her sister came back from their holidays. (There they had spent all the money Edward gave them). When they saw her they got very angry, so they tried to kill her. That night they had a party at the house, so it was their chance. But fortunately for Bella and unfortunately for them, they gave her hypnotic and not poison! And by the time Bella drank her drink she fell asleep. The two sisters where so happy because they believed they had killed her. On the 8th day – that Bella had left Edward’s house- she woke up. She ran to Edward’s house, because she was late. But it was too late. Edward had drunk poison. Bella started crying... “I’m so stupid... I let him die...! Oh Edward I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! Please wake up...! Please...! I LOVE YOU!!!” Bella cried.

At that time a doctor came there and got Edward to the hospital. Thank

God, after 2 days Edward was ok!

“Oh Edward, thank God they found the antidote and you are alive!” Bella said.

“Oh Bella, you are here... for me... “he said.

“Yes Edward... and I LOVE YOU...! You are the first man who makes me love him with his words! I was feeling so nice with you there at the garden...and I just want to tell you that if you like I would be very happy if every night of our live was like that! ” she told him.

“Oh, my Bella...I thought that nobody would like me like this but you are different than the other girls.”

After some days…

Edward was okay so he could go back home. By the time he got out of the room he saw a plastic surgeon. They spoke and Edward told him that his face got burnt by a huge fire when he was 13 so wanted to have a plastic surgery to fix it. They agreed and finally, after one month Edward was again a beautiful young man!

He married Bella and they had 4 great children. They lived forever together in their beautiful house! And every night they were at the garden talking and laughing until the end of their happily life!!!!

The dream that came true


 A year ago, I was in the first grade of gymnasium. I was one of the best students in my class, if not the best. I was always in class in time, never forgot my homework and my marks at tests were 18+ out of 20. But I had one fear and that was the surprise test.

 So one day, after school, I came home and started suspecting that we were going to have a surprise test the next day. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I was ready to explode, so I decided to fell asleep. Guess what?  I dreamed that the next morning a surprised test came out in my history lesson. My hands were shaking while I was thinking of the answers. I started looking at the questions from the beginning, but I couldn’t find any answers. But then, I fell out of bed and I was really relieved.

 The next morning in history, the teacher came in and gave us a surprised test. I could feel my heard beating so hard, until the teacher gave me the test. It was very similar to the test I dreamed off. It was the only surprise test that I did well, because after my dream I found the answers of the test so I could sleep well that night.

 Ever since, I never felt afraid of the surprise test again. I just stay cool and write. It’s easier because if you are nervous you forget everything you know, when you are calm, the answers come to you slowly but dearly.




School Uniform

Do you like school uniform? Do you wear it at your school? What do you think about it?

On the one hand uniform is a good thing because all the students are the same and they are tidy. Uniform is a way to feel like you represent your school.

On the other hand uniform is boring. All the students look the same and uniforms are always one color. Students don’t like them and they get bored of them.

In conclusion, I like a uniform because school is not a place for modelling. If everyone could wear anything they liked it would be like a circus! Uniform is cheap so you can’t see if someone is poor or rich. I would prefer it if the uniform had more colors!




 My friend Mary and I decided to go on a cruise to Santorini, for our holidays. We were so happy because we were going without our parents! When we got to at Limassol’s port, we said goodbye to them and got on in the ship. We were so excited! We couldn’t believe it! On the ship we had a lot of fun. We ate a lot of delicious food, swam in the swimming pool, and played a lot of game.s

Later, when we were in our cabin talking, we heard a huge noise. It sounded like an explosion. When we ran outside the cabin, we saw that the ship had hit an enormous huge rock. The sailors quickly gave all the passengers lifejackets to wear. In a few minutes the ship started to sink. I immediately grabbed hold of my friend’s hand and jumped into the water. All I could see was huge waves coming at to us. We grabbed some of the wreckage from the ship and started swimming.

We were swimming for about half hour and then finally we reached a desert island. We were so afraid. We looked around but we were the only survivors. We thought to call our parents or the police but our phones were in the ship. We were so tired that we just slept on the sand.

The next morning we went to find a place to stay until somebody found us. We decided to walk into the jungle. While we were walking we heard a strange noise coming from the jungle. Suddenly we saw a lion in front of us. We started screaming and then we ran. Then I remembered my teacher saying…”the only thing that wild animals are afraid of, is FIRE” I stopped and I got a piece of wood. Mary understood what I was trying to do so she helped me with the fire. We had some matches with us, so we tried to light the fire but the matches were wet! Mary took 2 stones and started hitting them together. The lion was getting closer. We were just about to give up but suddenly a spark lit and we finally managed to light the fire! When the lion saw the fire, it ran away. We were so happy and Mary said for the first time in her life:

-I love our teacher who told us that!!

We started laughing but then we remembered the reason we were there, so we continued searching for a cave. Finally we found one and decided to stay there.

The next morning we were hungry and thirsty so we went to search for something to eat and drink. We discovered another place on the island. There was a waterfall with cold clear water, beautiful flowers and tall trees, a lot of caves to shelter in.

-I can’t believe it. We’ve had such bad luck so far and now we’ve found this fantastic place.

-Yea. Let’s stay here! I said to Mary.

-OK, she agreed.

While we were looking around, we noticed that somebody was following us. Suddenly he shouted:

-Who are you and what are you doing here?

We looked back and we saw a black man with a strange outfit.

-Sorry, we are the only survivors of our shipwreck. Who are you?

-I am the chief of the Bambara tribe. Come with me. I will take you to my village. You can stay with us. Don’t be afraid, my people are friendly.

We were afraid, but what choice did we have so we followed him.

We walked for about 15 minutes and we finally got at his tribe village. Everybody there was friendly. We stayed there for four days and then a rescue airplane came and saved us. We said goodbye to our new friends, thanked them for their hospitality and left.

This was an adventure we’ll never forget!!!




My Favourite Books

 TITLE: Billy Elliot

 AUTHOR: Melvin Burgess

 TYPE: Social novel

 SUBJECT: It is about ballet

 CHARACTERS: Billy is 12 years old. He loves music and dancing especially ballet. He lives with his dad; his name is Jackie and he is a miner but his is on strike. Billy also lives with his brother Tony who is 20 years old; he is a miner and he is on strike too. Nan also lives with them. She is Billy’s grandmother and she is 80. She loved dancing when she was young. Billy has his best friend with him, Michael, who supports him. Mrs Wilkinson or Miss (this is how the girls and Billy call her) is Billy’s teacher. She lives with her husband and her daughter Debbie. She teaches ballet at the Social.

 SETTINGS: The story takes place in 1984 at Everington

 EVENTS: Miners are closing all over Britain so Jackie and Tony don’t have a job. Billy loves dancing so one day he decides to take ballet lessons. His father and his brother didn’t agree with that, but at the end when Billy went at the Royal Ballet School…

 IDEAS: the message of the story is to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, so that’s the reason I chose it. I liked it because it was a very touching story!!!!!


TITLE: The Golden Compass

 AUTHOR: Philip Pullman

 TYPE: Scientific story

 SUBJECT: It’s about a mystery

 CHARACTERS: Lyra Belacqua is 12. She lives in Jordan College in Oxford with her daemon Pantalaimon (or Pan for short). Pan is always changing his form. Lyra has an uncle, Lord Asriel. He travels to new places and finds information about them. His daemon is Stelmaria, a big snow cat. Also at the story is Mrs. Coulter with her daemon the Golden Monkey. Lyra has a best friend. His name is Roger Parslow and his daemon is Salcilia. Lee Scoresby with his daemon Hester, Lorek Byrnison (the ice bear who lives in Trollesun in Norrway), the Master, the Jordan Scholars, Fra Pavel, the Gyptians, the Witches of Lake Enara, the Parsebjorne, the Tartars are also in the story.

 SETTINGS: The story takes place in Oxford, at London in Britain and Trollesund. These towns look like places from our world but they are very different and they are from the Golden Compass world.

 EVENTS: The Jordan Scholars look after Lyra. Lyra doesn’t know that, but her world is about to change for ever. There is a very old prophecy. It says that Lyra will decide the future of her world and for all the worlds everywhere…

 IDEAS: I liked that book because I like ficticious stories and it’s interesting to read about other worlds!!!


With my friend at phone speaking for my conversation with our English teacher



ME- Hi!!! How are you????????????????

SHE-I am fine thanks. I heard what happened in the class yesterday! You are so silly, now you are going to have an F in English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME- I don’t care! The teacher always speaks to me like I am an idiot who doesn’t know anything and when I say something, she screams at me!!!!

SHE- Really? What happened? Tell me, I’m curious!

ME- We had an English lesson at 12:30. She came into the classroom and the first thing she did was to ask me if I had done my homework!!!!! She didn’t say good morning or hello!!!!!!!!!!!

SHE- Yes, she always does that!!!!!!!!!!

ME- I know!!! Anyway, I said that my little sister ripped my worksheets so I asked her to give me new ones to do them!!! She started screaming and said that it was not an excuse and it wasn’t the first time I hadn’t done my homework. I told her that it wasn’t the first time indeed, but it was the fourth!!!!!

SHE- Loooooooo0oooooooo0oooooooool!!!!!!!!

ME-Then she said that it wasn’t funny and she wasn’t laughing. She said she wanted to see my parents. I told her I don’t have any…

SHE- Loooooooo0oooooooo0oooooooool!!!!!!!!

ME- She said that if I continued to lie to her I would go to the headteacher! I said I wasn’t afraid of her and then she really started to get upset and she was screaming that I was the worst student in the class and asked me who I believed I was!!!!!???????? I said I believed I was Haris and I thanked her for her kind words.

SHE- Loooooooo0oooooooo0oooooooool!!!!!!!!

ME-Then she said I was going to have an F at her lesson and she told me to get out of the classroom. I said it was my pleasure and I thanked God I wouldn’t have to see her face any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHE- Loooooooo0oooooooo0oooooooool!!!!!!!!

ME- That’s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHE- Loooooooo0oooooooo0oooooooool!!!!!!!! Now I should go, so good bye!!!!

ME- Good bye!!!!!








-Do you always forget to do your homework?

-No, I don’t.

-Do you eat ice-cream every day?

-No, I don’t.

-Are you going to go to the restaurant tonight?

-No, I am not.

Do you sometimes go to the church?

-Yes, I do.

-Do you usually eat vegetables?

-Yes, I do

-Are you never quiet in the class?

-No I am not.

-Did you have a test this week?

-Yes, I had

-How often do you go to your grandparents?

-Twice a month.

Do you have something to do at the weekend?

-Yes, I do

-Do you occasionally smoke?

-No, I don’t

-Do you seldom read a book?

-Yes, I do


 The Day Everything Went Wrong!


I woke up early that Saturday. It was my birthday. I was going to have a big party. I was very excited!

The first thing we did, my mother and I, was to clean the house. My father and my sister were going to cook delicious food to eat. The house was in a mess, so we started cleaning. We started from the living room. We swept, we mopped the floor, dusted the furniture. We got tired but everything was clean and shiny! Then we all went to the supermarket to buy the things for the party.

In the afternoon we all were in the kitchen. My father and my sister were cooking. The food smelled very nice. My mother was making the birthday cake. I helped for a while and then I went upstairs to get dressed.

Suddenly, it started raining. Our dog was outside and he came into the house. He got crazy!!! My sister tried to catch him but she missed. Then our cat came inside and the dog started chasing her. They went into the living room and they made a big mess. My dad tried to catch them but he also missed. The cat came back in the kitchen and run into the birthday cake. The food on the stove was burnt. The kitchen smelled terribly! The dog jumped on my shoulders and started licking me! My new dress got dirty. I ran to my bedroom. It was horrible! The day of my birthday everything went wrong! I wanted to disappear.

Then the bell rang. My best friend came. After I told her what had happened she helped me tide the house. We bought a birthday cake from the confectionery and ordered lots of pizzas. I wore the clothes my friend gave me as a birthday present.

At night, all my friends came. The party was fantastic. It was the best birthday party I ever had!!!



Home Alone 


It was Saturday night when my mother and my father went to get my uncle from the airport. My sister was at my grandmother’s. I was “HOME ALONE”!!! When I went to bed I was worried, because I never stayed home alone all night long. That night I wanted to show my parents that I was old enough and I wasn’t afraid!!! But that night I watched a scary movie at TV…


When I went to bed… it was raining a lot! I woke up and I saw lightning and I heard thunder! I started looking for my dog for comfort. I felt terrified; I could smell something but I didn’t know what it was. When I got back to my bed, I touched something…I got of my bet and started screaming. Then… I don’t remember what happened afterwards, because I fainted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The next morning I saw that the thing I touched last night was my SOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then everybody was wondering why I was laughing…




Yesterday I met Michalis !!!

Michalis is 12 years old. He has one sister  and two brothers . He lives in Nicosia.  His favorite singer is Michalis Hadjigiannis.

I think he loves animals, because he has got 23 PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: 3 DOGS, 7 CATS, 12 PARROTS and 1 TURTLE. His favorite food is PASTA and his favorite colour is green, because he is with OMONOIA! His favorite subject at school is PE, of course. At the weekends he usually goes to the cinema. In his free time he plays WII. His favorite movie is “The Dark Night”.

This summer he went to Protaras, Limassol, Switzerland, Italy and Greece. He likes to play tennis and piano.

He likes to live in Cyprus because it is an island and it’s a small place. He likes Troodos Mountain because it’s very quiet and it has many trees! He also likes Cyprus, because it’s very beautiful. Cyprus is his country!!!

He feels happy when he sees his friends and they watch a film. Also he feels happy when he plays PC or watches TV. When he plays the piano he feels relaxed.

He feels sad when his brother and he are fighting and when people lie.

That’s all about Michalis.


See you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!