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Jeffery:   Jeffery is Mrs Horshair son. He had problems with his money because he was gambling so he was waiting for his mother to give him money. This is a motive to kill her.   Also his mother was going to marry Oscar so when she died Oscar was going to taka the money. So he had the opportunity to kill her before she married Oscar.

    Jeffery went out at 9:50 with another jacket and slammed the door behind him. So when he went outside he went in the library from the window kill his mother with the candlestick and then as he was going to leave he hit the Vicar on the head and left. Then came back in and said that he found the Vicar unconsious outside.

       Alice B topless:

     Alice B topless is Oscars second girl and she was jealous of Horshair because she was hanging out with her too. So love was her opportunity to kill her. At 9:45 Charlote heard loud voices in the ballroom. It was Topless and Horshair and they were arguing about something then Horshair came out and went to the library looking for a book so Alice had the opportunity to go from the ballroom to the billiard room and then to the library from the inside door and kill her.



School program and calendar:

   Starts: 10:00

   Finish:  5:00

       Students will come to school six days a week

Students will have school six weeks and then six days off

    They will have two weeks off for Christmas and four weeks off for summer



Students will have a swimming pool for swimming lessons and a football stadium for football basketball and volley. And of course, a canteen for students to have lunch or to have a snack if they want.


Teachers have to go to a university to learn how to teach well and pass on the information to the students.


Students are able to make decisions about school. In each class they are going to be mixed genders but in the same age. Students are not going to wear uniforms.



1)   Students have to be at their time in class. 2) Students are not able to smoke in school. 3)Students have to wear clothes that dont have sexual content.




Invisible Friend

 Hey Marylia,

 Today I was picked for the schoolswimming teams isnt this exciting? When I went home I was trying to tell my mum about it but as usual she was telling me about her problems and dads too so after she finished I went to watch TV with my dad but he was sleeping again so I went upstairs. Maybe Gary wanted to hear my news but he was listening to very loud music so as always I was speaking alone. I went to my bedroom and I told my news to the only person that I know was going to listnen to me ,Zara. After I spoke to Zara I went downstairs to help my mum with the Tea.


Next day:   

   Hey Marylia,

       Yesterday when I went downstairs for tea I brought Zara too I put her a chair to sit next to me. My mum was telling me again her problems and I was shouting to my dad and Gary to come for tea when we sat at the table I told my mum that I wanted  one extra meal for Zara but my dad got angry and shouted at me to go to my room but I wanted  Zara to eat she is my friend. Anyway after a bit I tried to give Zara some food without my mum and dad seeing me but Gary my stupid brother told my dad and he started to shout at me again so I went upstairs to my room without eating anything.



Next day:   

     Hey Marylia,

           Yesterday when I went upstairs I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night and I heard some strange  noises. And then I realised that Zara wasnt in the room so I went downstairs to open the light. But the lights weren't working. As I was going downstairs I fell down in the dark. And then I heard somebody calling me. It was a girl who knows everything about me , it was Zara and now she is real, she is a real person and she is going to stay with me. After all that we went upstairs and got some sleep.

  Next day:

     Hey Marylia,

         The next morning when I woke up I went downstairs to look for Zara. My mum was laying the table so was I. After a bit Zara came and sat at the table. When I saw her I dropped everything I was carrying. When the breakfast was ready we all sat at the table. Zara was doing some funny things and I was trying not to laugh. She was changing the TV chanells  and then she changed my brothers and my dads plates withy food it was so funny but my dad got very angry ans he was shouting at me. After a moment Zara was talking to me at the same time when my dad was talking but I was always answering to Zara. When she said to me that the programme my dad was watching was stupid and I answerd extremely stupid my dad got angry and told me to go to my room.




Next day:

    Hey Marylia,

         Yesterday when we went upstairs with Zara I was so angry they always blamed me for everything. I spoke to Zara about that and she told me that if I hate them so much I could make them invisible but I had to put my mind in it. I was trying and in the end I did it. We went downstairs and they had vanished. Then Zaraa family came to stay with us her father Felix and her brother Chuck.


Next day:

    Hey Marylia,

          Yesterday when Zaras family came to stay with us it was fun. We played the game with snakes and ladders, I was always winning. When night came we all went to bed. Zara was teaching me how to do things with my mind! The next morning when I went downstairs Zara,Chuck and Felix were sitting at the table they were hungry and they wanted me to cook them breakfast but the only thing I had at home was five fish fingers and some deep drozen sprouts. I apologize to them but it wasnt my fault my mum always did the shopping.


Next day:

      Hey Marylia, 

            Yesterday was the worst day of my life. We decided to play snap and because I was always winning they started cheating and putting the card upsitedown so I threw the cards off the table and started cleaning. Then they asked me if I wanted to go to the funfair with them and I said no. I dont know why I was just very angry. So I decided to made them a cake but that went wrong too. When they came home Felix made a cake, but they told me that I have to clean up before I could eat. I was very angry with them and I was cleaning I put music to heared and Chuck and Zara kept on chainging my music all the time so the TV died. Then I started get more angry and I went to the kitchen to eat my cake but Felix transformed the cake into a brick because I didnt clean all the house. When I got upstairs Zara was lying on my bed and I told her to get off but she didnt and then I went downstairs to sleep on the sofa and I started hearing voices from my mum ,dad and Gari. Then I get outside to find them and the door closed I was locked outside.


Next day:

      Hey Marylia,

               Yesterday when I locked out from my own house I was shouting to Zara to help me but she said that she locked me out of the house because Im noisy. So I decided to get inside from an open window but the only window that was ipen was my room, but I took the risk and got inside. I found my money and slowly I went downstairs  but Zara, Felix and Chuck got me and they called me thief because I took their money but the money was mine. Then I started to run down the stairs and I fell down.


Next day:

       Hey Marylia,

               Yesterday when I fell down the stairs I fainted and when I woke up I was in my house with my real family and the doctor was Zara she said that I have to go to hospital in the ambulance and stay overnight and the mn who was in the ambulance was Felix and Chuck. I didnt want to go to the hospital with those three so I stayed in bed for many days with all my family doing things for me it was great.

                                                              Thats all what about you?         






      First I played an adventure game from THINGS TO DO! named scary girl it was a bit dificult but I choose it because I like adventure and it was fun.

       Then I played a game from FUN AND GAMES that you have to save Luke from getting maried with a crazy woman! It was realy fun and I enjoyed it.



Swan Lake (no quiz)

       This story is about a prince named Zigfried that was very unhappy because his father (the king) had died.

       One day zigfried and his servant Ozlowe went for a walk and they saw a beautiful but sad swan in a lake into the forest, that in real was a princess which an evil wizard called Rocford cast a spell on her, the princesses real name was Odile. Zigfried invited Odile to his party but when Rocford found out about it he tearned Odet (his daughter) to Odile because he didnt want Odile to marry Zigfried.

      In the end Odile managed to get to the party and Zigfried realised that she was the real Odile and they got married.


The Hitch-Hiker(no quiz)

    This story is about a police oficer named Sue Frasher who has to investigate an accident that happened on an empty road. The same accident happened eighteen years ago the driver of the first car believed that he killed a man that crossed the road but thats impossible because they didnt found a dead body. The driver described the man that he saw running across the road an he was the same with the hitch-hiker, (the man that Sue gave a lift to before the crash).




Death on U street


On the 10th  of December a dead body had found infront of the vault in the egle eye pawnshop.In the bodys pocket were 100 and two cards nothing had stollen. The camera in the vault was turned off and the two keys had been switched. Terry Sweet is the Victim. He was African American and he was 37 years old he was an ex policmen and now a security gard. He was holding the vault cobination and the front door key. His wife was Sara. Mench is the owner of eagle eye he was blackmailed for 10,000 dolars.




Death on U street 2


A dead body was found infront of a vault in eagle eye pawnshop on the 10th of December at 3 oclock. The body was lying on his back with his hands open. The victim was Terry Sweet,a 37 year old man that was an ex policmen and a security officer.He was married too. The security camera was turned off and nothing was stolen. The killer was Link Cane that owns an art gallery shop that it is next to the egle eye pawnshop. She killed him because leo Mench the owner of egle eye pawnshop had got a fake painting that he bought from her brother and she wanted to replace it with the offical one. But she couldnt do it alone so she paid Terry Sweet to help her but Terry wanted more money so she killed him.



Strange but true


    A young teacher was driving home from school when he saw a girl waiting at a bus stop.

    He stopped and offered her a lift. She got into the car but didnt  say a word just smiled.

     The teacher asked the girl where she wanted to go but she didnt answer. Then the teacher drove to a crossroad and repeated the question. To his surprise the girl remained silent.

     The traffic lights changed to green and the teacher started to drive off. At the same moment a taxi appeard. Fortunately nobody was hurt because the girl pulled on the handbrake.

     The teacher got out of the car to go and shout at the taxi driver. When she returned the girl was gone. Only her bag was there lying on the back seat.



1Dear Marylia,

            Today was the first day of high school. I knew most of my classmates but I didnt know my new teacher. My friends name is Dana she is very funny.

           The first teacher that came to our class was Mr Adams. Mr Adams was looking directly at the sun, but the sun didnt irrit at his eyes. Strange.

           The second teacher that came to our class was Mr Stone his voice was metalic and montonous.

          After that we met two teachers named Miss Smith and Mrs Ching I love them.

            Later I was eating lunch with my friends and we were talking about our now teachers and suddenly we saw Mr Stone drinking red liquid.

             The next day we had english again and we talked about our selvs and as my classmates talking I noticed that Mrs Stones eyes werent green,it was a darker different colour.

              That was my news. I want to know how was your first day too, so write me back!!!                                                         





Dear Olivia,

            This day I desided to go and visit Paul he was stading about intergalacting meetings. He was trying to explain to me what intergalactic meeting means and then I thing for a minute maybe Mr Stone is an alien. I told Paul everything I have seen so we decided to spy him.

              The next day I took Fred for a walk and he beside the bushes I saw Mr Stone with his arms raised he bent down and touched the ground again and again. I was scared and I ran home.

               The next day when the science class started Mr Adams walked in. I wrote a note to Paul and told him what happened.

                When the bell rang Mr Adams called me to his desk and told me that he had an accident and his left arm is artificiak. Its an electrick prosthesis and sometimes it can give electric shocks.

                 At lunch time me and Paul spoke about this.

With love Vaia!!!




Dear Styliani,

      When the school day finished, Paul and I were watching. We followed him go into a house.

       I decided to climb the tree and look in his bedroom. Mr Stone was sitting infront of a mirror. The teacher was to tally bald and his head was covered with disqusting brown warts Mr Stone noticed me so me and Paul go into his house to talk to him.

         He told us that he started smoking as a teenager and all his story.

          The next day we told Dana all the story. When I go home I realised that my whatch missing so I went to school and look in the gym.

          I went in the school. Our gym is on the ground floor but I didnt go there directly, I climp up the stairs and the school was dark. I oppened the closet and there was Mrs Ching. She was tied up. Someone else was there. A light was on in the computer room!

          It was Mr Adams. The screen black out. Then something appeard it was a face of an alien. Mr Adams was an alien too. They were talkig about a plan. When they finished I ran away.

With love Vaia!


Dear Christina,

         The next day, I went to the gym to look for my watch. Fortunately it was still there.

        I explained to my friend the story with Mr Adams. We had to find his hypnotizing spray so Dana decided to steal her brothers key.

        Dana got the key and we wnet to find Paul. When we found Paul we went in the science lab to look for the spray and we found it. To be sure that is the right one I tried it to my dog and it worked. I phoned Paul to tell him the good news and he wanted me to go to his house to talk to me. There was something strange in his voice.

       Paul told me that he wanted to go with Mr Adams the next day and he gave me his cat Apollo.

        The next day when we go to the meeting Mr Adams chose Dana and Steve to came with him and I followed them too.

        Mr Adams couldnt find his spray so Dana and Steve ran away. Mr Adams went to his spaceship there was Paul too. Paul went with Mr Adams in his spaceship. I hope I will see him again.


With love Vaia!!!


The adventure of Rocky and bullwinkle (no quiz)


      This story is about Rocky and Bullwinkle two cartoon heroes that live in a cartoon world. One day three bad people Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha wants to make a bad show that hypnotize alll the USA because  they want to control all the world. One girl named Karen that works for Carby tell her to go and get Rocky and Bullwinkle out of the cartoon world and help them stop Fearless leader, Boris and Natasha.

      But something got wrong, by a mistake karen went to the police station and then Fearless leader and his coworkers started winning. When Karen got out of the police station she  helped again Rocky and Bullwinkle stop Fearless leader. At the end Rocky and Bullwinkle won with some help of FBI and Fearless leader with his coworerks turn back at cartoon world!



  Lost in the cave(no quiz)

   This story is about three girls Ellise, Agnes and Fran that they wanted to go to a meeting of Derbyshire Potholers Club. A few days later the girls and the club went to the Peak District National park to explore a cave, it wa amazing.

     The nex day Agnes had an idea she wanted to go back to the cave only she and her friends. When the girls arrived there they went into the cave but soon realised that they got lost.

      Back at the hotel, Borisand Nigel were looking for the girls and suspected that they might have gone to the cave so they desided to get there and look for them. The girls was screaming for help suddenly big rocks started fallingand blocked them inside the cave. Nigel went to get some help.

       The rescue team was trying to find them but it was very difficult to locate them. The girls were having difficulties but they try to ceep calm. They decided to find their way out of there. So thay started walking to another direction.

     Thankfully after a while they found their way out of there.






   At first I play a game that you learn the words of all your favourite songs. It was a nice game I really enjoed it. I learn the songs: new rules, we dont talk anymore, shape of you and Billy Ellish (watch).It was an easy game for me because I hear many songs everyday. I love music.

    Then I play an adventure game(gastaway on a desert island). It was an nice game but a bit difficult because you were trying to safe yourself and if you were doing a mistake you could probably die. I dont like it very much but it was ok.

A theft in the night

    An 16 year old boy named Paul got a job at the Respom museum the same day that the Gilbertson necklace arrived.Paul worked with a beautiful lady named Anna.

     One day the Gilbertson necklace was stolen so Anna and Paul followed Roger Fox (the museum guard) in the room.The display case in the centre was broken,and the necklace had gone! The thief was clever he put a newspaper over the camera.

      On the sameday Inspector Tood arrived at the museum to ask some questions to the people that worked there.

      The policemen and the Inspector thought that Paul had stolen the neacklece so he had too find the thief to show the policemen that it wasnt him.

      One day Paul decided to tell the people in the museum that the next day he was going to check the pirate display so the thief that night would come to get the necklace.Paul that night decided to wear the uniform of the wax policemen and wait for the thief. And the thief wasDerek. Derek said that somebody paid him to do it but who.? Suddenly Paul heard a loud bang and Derek fell down somebody was there.

       Paul ran and called the  ambulance and the police.Fortunately the police caught him.The face under the hood was Mrs Gilbertson.

       Mrs Gilbertson needed money.Everybody thought that she was rich but she wasnt she hardly had any money left. So she wanted the necklace because it was insured for one hundred thusand pounds.


What Im going to do next year to make

As much progress as possible in learning English


Next year I will study more carefully and spend more hours reading. I will also read more books at my free time. By doing this I will improve my grammar and my vocabulary. I will watch more English movies and listen more carefully to English music. Finally I will speak English with my parents so I will improve my speaking skills.


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνων για reading









     On Wednesday morning, we went to Limassol.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was to go to the supermarket.

After that, we went to our house and we got some rest.

      In the afternoon, we visited Limassol Marina and had dinner.

Later we had waffles and ice cream. 



   On Thursday, we spend all day at the Grand Resort Hotel. We used the swimming pool and the restaurant. We also swam in the sea.

Later in the afternoon we returned home and had a bath.

After a while we got ready and we went to Four Seasons Hotel for a dessert.



  On Friday morning, we went to Fasouri Watermania Waterpark and we spend all day

there. We enjoyed so much so we stayed there until it closed.

We used all the games and we had a great time.                                                                                           

After all that, we had lunch and some ice cream.


   On Saturday morning, we decided to do something different. So, we went to the Mall of Limassol. We did some shopping and ice skating. It was very exciting. After lunch, we drove to Nicosia.

     My dad and my brother went to a football game and I visited my friend. Later on, me and my friend Irene went to KFC and had dinner. Finally we went to McDonalds and had ice cream. We had a great time!




On Sunday morning, we woke up at Nicosia, we got dressed and drove back to Limassol again. After lunch, we went to Starbucks and we drank milkshake.

After a while, we came home and I did my homework.

At night, we were so hungry so we went to Pizza Mia for dinner and to Amathus Beach Hotel for dessert.



    On Monday, we visited Paphos. We had a traditional Cypriot food in a tavern.

Then we went to the Mall of Paphos. There we walked around the Mall, and for dessert

I ate a delicious cinabon.

At the end of the day we went to a cafe on top of the hill with nice view of the city of Paphos.



   On Tuesday morning, we woke up early and packed our clothes.

After we finished, we had our breakfast and we drove to Nicosia.



Image result for limassol                      http://mycyprusinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/LIMASSOL-8687637.jpg



               MY HOLIDAYS IN ITALY


     This summer I visited Italy with my mother, brother and my grandparents. We have been there for a week and we visited several town. We visited a lot of historical monuments which I really enjoyed. We first visited Rome and we stayed there for 3 days.

    We visited a lot of historical monuments which I really enjoyed. We first visited Rome and we stayed there for 3 days. We had the chance to visit the Vatican museums, the famous Fontana di trevi, piazza di spania and the colosseum.


Image result for rome italy                    


After 3 fantastic days we continued our trip and we travelled to a small town called Mondecatini. We stayed there for another 3 nights and from there we were visited several big and small towns with a lot of historical monuments. We first visited Florence a very beautiful town offerin to the tourist a lot of historical monuments to see. After spending our to Florence we continue our trip to famous Pisa attracts many tourists every year. We had the chance to take some wonderful pictures there.

                               Image result for florence italy                      

  On the next day of our trip we had a mini cruise to the well known le Cinque Terre vilages on the west of Italy which have been protected by Unesco World Heritage.

  On the last day of our trip we visited a small but extremely beautiful town called Luca. Its the birthplace of the greatest composer of Italian opera Giacomo Puccini.We had some free time to walk around the town. We enjoied it very much.



    Luca was our last visit of our trip. After our lunch we got in the bus and we took the road to return to Rome directly to the airport. We had a 3:45 hrs drive.We were very tired but very happy too, beachause we had an exciting trip wich gave us a lot of knowledge of the different anciet monuments of Italy but we had a lot of fun as well.

I realy enjoid my holidays this year wich will give me remarkable memories.










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