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 It was a normal day like any other. Mr. and Mrs. Harris were leaving for a concert so I was responsible for their daughter, Alice. At night I locked all the doors and put Alice to sleep. In the morning I was surprised that she was not awake by the time I woke up. Later I went to her bedroom only to discover her dead corpse! I immediately realized that this was a hate crime convicted by Jim devlin. As I was examining the body I hear footsteps of the maid climbing the staircase. I panicked, thinking that ill be accused of murder. I grabbed the corpse and fled to the beach. There I decided to bury the body but remembered that tides could easily reveal the body so I decided to hide it in a cave were it could last a few days, until the animals find it and drag it to the sea. After I hid the body I headed towards the church. There a couple realizing that I was panicked kindly offered me some money to buy some food. I gladly accepted the money and went to a friend of mines, the local butcher. I told him the whole story, he believed me seeing how distressed I was, and agreed to help me in any way he could.

Then I left the store and went to a local tavern. There I saw a lady witch I unsummed she had relations with Jim Delvin. I asked her about him but she refused to talk. Later I left and went to the flower shop. On my way there, I asked a man if I could buy his newspaper with some pennies I had with me he agreed and went on his merry way. At the shop, an old lady sold me her best flower for a few pennies. After that I went back to the tavern and met again the suspicious lady. She, impressed by my appearance, asked me to buy her a drink. Later I asked again about Jim. She explained that, she didn’t know him, but she knew someone who could. She told me to go and find Natasha and Susan at the Cornwell estate. I hurried and left. Then I rushed to the Cornwell estate there I met Natasha and Susan but when I asked about Delvin, both resisted the existence of him. Later I went back to the beach.

A love story


About five months ago, my university where I was studying electrical engineering, asked me to do research into old technology. I asked my grandad about any ideas and he showed me an old radio transmitter that was used to send Morse code signals. Sometime later I brought it home and started doing my research. I managed to get it to work as well. All of a sudden I hear a transition.

I decoded the message, and realized that a girl called Emma was sending the messages. I decided to answer back and soon I got her mobile number. We started talking through text messages and I found out that she was also doing research for her university, and that she was also studying electrical engineering. Soon we started exchanging ideas for different projects, help each other with problems we had, and even working together on several projects for ourselves! We soon fell in love with each other!

At some point I asked her to send me a picture of herself and told her I would do the same. However, she refused and said that if I really cared about her I wouldn’t mind how she looked like. I agreed and so we carried on.

Sometime later I suggested that we should meet. She agreed and told me to meet her at the mall. We arranged to meet at a certain gate and she would recognize me because I would be wearing a Morse code T-shirt. I would recognize her because she would be wearing her university T-shirt.

The big day arrived and as I got to the gate I saw a relatively young, fat girl with freckles wearing the university T-shirt. I took a large breath and asked her: “Shall we go?”

Then she explained to me that she was Emma’s older sister and that she had asked her to go to her place to test if I truly liked her. Then she told me that Emma was waiting for me upstairs in the Starbucks coffee shop. So I headed upstairs feeling kind of confused but excited at the same time. When I entered the coffee shop, I saw a young short girl with black strait hair sitting in the corner waving at me.

So here I am writing that story on redit from our new apartment!


Lionel Messi

               Lionel Messi is a football player born in 1987. He lives in Barcelona and is the best player in the world. He is currently a world record holder of six Ballon d'Or awards. He has played alongside Barcelona FC in his entire footballing career.

 His score

Lionel Messi is a right winger attacker. He has played with the team Barcelona FC for 16 seasons and has played roughly 714 matches. He scored 611 goals in his career and has never switched teams. He has never been to another team other than Barcelona FC. Except the Argentinian national team.

A little bit about the past….

Lio was born and raised in Argentina. He had a poor family but they were always supportive and helpful. He had developed serious medical problems, but the team Barcelona FC foresaw that he had future, so they decided to pay for his medical bills. He left Argentina at the age of 13 and went to Spain specifically Barcelona, and there throw hard and constant training he became the legend we all know and love today.

 About his team

Lio enjoys being team captain because he likes to encourage his team. Maradona inspired Lio because he used to be the world best player and used to play in Lio’s position. He is good at shooting and dribbling but is terrible at defending. During every match he is anxious about getting injured because then he can’t play his favorite sport. He stayed in Barcelona FC his entire footballing career because he can cooperate with his teammates very well and the coach is amazing. His favorite team to play against is Real Madrid because whenever those teams play against the crowd goes crazy.

  Tastes and favorites

He loves Italian food and his favorite is Milanese napolitana. In his spare time, he adores playing with his family and dogs. He also enjoys watching action movies with his family or do any other activities with his family because he rarely sees them due to the frequent matches.

 His thoughts about the future

Messi plans on retiring soon and cutting off any contact with football. He wants to be with his family and have a nice chill life. He does not want to become a coach since he would travel a lot without visiting his family. He plans to be with his family and enjoy life without any interaction with football.







          This summer I decided to go on a cruise to the Canary Islands near Spain. So I packed my bags and brought my favorite knife with me that I always carry with me for luck. Then I headed to the airport and from there I took a flight to Spain.

            I stayed in Barcelona for two days at a hotel. During my stay I read a newspaper that said : “Maroco has been hit by thunderstorm, travelers be aware”. Then I thought to myself that the storm is over, so I will be ok and continued my trip.

BIG MISTAKE. Later I went to the port and got on the cruise ship. It was a huge ship with the capacity of 80,000 people!!! I was amazed. I mean, I knew cruise ships were large but not like that… I went to my cabin and slept for about 2 hours. My trip was going to last for about 7 days so I wasn’t worrying about not doing any activities on the ship such as going to the swimming pool or playing tennis.

On the 4th day we headed to the open sea .  The Atlantic ocean. On that night I went to the bar to grab a beer.  I got drunk and fell asleep. In all of a sudden I heard sirens. And the ship was tilting on a dangerous angle. It was going to roll into the sea! I looked around and there was nobody on the ship. I could only see huge waves surrounding and hitting the hull of the ship. Then I noticed some lights in the water. And I realized that they were lifeboats! Everyone had left the ship without me!

I ran up and down like a maniac on the deck, desperate trying to find a lifeboat. Just then I saw one. I was just about to jump in and I then I saw the kitchen sign behind me. I had to make a quick choice. To go to the kitchen and grab some food or leave the ship right then. I decided to go to the kitchen. I grabbed everything I could that was in cans. Then I ran towards the lifeboat and jumped in.

I pulled the ropes as hard as I could and got into the water. Then I sailed away and watched the ship slowly turning over and sinking into the water. I tried to find the others but I was helpless. After about an hour or so the storm was over and the sea was calm  I had no clue where I was and the only thing I had for navigation was the sun. Τhe current was pulling me away so I couldn’t  paddle. I had food for about twenty days – twenty five if I was doing savings. I was devastated. After five days lost in the sea sharks started surrounding me. But the following day I was in a coral reef so I was safe but I couldn’t see any island near me.

I started shouting and yelling. I was going mad. The sea was driving me crazy. After two and a half day of heat and thirst I finally see land I was thrilled. I couldn’t believe it. I started paddling towards the remote island. Once I arrived there I started looking for a water source. Suddenly as I was looking for water I hear the sound of a river! I drank about 2 liters of water and then followed the river back to the beach. It’s ending wasn’t far from where the lifeboat was.

Then in the afternoon I sat down and slept. The next morning I woke up and felt something metallic in my pocket. It was my knife!! Then I went into the jungle to find some fruit. I used my knife to cut through thick grass and vegetation. Luckily I was able to find some berries and some other vegetables.

As I was looking around I came to the other end of the island. There I found an old rotten shack! I went inside and looked around. There I found an old diary. It wrote : ”Oliver Beggings British expedition 1802” . Inside there were some coordinates and also a map of where the island was located. It was about 200 miles of the coast of Maroco. I continued searching the house. I found an old coat, some nails, an axe and some matches. I went back to the lifeboat and took all the food and water to the old wacky shack. The  following day I went to the jungle to cut down some trees to repair the shack. Also I built a tower on a nearby hill and made a campfire on the tower. I used palm tree leaves as fuel so that the smoke can go high into the sky. Also I made a spear and went for fishing. At night I cooked some fish and ate some of my tin cans.

After a week another thunderstorm strikes again. In all o a sudden a palm tree falls on top of the roof. Fortunately the damage is minimal. The rain was going for days, and I couldn’t get out to get any fruit or cook any fish due to the wind and rain. After a couple of hours the rain settled down and the sky was clear. Then I rebuild the roof and went to find some fruit and water. Later that evening I slept outside looking at the stars and thinking about my family. I was sad. The next morning I wake up and the first thing I do is to light a fire. Then I decide to build a canoe and go fishing. I came back to the shore and to my surprise I see a giant Maersk cargo ship. Then I saw a small boat headed towards me. I was the happiest man alive.

They took me back to the ship and the captain informed the coastguard. The captain had seen the smoke and knew immediately that someone was trapped on the island. Then I went back to Maroco and from there I took a flight back home. My family asked me how was my trip and without any hesitation I answered :

Lost in the waves


Phantasy quest vol 2.0



            One day I was sailing with my friend Alex. We were going on a trip in a very small ship. After a lot of hours of sailing a storm started. There were many waves, HUGE waves. We started to panic. Suddenly we hit a rock. The ship started sinking so we swam to the nearest island. Luckily, we managed to get there fast. We had found a shelter in a nearby cave. When the storm stopped, we came out of the cave and right in front of us there were 2 amazons. They took Alex, hit me on the head and ran inside the jungle.

            After about 5 hours (not sure how long was I sleeping) I woke up. Then I saw something shiny laying on the sand. It was a sea shell. It looked nice to me, so I picked it up. I started walking on the beach. Suddenly I saw a house. Next to it, there was a boy who was fishing. I stepped inside the house, and I saw an old lady who was resting on a chair. I asked her about the amazons and she told me not to mess around with them. They had taken her son and husband.

            I continued walking towards the center of the island. There I found a small town. So, I walked inside the town and the first thin I saw in front of me is a crab shop. In there, there was a guy named Corky. I asked him about the amazons. He told me that they were living high up in the mountains.

            Then I walked outside and started wondering around. Suddenly I saw a barrel full of water. I went there because I was thirsty when I looked down to the barrel to get some water, I saw a shrimp. Then I told to myself that it could be useful to the child who was fishing nearby the sea as bait for the fish. So, I went there and gave it to him, for exchange he gave me a large fish. I started eating it. While I was eating it, I started exploring the jungle. Suddenly I saw a parrot he looked hungry, so I gave him some of my fish. He liked it, so I gave him some more. He seemed to like me, so he flew on my shoulder. I continued exploring, until I found a strange writing on a rock: WBPT . WBPT? What could that mean? I asked myself. Despite that I continued walking. Then I saw a hammer and I picked it up because I thought it could be useful.

            Later I walked back to town. There I found a blind guy. His name was Shamus. I asked him about the amazons. He told me that once, he fought the amazons. That’s why he lost his eyesight. He told me that if I wanted any help with the amazons, I could go to a guy named «A GUY THAT I TOTALY DIDN’T FORGOT HIS NAME» who was living in a swamp. Then I started my journey to that swamp. I grabbed my parrot, my hammer and started searching. After a lot of hours (REAL LIFE HOURS) of searching and exploring I finally had found that DAMN swamp.

            There was a small house in the middle of the swamp. There was also a bell. So, I hit the bell (guessed that it was the doorbell) he came out. He was an old, grumpy faced man. He asked who I was, so I explained him that I was sent by Shamus. Then he raised a bridge for me to cross the swamp. Later I told him my story. He told me that the amazons could most likely taken my friend to a nearby island. Then I realized that he couldn’t help me so I left. I walked back to the town. But as I was walking, I passed by the harbor. There was a small fishing boat. and I realized that it was Corky’s boat. Then I dashed to Corky’s shop and asked him about the boat. He told me that his boat wasn’t for travelling. Just for fishing. With nowhere to go I went back to the old man’s house in the swamp. I told him about Corky. He told me that he could help. He was making some kind of medicine for Corky. But he needed a special ingredient for that. Fresh mountain grass. I looked anxious because I knew that the amazons where living high up in the mountains. But he told me not to worry.

            So I started my trip to the mountains. I walked, and walked, and walked. Until finally I had found the grass. BUT IT WAS TOO HIGH UP FOR ME TO REACH IT :(. Suddenly an idea came to my head. I could send the parrot to get it for me. And it worked! I ran back to the swamp to deliver the grass. I gave it to him and he gave me the medicine. He told me to deliver it to Corky. Without losing any time I ran back to Corky’s shop. I gave him his medicine and told him about the guy in the swamp and that I needed transport. He agreed and took me to the other island. It was a grey island with no greenery. There I found a cave. As I started walking to the cave, I saw a rope hanging of a tree. I took it because I thought it could be useful.

            Then I went inside the cave. There I saw an old but wise woman doing something on a cauldron. I asked what she was doing. She told me that she was watching everything from her cauldron. I asked her about the strange language I had found the other day, and about my friend. She told me that it meant: BEWARE. And that also my friend was not on the island. He was on the island which I came from. She also told me that could go inside the amazon’s castle by a secret tunnel that only a few people know. I ran back to the boat and told Corky to go back. We went back to the island and I started searching for the tunnel. I asked a lot of people about the tunnel. Until I asked shamus he knew where the tunnel was, but he couldn’t go there because he was blind. After a lot of hours of searching, I started losing hope. Suddenly I saw a well. I used the rope to get down there was nothing than just an old glass eye and a wet brick. I picked them both (you know why). As I was climbing out of the well, an idea came to my head. To throw the eye in the cauldron, and then give it to shamus. I ran back to the docks to find Corky, but he wasn’t there. I found him later in his shop. I asked him if he could take me to the other island for one more time and he said yes, but angrily. He told me that he would come to the docks in a minute.as I was waiting for him at the docks I saw a sea urchin. I picked it up because I was hungry. Just then Corky came. We went to the other island and I ran to the cave. I threw the eye in the cauldron. For a moment I thought it would do anything, but just then it came out and started shining and sparkling. Then it fell in my arms. I dashed to the boat and back to the island. Then I ran back to the town and gave the eye to shamus.

            Suddenly he could see again! he guided me to the tunnel I went in. I climbed a ladder. At the top of the ladder, there was a hatch. I opened it. Then the queen saw me and ran to the prison cells. She grabbed Alex and went inside a hot air balloon. As I chased her a guard stopped me. The I threw the brick on his head. I continued following the queen until she went inside the balloon. It started flying. The I remembered the sea urchin. I threw it on the balloon. It started flying everywhere. I grabbed on it and threw out the queen. Fortunately, we landed on the sea and sailed away in the sunset.


                                                                           INVERTED EAGLE



  A theft took place at 239 birch drive in Washington DC at the reed’s house. The theft was between 9:30am and 9:30pm at the 10th of June. The thief had stolen from a safe 80,000 dollars cash, jellwery worth of 400,000 dollars and stamps worth of 40,000 dollars. First he drugged the tea which Mr. Reed and Mrs. Reed were drinking, with the sleeping pills that Mr. Reed was taking. The thief also knew the combination to the safe and he also had a key to the bedroom. The stolen were found at Miguel’s room, in the vent.

  Miguel is the house keeper’s son and he was a student at a university. He claimed that he didn’t steal anything as the police had found out he was true. The police had discovered that Mrs. Nancy Reed read her daughter’s diary. Her daughter is Alison Reed who is also a student at the university. Alison was engaged with a rich guy which I can’t remember his name. But when her mum read her diary she discovered that she didn’t like the rich guy and that she loved Miguel. So her mum decided to frame Miguel because she wanted Alison to marry the rich guy so that the family had more money. This was clearly an act of selfishness.

  The night of the crime Mrs. Reed drank a bit of her tea and understood that Miguel had made the tea because he never puts honey in it. So she decided that it was the perfect night for the crime. First she waited for her husband to go to the bathroom. Then she drugged the tea with his sleeping pills, then she waited for him to sleep. Later she opened the safe took out everything and putted them into Miguel’s vent. The police had also discovered the fact that she had spilled the tea everywhere and that she accidently stepped in it so her sock was wet.

  So the police had found guilty Mrs. Reed for trying to frame Miguel and she went to jail for 5 years. Then the family moved on, Alison got married with Miguel and everyone was happy……




                                                                        THE END    



Canterville Ghost


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