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   Once upon a time there was a very poor family consisting of a father, a stepmother and two children, Billy and Beth. Their father, Hans, worked at a news office and their stepmother Elsa didn’t have a job.

   Hans loved and cared for his children, and he would give them anything they asked for. However,  Elsa hated the kids and blamed them for everything saying that it’s their fault that the family was poor. Elsa hated being poor.

  One day, Elsa got very mad, and took the children to the city. She lied saying that she would come back to the city. In that way, the children would get lost in the city. But Elsa failed, because Billy and Beth had phones, which had gps. They used the application and got home. Elsa got very angry and the next time, she took their phones during the night.

   Unfortunately, they got lost in the city, and couldn’t find their way back home. Suddenly, they noticed a big, luxury house.

   They knocked on the door and an rich, old woman opened it. At first She showed them a nice and polite lady side. Oh little did they know… She gave them a big warm welcome and gave  everything they asked for including expensive gadgets and food. The children asked to spend the night, and if she would guide them back home in the morning because it was dark. She agreed! So Billy and Beth went to rest in a big, pretty bedroom,  that the woman had prepared for them. They slept for an hour, until the woman burst through the door, grabbed Billy by his arm and threw him inside a room..

   She forced Beth to be a maid and clean the entire house. The woman had a bad habit of betting. She had made a bet that if she brought 2 children to the weird bar, She would win  2 million pounds. Beth used a camera to sabotage the woman by starting a live stream, the woman was watching tv. She had no idea what was going on. Lots of people joined the live, including the police.

   The police came immediately and arrested the woman. The kids were famous now, and they were paid   of money for their story.

     The police took the kids home,, and Hans hugged them very tight. Guess who’s had gone! Elsa! She was a gold digger and left Hans for a richer man. It Turns out, the family was now rich. So, they all lived happily ever after. <3





It was a rainy day. The bell rang. All the students left school except one girl. She waited for the bus for a while. It never came. The girl got anxious and cold.

 A man drove past the school to the bus stop. It was an English teacher that used to teach in the girls class. He offered her a lift home. She smiled and got in the backseat of the car. The two did not talk at all. It was so silent you could hear people chatting from the closest car. The man politely asked where her house was located. To his surprise  the girl remained silent. He repeated the question one more time. He gave up and continued driving.

Suddenly a taxi drove in front of them the teacher screamed and the girl calmly leaned over to pull the hand break. The teacher jumped out of the car. You could see the anger on his face. There was some road rage that caused traffic. The girl mysteriously disappeared, forgetting her backpack in the car.

The teacher got very  stressed and called the police with no second thought. The only helpful clue was her school bag. He found a sketchbook, some books and a small notebook. Her phone was missing. The man looked through her sketchbook and found the girls number on the back. He called her and the girl said that the teacher shouldn’t worry about her, because she got home safely.

Phoebe Georgiou 30/8/2018

Fantasy Quest


I was sailing with my friend when suddenly, there was a terrible storm with thunder and lightning. I fainted and when I woke up I found myself shipwrecked on a desert island. There was no sign of my friend. I had to find her. I carefully looked around and I noticed a coconut lying on the beach. I picked it up. I explored the island. While I was walking, I discovered a forest. There was a tall tree guarding a stick. I tried to pick up the stick. Just when I touched it; the tree somehow pushed me back!  ”Why did you do that?!” I asked. ”Can you give me the stick please?”I asked. He said:”If you want this stick, you must bring me a glass of water. THAT would satisfy me.” So I had to find some water. I swam to different island thinking:”Is that stick really worth it?”I saw land in the distance. There was a bottle on the ground of the island. I picked it up. I continued my journey. Then I found a river. I filled my bottle with water. I swam back to the tree.”Thank you, I wish you find what you’re looking for “. Said the tree. I continued walking. I saw an abandoned boat. There was a bed sheet hanging from the top of the boat. I used my stick to move it. I climbed the bed sheet and I found a lantern. There was a hole in the boat. I used my lantern to see what’s inside the hole. I found a wooden plank, and I took it with me. As I was walking I went back to the river. I used my plank to cross it. There was a big dark cave ahead of me. I went inside trembling with fear. I only found a skull. I took it with me. While I was walking a boulder was blocking the path. So I used my stick to move it. I continued. There was a big door with two weird masks. I tapped next to the door. A lever appeared! I pulled it and the door opened. It was only a small island. There was also a boat sailing away! My friend was in that door with some pirates! I found a crab on the island and I picked it up. I walked away. As I was walking I saw a hut. I decided to go in. It was the chief of that place.”What do you want? It better be important. ”He said to me.”I am looking for my friend, I saw her in a boat.”I told him.”Take this skull I found, and please help me find her. ”I continued.” Here, take this piece of map, you will need it on your journey.”He said. I thanked him and I got out of the hut. I found the doctor’s hut. I went in. I said:”Hello sir, my friend has been kidnapped, could you help me find her?” “Some men took her and sailed away with her.” He said: ”I could give you something, if you give me something.” I searched my backpack and I found a roasted berry. I gave it to him and he gave me the other piece of map. I put the map together and I sailed to the closest island. I went on the dock and I found a rope. There was a big pirate ship there. I went in. There was a pirate there! I had to do something! So I took the crab and I THREW IT on the pirate. He was running around like CRAZY!!!I took his clothes and I wore them. I went in the slippery noose bar disguised as a pirate. No one wanted to talk to me. I left the bar and I went in the pawn shop and I traded my lantern for a fishing pole. There were mice in the shop. I left the pawn shop to go fishing. I caught a fish. I kept it. I continued my journey. There was a cat on the path.  I gave her the fish and it followed me back to the pawn shop. I traded the cat for a skeleton key. I left, I used my rope on a tree and I slid down. There was nothing except a golden coin I took the coin, I went back to the slippery noose bar and traded the coin to the barman for rum. I continued. I found a big tower. There was a pirate guarding it. I gave him the rum, he got drunk. I went in the tower. I went up the stairs. I found a door. I used the skeleton key to open it. In the room was my friend! A pirate was there. I threw my coconut at him, I took his sword, and I finished him off!!!!!!!! I freed my friend, we sailed home and we played video games.




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