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My Love story

What is love? Love is when two people touch each other’s soul. Love is honesty and trust. Love is helping one another. Love is reaching your dreams together. Love is the connection of two hearts. Today I’m going to share my love story with you guys! 

I was student at Nicosia University. He was student at Athens University, but he comes from Cyprus. Our story began a few months ago…

One of my classmates at the University was being bullied. His friend posted a quote about bullying on Instagram so that everyone would see it and stop those who bully him from doing it again and again. Under that post I commented: ‘Bullying is killing our classmates, friends, brothers or sisters. Being different is killing them. Those people are dying inside. We have to save them whether they are bullied or they are bullying. They are all in pain’. Christos saw my comment, liked it and sent me a message in chat. I really liked him and our relationship was developing more and more every day! One day he asked me to send him a photo of me. However I told him that if he truly cared about me he wouldn’t mind what I look like. He agreed and we continued chatting.

It was the Christmas holiday and Christos told me that he was coming home for one week to spend this time with his family and friends. He suggested that we should meet. We arranged to meet at a café in Nicosia Mall. I told him he would recognise me from the sunglasses in heart shape that I would be wearing. I would recognise him from the ‘Say no to bullying’ T-shirt he would be wearing. But…I still wasn’t sure about him, so I decided to ask my cousin to go on our date instead of me. I wanted to see if he would refuse to have a coffee with her just because he doesn’t like the outside look. When he asked her to sit and have a coffee with him, she explained to him that she was Andrea, my cousin, and that I asked her to go instead of me to test if he really likes me. She told Christos that I was waiting for him at Fridays for dinner.

And now here we are, in our own apartment in Athens, watching a romantic movie, eating ice-cream and writing this blog for you! Hope you liked our story! See ya!


The X-Files

My name is Scully and I’m a detective in charge of the investigation.

Two victims. One victim was a college girl. She was killed in her room and when she was found, the windows were locked and the door was chained from the inside. The last incident was two days ago in a high-security building. The guy named Usher parked in the garage and took the elevator to the fifteenth floor. No one else came into the building. The guy never came out. There is something in common between the victims. All the victim’s livers have been removed without tools!

The murderer came from the air vent because we found fingerprints on it, but they were too long to be human. I believe the killer to be a male, 25 to 35 years old. He has above average intelligence and knowledge of the internal structure of buildings and ducts. He’s acting under the classic form of obsessive- compulsive behaviour. The removal of the liver is the most important detail of these crimes. The liver processes restorative qualities. It cleans the blood. The taking of the liver may allow to the killer to believe he’s cleaning himself of his own impurities. The guy kills 5 people every thirty years. The victims have nothing else in common.

Yesterday, Mr Mulder and I parked our car in the garage below Usher’s office building. Mr Mulder noticed that something was scaling the duct from the inside.

The suspect’s full name is Eugene Victor Tooms. He is employed by Baltimore Municipal Animal Control. He said that he has killed a living creature but never a human being. The other detectives believe that Eugene did not kill those people but his fingerprints match 100% with the print taken from a murder committed over sixty years ago…

Another victim was killed two days ago! Thomas Werner was at his house when the killer murdered him. There wasn’t any point of entry. The killer removed the victims liver as he did with the other victims. That was unbelievable! How did the killer got into the house?

          When we went to see the crime scene, Mulder noticed something that the police had missed, a smudge of ash above the hearth. And there was something disturbingly familiar in its long narrow shape. It wasn’t very clear but the resemblance to the other prints was strong! Mulder noticed another dirty mark at the mantel. The mantel was bare and covered with dust, but in the middle there was a perfectly clean ring. It was Tooms, and he took something from the mantel…

          The following day, Mulder and I decided to visit Frank Briggs, the man who has investigated the murders in 1933. Mr Birggs told us that in each case Tooms was taking small personal effects like a hairbrush or a coffee mug. Mr Briggs showed us some photos of Tooms thirty years ago! Then I realized that in 1963, he had looked exactly the same like he did thirty years later! He hadn’t grown old! We also found that Tooms lived at Sixty-six Exeter Street, in a building which has the sign ‘Pierre Paris & Sons’ on it. Tomorrow, Mulder and I are going to check out Sixty- six Exeter Street!


We decided to visit the Sixty-Six Exeter Street which was an old building with its windows boarded up. We eventually found the apartment where Eugene Tooms had lived. The room was empty except for some rubbish on the floor. I could feel something awful in the air. Something horrible had happened there.

We were ready to leave this horrible place when Mulder noticed a hole which was big enough for a man to fit through. Without hesitating we went through it and down onto a metal ladder where we saw a very dark area. We were definitely in the basement of the building. There we saw a wooden box with a collection of objects on it. We realized that these objects were the trophies that Tooms kept from each murder! Then we noticed a hole which looked like a nest on the wall. It smelt horrible and when we touched it we realized that the nest was covered with bile. Tooms must have taken it from his victim’s livers.

Mulder’s theory is that some genetic mutation can allow a man to awaken every 30 years. Maybe the five livers allowing him to change the cells in his body so that he never aged… We’ll find it out soon!

Yesterday evening, I was at my apartment and resolved to take a hot bath. I went into the bathroom and turned on the tabs. Then I noticed that a thick yellow liquid was polling in the corner of the grate. I recognized the smell! It could only be bile from a human liver! I grabbed by gun and slowly began to move through the apartment, searching for Tooms. Now I was the hunter.

Suddenly, Tooms’ hand shot out of the vent and locked around my leg! Terror paralysed me as I stared at Tooms. He was terrible! The Tooms, using unbelievable strength, began to pull me toward him. It was the hardest fight of my life. I knew that I had to win the fight, because it would be the last! I tried to escape, but Tooms was too powerful for me. One second was in the air, the next landed on top of me!

Then Mulder came in. Quickly, he opened his handcuffs and went after Tooms. He snapped his open handcuffs around Tooms’ wrists. This time he couldn’t escape. He sat on a chair roaring like a hurt animal. I was trembling and looked exhausted.

Eventually Tooms went to the prison and in a tiny cell he began to rip a newspaper into long strips. He lifted one of the strips and ran his tongue across it. He was building another nest!  



Invisible Friends


 Dear Cleo,

You will never guess what happened! Yesterday, I came from school to tell my mum some really exciting news! I’ve been chosen for the school swimming team! The relay and the 200 metres backstroke. Isn’t it wonderful?

I was so happy and excited but when I saw that my family doesn’t care at all I was so upset and disappointed! My mum was in the kitchen preparing tea, my dad was fast asleep and my brother was up in his room listening to something loud and aggressive as usual. They didn’t even glimpse at me. I wish they could barely give me some attention.

Then, I went to my room to meet Zara. Zara is my invisible friend. I invented Zara when I was eight. When I feel sad and depressed like I did yesterday, I occasionally sit and talk to her. Zara always understand. Zara always listens. She’s very special!

What about you? How’s your family? I miss you so much. I’ll write you and tell about my family and Zara again. Now I must leave. My mum needs help to prepare the tea. Write me back as soon as possible!


Lots of love,


Dear Cleo,

I’m so angry and depressed with my mum and dad! Both of them were extremely cruel to Zara last night.

I went downstairs with Zara to have our tea and when my mum realised that Zara was there, she didn’t let her eat. Dad was shouting at me, very violently. They didn’t even let her sit with us at the table! Zara has to stand all through the meal!

So I came upstairs with her again, feeling even more depressed! It’s obvious that my family didn’t like her at all!

I don’t know what to do! What do you think should I do? Write me back as soon as possible!


Lots of love,




Dear Cleo,

Something strange and weird happened last night and I’m so confused with it!

Last night it was raining with thunder and lightning, There was a terrible storm outside and I suddenly felt rather frightened. I turned to look for Zara but she wasn’t on the bed. Then I heard someone moving downstairs and I knew then it must be Zara. I went downstairs to find her. While I was walking cautiously downstairs, there was a tremendous flash of lightning and thunder. I fell down! When I woke up I saw Zara. She wasn’t invisible anymore! Zara told me that I can see her because I believed in her so much that she’s here. She came to stay with me! I’m so happy! I used to be so unhappy and lonely But how’s that possible?

What do you think? Write me back as soon as you can!


Lots of love,



Dear Cleo,

How are you? How’s your family? I have some wonderful news to tell you!

When I woke up yesterday morning, I could no longer see Zara. I thought that maybe I dreamt it all. But when I came downstairs to look for her, she was there and I had lots of fun with her! Gary went to sit on the chair and Zara pulled it from under him at the last minute! Gary sat on the floor! Isn’t it funny? Then Zara switched dad’s and Gary’s bowls over! Both of them were so confused! She also changed the TV programme that my dad was watching to some loud pop music! My dad changed it back again. Zara changed it again and at last the telly blew up! Ha ha ha! But then, mum and dad got very angry and told me to go upstairs. It was just unfair! They blamed me for everything!

Anyway…I’m so happy that Zara is here. Fortunately, I had a real friend. At last I have someone to talk to. Someone who really understands. Give my best wishes to your family!


Lots of love,




Dear Cleo,

How are you? How’s your family? Something extraordinary and weird happened yesterday and I want your opinion.

Two days ago I was very angry with mum and dad because it’s unfair to blame me for everything. So, I told Zara that I hate them sometimes. Then she told me to get rid of them! No! She didn’t mean to kill them or something like that. She meant that I can make them invisible if I want. And that’s what I did. I just closed my eyes and concentrated. I pictured them and I imagined them gone! Then, I screamed ‘VANISH’ and they were all gone! Can you believe this? They’re really vanished! Then, Zara’s family appeared. I met her father, Felix and her brother, Chuck. They are going to stay with us! I’m going to live with my new family! Isn’t that wonderful?

What’s your opinion about all this? Should I stay with my new family?

Lots of love,



Dear Cleo,

How are you? Thank you so much that you invited me to your birthday party, but I think it’s a bit difficult to come. Zara and her family still live with me.

Yesterday, we had such a lovely time together! We laughed, we talked and we played all sorts of stupid games too! At night, Mr Felix slept in my parents’ room, Chuck in Gary’s room and I slept with Zara in my room. But when I showed Chuck Cary’s room, which was a mess, something strange happened! Chuck concentrated and the room ‘tidied’ itself! In a few seconds, everything was clear. Then Zara and I did what Chuck did to unfold and put up in my room the folding bed that was in the cupboard. And it worked!

The next morning, things started to go wrong when I realised that for breakfast we only had five fish fingers and deep-frozen sprouts. Yuk! But it’s not my fault, my mum does the shopping. I was so frustrated and disappointed.

I miss my old family! What do you suggest I do?


Lots of love,




Dear Cleo,

How’s your family? Is your mother still sick? I hope she will get better soon! Things in my house started to go wrong. I miss my old family so much! I want them to return!

Yesterday, Felix made us a cake but he said that I could only have a piece when I did the clearing-up! It was so unfair! I felt disappointed and frustrated. It was beginning to get a bid fed up of these three. After all, it’s my house and I can do whatever I like in it. They seemed to be taking over the house! And it wasn’t only this! When I went to sleep, I found Zara lying on my bed and when I told her to sleep on the folding bed, she made the books jump off the shelf! It was like a nightmare! I couldn’t get to sleep at all! It was uncomfortable. Eventually I slept downstairs.

Cleo, I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused and I want my family to come back in our house. I won’t be rotten to them if they return. What do you think I should do?


Lots of love,


Dear Cleo,

How are you? I miss you so much! Your new dog is very cut! What name did you give it? I would like to have one too! It will be my only friend here, because I realised that Zara is apparently a really bad person.

You won’t believe what she had done to me yesterday night! In my previous letter, I told you that I slept downstairs. While I was trying to sleep, somebody shouted ‘Lucy’. I thought that it was mum and dad. Then I heard a soft knocking on the front door. I crept to the door and I opened it cautiously. Suddenly the front door closed behind me. It was freezing outside. I called Zara to help me and I was very disappointed when he told me that she was the one who locked me out! But I couldn’t stay out there all night, so I climbed up to an upstairs window. Zara wasn’t there, so I started to look for some money I saved in my desk drawer. Them Zara appeared and she said that my house is their house and the three of them started shouting that I’m a thief. Nonsense!

I’m so angry!  I have no idea what to do!


Lots of love,



Dear Cleo,

How are you? I’m so happy and glad! My old family returned! I’m so thankful. I missed them so much. Thank God!

When Zara, Chuck and Felix started shouting that was a thief I fainted and fell downstairs. I had a blackout in my bed. When I woke up, I saw mum, dad, Grisly and a doctor. The doctor said that I may have a slight concussion, but I’ll be fine. The ambulance came to take me to the hospital to stay overnight just so they can keep a proper eye on me. Mum and dad seemed so anxious, nervous and frightened.

The next few days were great! They were all running all over the place for me. I lived like a princess. Did I mention that I got the bike I told you I want? Now I can ride my bicycle in the town with my other classmates. I love my family so much. I’m sure I’ll not be alone anymore. Now I have my family to help me cope with anything!

Cleo I miss you so much! Do you want to come to my house on Saturday? I’m going to do a pyjama party!


Lots of love,





How I was born

Î?Ď?ÎżĎ?έλεĎ?μα εικĎ?ναĎ? για baby girlIf my mum hadn’t gone to a school in Pafos for work, she wouldn’t have met her friend Louiza. And if she hadn’t met her friend Louiza, she wouldn’t have known that her boyfriend is Mr Angelos and a friend with a pilot called Soteris. And if she hadn’t known that Mr Angelos is a friend with a pilot called Soteris, she wouldn’t have met Soteris. And if she hadn’t met Soteris, she wouldn’t have liked him. And if she hadn’t liked him, she wouldn’t have realised that she’s in love with him. And if she hadn’t fallen in love with him, she wouldn’t have had a relationship with him. And if she hadn’t had a relationship with him, Soteris wouldn’t have intended to propose. And if he hadn’t intended to propose, she wouldn’t have married him. And if she hadn’t married him, she wouldn’t have got pregnant. And if she hadn’t got pregnant, I wouldn’t have been born!




Fun and Games/Things to do!

Î?Ď?ÎżĎ?έλεĎ?μα εικĎ?ναĎ? για fun and games

ü I played  ‘Pierre Hotel’

ü I played ‘The Proposal’

ü I played ‘Creepo’s Tales’

ü  I played ‘Quandary’

ü I played ‘Samorost’

ü I learned the lyrics to all my favourite songs

ü  I played Grammarman

ü I played ‘Castaway on a desert island’

ü I played Phantasy Quest and Phantasy Quest 2


I think that the links in the website are very useful and helpful. The games are not just fun, interesting and exciting, but I think that as we playing them, we practice our English as well. More specifically, I extremely liked the music site where you can find the lyrics to all your favourite songs. I’m also excited about the games: ‘The Proposal’ and ‘Pierre Hotel’. I’ve played them twice (last summer and this summer as well). I enjoy playing the games and I think it’s a very good and creative activity to do when you have any free time!   






Murder in Trenton

Mary Jones was found dead on the beach of the English seaside town of Trenton on the night of 12 August. Two young men, Simon Clark and Dan Smith, are accused of her murder. The two men are known to have stolen a car on the night of the murder. We learned that Dan and Simon stole a white Ford Fiesta and drove it to the disco in Trenton. Mary and her boyfriend, Jim, were also at the disco. Dan and then Simon danced with Mary. Jim was extremely angry to see another man dancing with his girlfriend, so he punched Simon, but Simon didn’t hit him back.

At midnight, Mary left the disco alone and started to walk home. At half past twelve, Jim, who had followed her, found her dead body on the beach. She had been hit four times on the head with a spanner. Jim said that he tried to help her and became covered in blood during the process. Then, he called the police.

Everything points to Simon and Dan being the murderers. Firstly, tyre prints (ZX37) which match the tyres on the white Ford Fiesta were found at the murder scene. The weapon (spanner) with Mary’s blood and hair found in their car, although there are some doubts as to how it got there. But maybe Jim is the murderer. He had a motive because he was angry with Mary that night, because he laughed at him when he hit Simon. He was also found to be covered in blood. Although the Jim’s car’s tyres didn’t match the prints found at the scene, maybe he changed his tyres after the murder. But, who’s guilty and who’s innocent in the end? Maybe the criminal is Jim, or the two young men.  



Phantasy Quest 2

I was sailing with my best friend when we hit a rock and our boat sank. Luckily, we managed to swim to the shore. But then suddenly two Amazons appeared. One of them grabbed my friend and took him away. The other hit me and I fell down. Now, I have to find a way to rescue my friend. I noticed a beautiful shell near me on the ground, so I picked it up. Then, I saw a house, so I decided to walk to see if I could get some help. I talked to the old woman but she didn’t see anyone pass this way. I left and then I met a blind guy but he hadn’t seen my friend. I went to the music shop and I gave the shell to the guy there and he gave me a hammer. I left from the music shop and went into the inn. I didn’t get any information so I decided to go to the Crab Shack and talk to the guy there. Unfortunately he hadn’t seen him. I left from the shop and while I was walking I saw a scarecrow and I picked up its glove. I went back to the house near the sea where the woman’s grandson was fishing and I gave him a prawn (which I got from a barrel) in order to get me a fish (called Minou). I left the house. Behind the house there was a small beach. I used the scarecrow’s glove to pick up a sea urchin near the pool of water. After that, I went back to the house and up the steps. There I saw a parrot and I gave it the fish to eat. I went east and I saw a strange table with some kind of ancient writing on it. I felt a bit weird. Then I arrived at a swamp where I could see a house. I used the hammer to ring the bell and a man came out of the house but he didn’t let me in. Then I decided to go to the inn. I spoke to the kind and friendly girl there and I asked her about the strange language. She let me go upstairs where I saw two rooms. I went into one of them and I talked to a wise old woman. Then I went back downstairs. I went to the fireplace and I used the mallet to hit the wall. The wall broke and I took with me a shovel and a brick. Then I decided to leave the inn and I took the road toward the mountain. On my way I found some moss so I used the parrot to bring it to me. Then, I thought that I could give the moss to the man at the swamp, who could make medicine for Corky ( the guy at Crab Shack), give it to me, I could take it to Corky and Corky would take me to the other island I had seen before. Maybe, my friend is on this island! So that’s what I did! Then, Corky took me to the other island. I went to the west where I saw a graveyard. I decided to dig with the shovel “Mother Minerva” grave, because I thought that I had heard that name before. That was a little creepy. Inside the grave I found a key! I got the rope hanging from a tree, and I decided to return to the other island. I went back into the inn and up to the old wise woman’s room and I used the key to unlock the wardrobe. There   I found a letter. I left the inn and I thought that I could use the rope to go down the well. Maybe I could find some interesting information. To my surprise I found a glass eye! That was weird! Then, I went back to the other island. I went north and there I saw a cave, so I decided to go inside it. I talked to an oracle and I gave him the letter. I told him where I had found it and went back to the island on the other side asking for more information. Then I had an idea! I thought that I could give the glass eye to Seamus, my blind friend! So that’s what I did! Seamus can see again now! I’m so glad for him. I took his cane, “Maybe it will be useful in the future”, I thought. I followed him and I came in front of an entrance, but it was too dark to get in. I decided to go to the lighthouse to get the latern I saw before. I went upstairs and I used the cane on the machine. I took the latern and went back to the odd, mysterious, secret entrance. I walked in and I saw a very scary ghost. I was shivering with fear and I was too terrified to speak. Eventually, I spoke to him and in order to let me get into the opening I gave him the letter. It was from his mother! I went into the opening and then upstairs. There I saw my friend in a prison. I threw the hammer on the Amazon guard but another guard grabbed him and put him into a balloon. Then, I decided to throw the sea urchin at the balloon to bring it down again. After all, I rescued my friend. I’m so happy that everything ended well!


Death on U Street

My name is Ellie Koo and I’ m a detective in charge of the investigation. There was death on U Street yesterday. The victim was Terrence Sweet. He was about 37 years old. He worked as a security guard. The crime took place in a pawn shop, named “Eagle Eye Pawn Shop”. Terry died by a single gunshot, but there was something odd about the dead body since there was no blood on his hands and fragments of wood were all around. The owner of the shop was Leo Mench, and the owner of U Street camera was Roland Walker (brother in law with Terry). The camera was turned off. After I read a small piece of paper I realized that someone was blackmailing Leo Mench. Then Ling Cane appeared.  Ling owns an art gallery in Singapore. I worked hard and when I watched the videotape that I found in Terry Sweet’s house, I was completely sure who killed Terry. I had a suspect in my mind but I needed evidence. I tried to confirm that the person I had in my mind was guilty. I searched the Cane gallery and now I knew that the murderer was definitely Ling Cane. Terry was working for her. He videotaped Leo Mench opening the Eagle Eye vault and he stole Billy Stemper’s (the employee) key. He did these things for Ling, so that she could get inside Leo Mench’s vault. She put a very valuable painting inside the vault because Leo Mench bought a fake painting form her brother’s gallery. (I finally noticed that it was fake because it didn’t have the correct number of swirls).  I tried to confront Ling and in the end she confessed everything. Leo was going to show the painting to Ross Curan, because he wanted him to write him a personal note on the back of the painting. Then Ross would know that it was such a bad fake and he would take his paintings from her gallery and sue her for every penny she has. So she asked Terry to help, bur Terry demanded more money. Ling pulled out the gun to scare him, but she didn’t mean to shoot. Eventually Ling Cane was guilty! The one who was blackmailing Leo Mench was Roland Walker, because his son, Noah, stole the cameras from his shop. Then, Roland gave a small camera to one of Noah’s friends that he had a fight with him and he used those pictures to blackmail Leo. The mystery is solved!



Strange but true

A young teacher was driving home from school when he noticed a girl waiting at a bus stop. She looked liked one of his student and because it was raining he pulled up and offered her a lift. She didn’t say a word but she smiled. The girl got in the car and the teacher naturally asked the girl where she wanted to go. However, she didn’t answer as if she hadn’t heard the question. They came to cross-roads and when they stopped at the traffic lights, he repeated the question. To his surprise, the girl remained silent, and just stared at the road ahead. The lights turned to green and he started to drive off. A taxi drove out and they would have crashed if the girl hadn’t pulled on the handbrake. The car skidded across the road and the teacher got out of the car to shout at the driver. When he returned, the girl had already left, only her bag was lying on the back seats! The teacher was extremely nervous and tense about the girl. After a while he started driving and looking for the girl. Five minutes later he found her sitting on a bench in a park and crying. The teacher asked why she was so sad. The girl told him about the problems with her family “My mum and dad want to get a divorce”, said the girl. “They told me to choose one of them to live with”! “Don’t cry. Everything is going to be ok. Trust me. My mum and dad got a divorce when I was four years old. It isn’t too bad. You can do lots of things with both of your parents. That’s doesn’t mean that they don’t love you”, said the teacher. The girl stopped crying! “Sorry that I left before. I was too sad and anxious about my family. I wanted to cry but I didn’t want you to see me. I couldn’t speak because all I was thinking about was my parents. Sorry that I made you fell worried about me…”, said the girl. “It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing to worry about. And you can speak to me about everything. I’ll be here for you”, said the teacher. And after that the teacher took her to her house…       


A Dream Come True

Tanya and Dan auditioned

for a new band, Tanya as the lead singer and Dan as a guitarist. As they explored the place, the two friends heard the famous singer Lara Lane having an argument with a man. The man said to her to tell her manager, Sam, to choose his daughter, Bianca, or he’ll tell the newspapers their secret. When the auditions finished, they decided to explore more the old factory. Tanya found a pair of gold and valuable earrings and she decided to keep them. Meanwhile two men were looking for the earrings. They drove to the factory and they saw Tanya wearing them. They talked to her about those earrings. On Thursday morning, Tanya had a call from Fame Lab. The man told her that they didn’t choose her for the band but they want her to come to rehearsals and understudy the singer Bianca. After a while the phone rang again. She heard Dan’s excited voice. He was in the band! On Monday morning, at the first rehearsal, Sam announced the name of the band: Starlight. Then he told them his plans for the band. On Friday evening the band arrived by coach at their hotel in Edinburg for their first concert. The band ran onto the stage and played their first song. Tanya stood at the side of the stage, behind the curtain, and watched. Suddenly, someone grabbed Tanya’s arm. She screamed. Nobody heard because the music was very loud. He wanted the earrings. She couldn’t escape because he held the knife in front of her. Tanya and the man left the castle. He drove quickly to the hotel. Back at the castle, the band left the stage. Dan was looking for Tanya. The security guard told him that she left half an hour ago with a man. He called the police. At the hotel, Tanya gave him the earrings. They left the room and went downstairs in the lift. When the doors of the lift opened, they saw the whole reception area was full of policemen. Fortunately the police handcuffed the two men and took them to the police station. The next day Bianca and Tanya went to a café together and talked. Then Tanya revealed to her that Sam only chose her because of what her father did. That night Starlight was going to appear on a TV show but with a new singer. Tanya walked onto the stage and she sang their new song. When the TV show finished Bianca and her father sat and talked for a few minutes. She asked him about Lara Lane. Her father explained to her that Lara Lane was her mother! The next day in the newspaper, there was a big picture of Tanya. Above the picture was the Σχετική εικόναheadline, “A STAR IS BORN”.



A dream come true










The New Teacher

Dear Maria,

How are you? How’s your new school? What about your new classmates and teachers? There’s something strange about my new teacher… I got up, ate my breakfast and went to school. On the street I met my friend Dana, her house in near mine and we always walk to school together. We arrived at school and went into our classroom. A young man was inside. His name was Mr. Adams and he was our new science teacher. At that moment the noise of an airplane attracted our attention. Everyone in the class looked out of the window, but the sun was in front of us. It bothered our eyes. We turned away from the window. Except Mr. Adams. He was at the window and was looking directly at the sun. The sun didn’t irritate his eyes! The airplane then passed and the lesson continued. When the hour finished, another man walked in. He had black hair and green eyes. His nose was small and pointed, and he had strangely high cheekbones. The teacher didn’t smile and spoke coldly to the class. Everyone in class was evidently shocked. His name was Mr. Stone. When he spoke to us I noticed that his voice wasn’t just cold. It was metallic and monotonous! It was almost robotic!!! A few hours later we went for lunch. I ate with Dana and Paul Miller, another friend from my class. Then we noticed that Mr. Stone sat away from the other teachers and he didn’t have a normal lunch. There was a glass in front of him. It was full of a dense, green liquid. There were some black pills in his hand. He put two of them in the glass and drunk the mysterious red formula. We were disgusted and frightened. What do you think about it? I miss you very much. I hope that I’ll see you soon. Write back as soon as possible!

Σχετική εικόναLots of love,






Σχετική εικόνα 










Fun and Games /Things to Do!


·     I played “The Proposal” and “ Marmaid City”

·     I found out how big is the universe

·     I baked a birthday cake

·     I learned the words to all my favourite songs

·     I played “Grammarman”

·     I played “Ray and Cooper” and “Pierre Hotel”

·     I played “Creepo’s Tales” and “Smurfs Christmas”


I think that the links in the website are very interesting and helpful for us to practice our English.  Specifically I liked very much the games: “The Proposal” and “Pierre Hotel”. I had a lot of fun while I was playing them! I also liked the music site where you can learn the lyrics of all your favourite songs! It’s amazing!!!


Hampton House

Σχετική εικόναΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για hampton house jenny dooleyHelping Hand is a place where people can get any help they need. Every Saturday morning a big group of teenagers gathers there and waits for tasks. They do different work: help in the garden, go shopping, walk with dogs, babysitting and so on. William works there one day in a week too. Now this organization has a new volunteer, Kathy Watson. Today Kathy and William go to the old people’s house. They deliver a trolley of books there and offer these books to the old. Kathy meets Miss Emily, who tells her a story about Lord Hampton’s house. This house was famous by reach and well-known parties arranging there. Miss Emily worked there many years ago when she was young. Now the house is old and needs lots of repairs. One day Joan asked Kathy and William to take the van to the Old People’s Home. Kathy visited the rooms on the matron’s list. Then she realized that Miss Emily is gone away. William found an envelope for Kathy from Miss Emily. Kathy opened the envelope and took out the piece of paper inside.”VISIT HAMPTON” was all it said. After a month, in the regular Saturday morning meeting, Joan asked everyone to find a new meeting place, because the Council’s is going to pull that place down. They decided to get onto their bicycles and start looking. On Sunday morning Kathy walked to the shop to collect her bike. Unfortunately, the back brake was broken, but Kathy promised to ride slowly so she can go to the picnic with the others. As Kathy rode her bike down the hill a lorry was coming slowly from a side road moving into the main road. Kathy put on the front brake of her bike but it didn’t stop. Kathy woke up into a hospital. For the next Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για hampton house jenny dooleyΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για hampton house jenny dooleyfew days she stayed at home. Two days later, they decided all to go to Hampton House. Kathy pushed the door to get inside. She was in a large room. She saw a large table and four chairs. A candlestick stood in the middle of the table with a lit candle in it. Kathy approached it and, at that moment, she heard “the voice”. She sat down on a chair and a plate of food appeared in front of her. “The voice” invited her to come to the house another day and she accepted the invitation. Then she left the old house. Her friends were waiting outside. She told them what happened but she knew that they didn’t believe her. The next day Kathy decided to go back to Hampton House. She turned the doorknob and stepped inside. She was ready to leave when suddenly saw two armchairs on either side of the fireplace. There was a small table beside one of them with a small box on it. Inside, there was a small diamond heart on a chain. Kathy put the chain over her head. “The voice” spoke again. It was Lord Hampton who was telling his story to Kathy. When he was young he stole this diamond heart from a girl. He sold it and used the money to buy clothes. Then he went to work for a rich man. That man wanted him to have all his business and his house. He became very rich. One day, the girl whose diamond heart he had stolen years before came to his house. She worked for him very hard. She washed his clothes, carry water and so on. Then the girl came to him in a dream and said to Lord Hampton that he must suffer before he can find peace. He will know when the time has come, because a young girl will come to his house. If she eats at his table and he speaks to her honestly, then he will be free. In the morning he found the diamond heart on his pillow! After that, Kathy left the house. Meanwhile, William spoke with Joan about Kathy. Joan said to him that she really believe that something happened to her in that house and because Kathy was special to William, he believed that to. The next day, Kathy heard that Hampton house it’s being pulled down today. She started running to the house. Then she thought she heard “the voice” call “Goodbye, Kathy”, “Goodbye Lord Hampton “, she said. A few days later, Kathy met William and she forgave him about calling her a liar. Then they both helped to put their things into a van to get them to the new offices!!!



Ellie Koo Robbery Report

Eventually I had all information to proof who was the suspect. I went to the hospital where Mr. and Mrs. Reed were to tell them the result of my investigation. Nancy put the powerful sleeping pills to the tea that Miguel made to frame him just because she didn’t like him for her daughter. Eventually Nancy was guilty!!! 


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Night at the Repsom Museum

At Monday the Gilbetson necklace arrived at the Repsom museum. The necklace was extremely beautiful! That’s why a few weeks later somebody stole it. The guy put a newspaper over the camera. The police arrived at 11:20 a.m. and they searched the museum. It was obvious that everyone seemed shocked about the theft of the Gilbertson necklace, but who was the thief? The Chief Inspectors asked everyone who was working at the museum. After some days a boy called Paul found the Gilbertson necklace in the treasure chest of the pirate display, but he decided to put it back into the chest because the police was suspecting him. To make the real thief collect the stolen necklace that night he told everyone at the museum that he is going to move the pirate display. That night Paul stayed at the museum and he took off his clothes and he wore the uniform of the wax dummy! He made a good policeman! After two or three hours the thief arrived…The guy who stole the necklace was Derek Halliday one of the museum attendants. Immediately a person with a hook appeared holding a gun. The person was Mrs. Gilbertson! Everyone thinks she’s rich but she isn’t so she required from Derek, her old gardener to steal it. Derek was asking her for more and more money so she decided to kill him. Eventually both of them are in prison.  


The Canterville Ghost

Dear Louise,

How are you? I like living in England but I prefer America because it’s more modern!

The food is very delicious in England! I think it’s better than America. We eat fish and chips, the typical food in England. The weather is terrible. It rains a lot with thunder and lightning! The countryside is extremely beautiful! The people are very kind and polite and most of the people have got fair hair and white skin.

People in England think that the Canterville Chase –the house that my dad bought, is haunted. But I don’t believe in this foolish and ridiculous thing! We are Americans. I think that it’s just an imitation! When we arrived at the house a woman dressed in black with a white apron and cap was waiting for us. We followed her into the library where we saw a dark red stain on the floor by the fireplace. It was a bloodstain! How terrible! It’s the blood of Lady Eleonore de Canterville. Her husband, Sir Simon de Canterville murdered her on that exact spot! People say that his guilty spirit still haunts Canterville Chase. Washington cleaned that stain. What do you think about it? Is the house haunted?

I miss you very much. I hope that I’ll see you again. Please write back as soon as possible and tell me how’s your mother,

                                                 Lots of love ,


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 Dear Louise,

 A lot has happened since the last time that I wrote to you. Finally the house is haunted! In the morning, when we came downstairs the bloodstain was there again! Washington was very disappointed! He rubbed the foor with the stain remover but the next morning the stain was there again. He remove it for the third time and my father locked the library door at night. To our surprise, the next morning, the stain was there again. At eleven o’ clock, we all went to bed. Suddenly my dad woke up. It was one o’clock. There was a strange noise in the corridor. He lit a candle and and opened his bedroom door. In front of him, in the pale moonlight, there was a terrible old man. He had red burning eyes. His long grey hair was thick and dirty. His old fashioned clothes were ragged. Heavy chains were hanging from his wrists and ankles.It was the guilty spirit of Sir Simon de Canterville! My father gave him a bottle of oil to put it on his chains to stop them making a noise. The Ghost was very surprised and extremely angry. He ran down the corridor, shouting terribly. The twins threw their pillows at his head. On Sunday night, the Ghost of Sir Simon decided to appear again! He climbed inside the old suit of armour in the hall. The armour was heavier that he expected. When he tried to put it on, it fell over with a loud crash. The noise woke everybody up. The twins ran downstairs and they shot the Ghost with their peashooters. My father came downstairs in his pyjamas  and he pointed a gun at the Ghost. The Ghost screamed with anger. He changed into a mist and ran through us. He laughed ghostly and his terrible laugh echoed through the old house. My mum came calmly out of her bedroom holding a bottle of medicine. She thought that he had a bad stomach- ache and she gave him the medicine. The Ghost was even angrier. Immediately he diasppeared and went to his secret room. Poor Ghost. I think he must be very unhappy and disappointed. He cannot rest. I’ll write and tell you if he appears again.

                                                    Lots of love,



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I started planning my revenege when I had an extremely clever idea!I dressed myself in old- fashioned clothes and I wore a hat with a red feather and a white shroud round my body. I took an old knife with me also. I went to Washington’s bedroom first. I hate that boy  because he awlays removes my bloodstain. I was planning to stab myself three times in the neck. Then I was planning to go to his parents’ bedroom.”I will put my hand on their faces and I’ll whisper the secrets of the death in their ears”,I said. After that, I was planning to go to the twins because they shot me with their peashooters! “I’ll be a skeleton “,I said.It was the perfect night. The rain fell heavily. The wind blew round the old house. I crept along the corridor. I approached Washington’s bedroom. I front of me was a horrible ghost. It had a round, fat, white face. Fire came from its eyes and mouth. It was covered in a long white shroud. There was a notice hanging from its neck and it raised a sword in its hand. I had never seen another ghost before! I was terrified! I was shivering with fear. “Perhaps it’s a friend. We could work together to frighten the Americans”, I thought. At last I understood. The twins had made the figure of a ghost. They had tricked me. I was too tired and afraid to take revenge. Instead, I went back to my room and climbed inside an old empty coffin. There I felt safe from the terrible American family. The twins continued to hurt me. I was extremely angry. I recovered my courage. “I’ll appear as the Headless lord”,I said . I thought that I’ll frighten them all. I crept towards the twins’ bedroom. A large, heavy jug of water was on top of the door. I was wet from head to toe. The twins laughed and laughed. Because of the water, I had a terrible cold and sneezed all day. One night, I was downstairs. I ran up the stairs. Washington had a large garden syringe in his hands! These Americans are dangerous. I’ll never leave my room again!!!



Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για canterville ghost 

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Dear louise,

A lot has happened since the last time that I wrote to you. The ghost appeared again! The rain fell heavily. The wind blew round the old house. We were going to bed. A terrible ghostly laugh echoed through the house. In front of us was the guilty spirit of Sir Simon de Canterville! The ghost disappeared again before my mum and dad came downstairs. My dad blames me for all that and now he wants to send me home because of that rude, vulgar, dishonest and horrible ghost. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? The next morning I rode my pony in the country lanes. There I saw Cecil, a handsome, sensitive and kind boy. We sat on a bench to talk. Cecil gave me an extremely clever idea. If my parents don’t believe in ghosts, they will never see them because they don’t believe. “Somehow, I have to make them believe in ghosts”, I thought. I don’t want to go home now because I met someone that I really like and I think that I ‘m in love with him. Then I went back home to talk to Sir Simon. We started to think how we could make my parents believe in ghosts. After a while I went for a walk with Cecil! There we had our first kiss! We had a wonderfull time together. I really love him. When I returned home Sir Simon and me performed our little play. Everyone was watching. But my dad still doesn’t believe in ghosts. I don’t know what to do. I’m very disappointed. Please write back as soon  as poissible and tell me your news,    

                                                         Lots of love,



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I was still in my secret room, feeling very weak and ill. I heard that Cecil, the young Duke of Cheshire, come to stay at Canterville Chase.”I frightened his grandfather, the old Duke of Cheshire, a hundred years ago. This is my chance. I’ll go out again, dressed as a vampire. I’ll make him die with fear”, I thought.I got ready to haunt the house again. Then I remembered the terrible twins. “No”, I decided.” I’m too ill. I’ll stay in my room for ever”, I thought. The next day, Virginia and Cecil went riding together. Then a branch tore Virginia’s jacket. She returned alone to the house. She went up the back stairs. She didn’t want anyone to see her torn jacket. The door of my room was open. She creeped quietly inside the room. She saw me sitting by the window. I was sadly looking at the red and golden autumn leaves. Virginia decided to speak to me. She told me that her twin brothers are going away to Eton tomorrow. After that, if I’m good, nobody will upset me. I looked at the sweet pretty girl. I told her that I’m a ghost. I must make noise with my chains. I must frighten people. I must walk about at night. It’s my job. How can I be good? ”I know you have been very bad”, she said to me. “Mrs. Umney said that you murdered your wife. It’s wrong to kill anyone”. I became extremely angry. “My wife was ugly. She cooked badly. She didn’t look after my clothes. And after she died, her brothers took revenge. They shut me in a room without any food until I died. I starved”, I answered. Virginia seemed very sad about it. She asked me if I would like a sandwich. Unfortunately ghosts don’t eat anything. But it was very kind of her. “You are much nicer than the rest of your horrible, rude, vulgar, dishonest family”, I said to her. “Stop”, she cried. “You are rude and dishonest. You stole my paints and used them to replace the bloodstain. I love painting but you took all my colours”, she said to me.” I’m sorry. It’s very difficult to get real blood these days. Your horrible brother removed the stain every day. It was necessary to use your paints”, I said. Virginia was angry too. She said that I must come to America. Her father will get me a free ticket. I’ll be a great success in New York. The people will pay a hundred thousand dollars for a ticket to see me. “Goodbye”, said Virginia angrily. I looked sorry. “Please don’t go, Miss Virginia”, I cried.”I’m so lonely and unhappy. I don’t know what to do. I want to sleep but I can’t”. “That’s ridiculous. Just got to bed, blow your candle and close your eyes. It’s not at all difficult to fall asleep”, she said.” I haven’t slept for three hundred years. I’m so tired”, I said sadly.    


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My eyes opened in wonder. My lips trembled with emotion. I knelt at his side and looked up into his tired old face.”Poor, poor ghost, haven’t you got a place where you can sleep?”, I whispered.” Far away, on the other side of woods”, he answered in a low dreamy voice, “there’s a little garden. The grass is long and deep. The flowers are great white stars . The nightingale sings all night long while the cold moon looks down. The old tree spreads its branches over the sleepers”. I began to cry. He was talking about the Garden of Death. He told me that he wanted to lie in the soft brown earth with the grass above his head. He wanted to listen to silence. “There’s no yesterday and no tomorrow. I can forget time, I can forgive life, I can be at peace”, he said looking into my eyes.” You can help me. You have love. Love is stronger than Death!”, he said with tears in his eyes. I was shivering with fear. I suddenly felt extremely cold. For a few minutes there was silence. It seemed like a terrible dream! Then the Ghost spoke again.”You must cry for me because I cannot cry. You must pray for me beacause I have no words. If you have always been sweet and good and kind, the Angel of Death will forgive me. You will see terrible things…Devils will haunt you. Bad voices will whisper in your ears. But nobody can hurt you because you have always been so good and kind”, he said. Sir Simon was very sad and tired. I was silent for a few minutes. Then I stood up and said to Sir Simon that I decided to help him. “I’m not afraid”, I said. His eyes were happy. He took my hand and kissed it. I folowed him across the dark room. The Ghost held my hand tightly and I closed my eyes. Horrible animals looked at me from the darkness. At the end of the room we stopped and said some strange words. The wall opened. In front of me, it was completely black. A cold wind blew. Invisible hands pulled at me dress. The wall closed behind us. The room was empty. My dad said to me that they were looking for me everywhere. They sent telegrams to the police, asking them to look for a young girl. At midnight, everyone was still awake. There was a great crash of thunder and strange music floated through the air. Suddenly the wall opened. I came down the stairs carrying a small box. My face was white. I explained to my family that I have been with the Ghost. “He’s dead. You must come and see him. He had been very bad but he was really sorry. He gave me this box of jewels before he died”, I explained. My family stared at me in surprise. I took them through the opening in the wall and down a secret corridor. We came to a great door. I opened the door and we saw a small low room like a prison cell. A skeleton was clained to an iron ring in the wall. Then, we looked out of the window. The old black tree has got flowers on it. We could see the blossom in the moonlight. God has forgiven him! Four days later, servants buried the coffin with the bones of Sir Simon de Canterville in the old churchyard. As they put the coffin in the ground, I put a cross of blossom from the tree on it. After that, I remembered the Ghost’s story of the Garden of Death. I cried silently. Some time later, I married Cecil. At my wedding, I was wearing the Canterville jewels! 


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