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Who killed Jaqueline?

In my opinion Sara was the one to kill Jaqueline. First, she had a motive to do it. Her motive was that she got in trouble because she stole Jaqueline’s credit card. Also, she borrowed money from Jaqueline and maybe she wanted to get it back.

She has an alibi. That a friend confirmed that she was with her in a pub. But I don’t think this alibi is as strong as the evidence found in her belongings like Jaqueline’s wallet and the glove found in Jaqueline’s room. Sara is in a relationship with Jeff, the security guard so she could easily say to him that she wanted to talk to Jaqueline and open her the door to her apartment.

The how is an easy question to answer. Sara went at Jaqueline’s apartment angry wanting to kill her. She told Jeff that she wanted to talk to Jaqueline but in fact she wanted to kill her. She went in her apartment she found her hurt from the fight with Emilia. Jaqueline fought with her fingernails and fists but was tired and hurt so Sara managed to kill her.

After that they found Sara’s and Emilia’s DNA under Jaqueline’s fingernails. They arrested them. And Sara confessed.



The Wave

 Dear Andreas,

This is the last time I am writing you about the Wave because Mr. Ross managed to end it.

The next day I went to school with David. It was time for our history class. Mr. Ross came in. he said that he had a very important announcement. He said that there was going to be a rally for only wave members. I stood up with David trying to say that he was manipulating them. Mr. Ross immediately sent us to Principal Owens. While we waited to see the principal, I felt that I was betrayed by Mr. Ross. After we saw him, I felt very angry and uncertain.

While me and David walked home, we talked about the Wave. In my opinion the Wave doesn’t make everyone equal, but it robs you from your right to be independent.

The afternoon came and it was time to go to the rally. We had to run to be on time. When we arrived, every door was locked. We tried our hardest to find a door open. In the end we managed to find an opened door. We walked in and we saw Mr. Ross opening to television sets to reveal the leader of the Wave. To our surprise we saw Adolf Hitler on the screens. I felt so happy. Mr. Ross said that this was going to be their leader if they continued the movement. Everyone was so sad and angry. They left immediately.

In the end we were so happy that Mr. Ross was able to end the wave. I would be even happier if you tell me your opinion about the Wave.

Lots of love,


Dear Andreas,

This letter is going to be a follow-up to my last letter because a lot of weird stuff happened again.

The next day I woke up and I went to the publication office and I saw an envelope on the floor. I did not expect to read what I am about to say to you. The letter was sent by a junior that had been threatened by some members of the wave that if he did not join, he was going to be left alone without friends. The most distressing thing about that letter was that the junior did not put his name on it. The only thing I can think is that he fears those wave members.

The next day the wave rally was going to happen in the gym, but I was not sure if I wanted to go. I stood near my locker. I heard some noises coming from outside. I went near the window to check and there were some people fighting. One of the fighters was Brian. They threw punches at each other. After that, a teacher came and separated the two fighters. She told Brian to go the principal’s office. As he was going, he shouted the Wave mottoes. In my mind I thought that the wave had gone too far.

I heard a voice beside me. I got scared for a second, but it was David. We talked for a while. In the end he asked me if I was going to the rally. I told him that I was not going because the wave members were individuals, and they did not need my help. We continued arguing and, in the end, we sadly broke up.

I went home upset. I immediately went and laid down on my bed. Weirdly my dad came up to my bedroom and told me that a boy at my school got beaten up. The only thing that came to my mind was the wave. I was excited to go the next day to school and tell Amy about this thing.

I hosted an emergency Grapevine meeting in my living room. Only a few people showed up. When I asked why someone told me that they do not want to incur the wrath of the wave. I told them that I would add the story of the junior that was beaten up. I also described the Wave as a dangerous mindless movement.

There was one thing that I wanted to do before the paper was out. I had to tell Amy about it. I thought that Amy was going to be on my side, but I was wrong. She did not want me to post it.

When the Grapevine went out it sold so fast. The same night we stayed until late to celebrate our victory. Once everyone left, I was going to my locker to get my things and leave as well but I heard some footsteps approaching me and I started running to the door, it was locked. I ran to another door and it luckily opened. I kept running and running towards the tennis courts where there was light, and I felt safe. But once I got there, I heard David shouting to me, but I did not care, and I kept running. He told me that he had something important to say to me, so I stopped and listened. He started talking but I was not interested, and I tried to get away, but he grabbed my arms, and he threw me down to the grass. Then he realized that the wave made him do it and we agreed that it has gone too far. We decided to go to Mr. Ross office and talk to him about what happened. We sat and talked to him. He told us that he was going to deal with it the next day.

Lots of love,



Dear Andreas,

Even more stranger things happened these past couple of days and I wanted to write to you about them.

The next day I went to school. The same as these past days. Silence in the class and everyone sitting on their chairs. Mr. Ross came in and he wrote another word on the board, action. He told us that the motto now would be “STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPINE”, STRENGH THROUGH COMMUNITY” AND “STRENGTH THROUGH ACTION”. I feel like everyday something stranger is happening when we have a history class. Any way he continued and said that we could not achieve anything without action.

Mr. Ross continued by giving us some cards. Some of them had a red X on the back. Everyone who had those cards would be responsible for reporting to Mr. Ross if someone were not obeying the rules of the wave. The next few minutes went past quickly, until a student stood up and said how much he loved the wave. The whole class agreed with him. Then everyone stood up and stated shouting the motto of the wave. I was not feeling it so was still sitting on my chair, but I felt embarrassed, so I shouted with them.

At lunchtime I decided to speak about the wave. I said how I do not agree with it, but no one seemed to agree with me. Even Robert had the courage to speak against me. In my head I thought that this was not going to go too well.

The next day we had a big problem as usual with “The Gordon Grapevine”. We did not have enough stories to put in it. I tried so hard not to put the wave in, but Alex kept saying that I was saving the best only for me. In the end I decided to explain what it is.

After school I went home to find something crazier. My mother got a call from Robert’s mother saying how good the wave was and now my mother that was against the Wave at the start was now supporting it. They even arranged some events for the Wave members.

Now I don’t know what to think about the Wave. I will appreciate it if you write back helping me with this.

Lots of love,




Dear Andreas,

I am sending you another letter because I wanted to tell you a little bit more about the things that I talked to you last time.

The next day I went to school and something felt different. Everyone was sitting on their chairs and there was silence across the whole room. For the first time we weren’t late, but Mr. Ross was. When he got into the classroom, he looked very surprised. He dropped his notes on his desk and he added one more word to the motto. That word was community. The motto now was “STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE”, “STRENGH THROUGH COMMUNITY”. After that he drew a wave on the board. It was a wave. He told us that this was going to be our symbol and the name of our movement, The wave. He also showed us our salute. After that he told us to stand up and shout the motto.

After school I went home, and I decided to tell my parents about the wave. My dad seemed to like it, but my mum didn’t. she told me that Mr. Ross was trying to manipulate us but my dad and I disagreed. We told her that this helped us to learn how to co-operate.

I hope you liked it. I also hope you decide to write to me back about something. I miss you


Lots of love,




Dear Andreas,

I decided to write to you today about some things that I experienced in my school the past couple of days.

In my school we have a teacher named Ben Ross for our history lesson. One day he decided to show us a film about the Nazis. The whole class was shocked, but this film hit my emotions and created a lot of questions. When the film finished, I went outside with my boyfriend. He seemed like he didn’t care so I decided to ask him why and he told me that it was all history and that I had to forget about it. That calmed me down.

The next day something even stranger happened. The same teacher talked to us about discipline. He told us how we should properly sit on the chair. Also, we did some “exercises” to see how quick we could sit on the chair in the perfect posture. It looked like the whole class was attached to this and enjoyed it because when somebody tried to say a joke nobody laughed. He also taught us how to answer to a question properly. Then he asked us some questions and we were supposed to answer it the correct way.

Hope you liked that I wrote to you and you decide to write me back and talk to me about how your life is going.   



Love Story

Alice was a teenage girl. One day she went out for dinner in a restaurant in the middle of her city Nicosia. While they were eating she saw a guy at about her age helping homeless people on the streets. She remembered that they were classmates in elementary school. She had a crush on him. His name was Andrew. Once she got home she decided to send him a friend request on instagram and start talking to him.

He accepted her friend request and they started talking. Alice didn’t know that Andrew also knew who she was and also liked her. They talked for a long time. Andrew wanted to make sure she was who she was saying she was so he asked for a picture. She refused and said that it didn’t matter what she looked like.

They decided to arrange a meeting at the Nicosia Mall Starbucks. She told him that she would be holding a red bag. But that wouldn’t be her it was going to be her friend. That was just a test she was going to sitting on a table near them. If Andrew asked her friend out to dinner she knew that he truly loved her.

The day came and Alice and her friend set up the test and waited for Andrew to arrive. Once he arrived he immediately recognized the bag and walked towards her. They talked and finally he asked her out to dinner. At that moment Alice stood up and gave Andrew a hug knowing that he truly loved her. Andrew was confused but Alice explained him everything

Over the years they built a nice relationship and a really nice family. At last because of that test they knew that they could trust each other. AT last they lived a happy life.



Prison Escape

My name is Michael and I had deliberately got into prison to save my brother John, an innocent man. He was being held on death row for a crime that he didn’t commit. In two weeks he was going to be executed by electric chair but I had a plan to get us both out of there.

The time passed quickly and it was getting closer to John’s execution but I had made all the preparations we needed. I decided that in the early evening when everyone was having dinner I would carry out my plan. I had dug a hole behind my cell to get into the pipe system. From there I knew where to go because I had the layout of the prison tattooed on my body. I went directly under John’s cell. Then I dug a hole with a silent machine that I had smuggled into the prison. Next we were followed the pipes and got under the infirmary. Then we climbed a telephone cable and over the wall and we were free at last.

We ran into the woods and tried to get as far away as possible. After a couple of hours we were exhausted and looked around for somewhere to rest. Luckily we saw an abandoned house in the distance. We ran as quickly as we could towards it and decided to stay there for a couple of nights until the danger of discovery had passed.

When we broke into the house we had a strange feeling. It felt cold. We could smell something. We thought it just was the smell of an old house. But it wasn’t. It was as if something terrible had happened there and left the memory in the form of a smell

We searched the house and found nothing unusual apart from a locked door leading to the basement. We found some food in the kitchen and sat down to eat and plan our next moves. Then decided to get a good night’s sleep so we would be fresh for the next day. However, I found it really hard to sleep and kept thinking about that locked door. But I was also really tired so eventually I fell asleep.

Then suddenly in the middle of the night I woke up. I could hear a strange wailing noise. I woke up John and told him. He said it was just the sound of the wind and the house creaking and told me to go back to sleep. After that I heard the same noise again. This time I went downstairs alone to check. I turned around a corner and I thought I saw a shadow. I went near it but there was no one there. Then I went back upstairs scared and fell to sleep again. I woke up in the morning and I told John what happened.

We decided to search the whole house and we found that the locked door leading to the basement was open. We went down and we saw a lot of bodies lying dead on the floor. We immediately ran back up stairs. John saw a shadow from the corner of his eye. It was a person holding a knife and he started walking towards us.

We ran towards the road shouting for help. We kept running and running until we could see the road where there were a lot of police men. We kept shouting at them to catch us and take us back to prison and that we would never try to escape again.

When we got back to prison we found out that the house was haunted and that a serial killer lived there. In the end John was exonerated for the crime that he didn’t commit. I served my time in prison and when I got out we reunited and lived a happy life.



Snow White

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful and white girl named Blanche. She lived with her mother in a small but good-looking apartment in the middle of Nicosia. Her father was killed by her evil stepmother Charlotte. Charlotte killed him because he was rich and she wanted to take his money. After she had killed him she threw his dead body into a lake in Mitsero.

Charlotte had a voice assistant app on her phone named Alexa. Every day she asked it who the most beautiful woman in the country was. It always answered the same thing, that Charlotte was the most beautiful.

One day, when Charlotte asked her usual question Alexa replied, that Blanche was the most beautiful woman. From that point on she wanted to kill Blanche.

She hired an assassin, named Anonymous and told him what he was supposed to do. The very next day Anonymous went to Blanche’s when her mom was still at work. The assassin crept behind her, took his knife from his pocket and was ready to kill Blanche but when she turned around he saw her beautiful, innocent face and felt really sorry for her. He told her to run and go far away from here because very soon her stepmother was going to find out that she is alive and try to hunt her down.

Blanche decided to listen to him and started running far away from her home as she could.  Even though she felt exhausted she kept running and running as quick as she could to the east side of the city. It grew dark and cold but luckily she found a beautiful old house. But the front door was locked. Then she tried the back door and fortunately it was open! As there was nobody there so she decided to sleep in the bedroom upstairs and if necessary explain what had happened in the morning.

The next morning she woke up to find 7 enormous people looking down at her. She realised that they must be 7 basketball players because they were wearing their team’s tracksuits jersey. They asked her what she was doing in their house. Blanche told them the story and begged them to let her stay. She also proposed that she would do all the house works and cooking for them and they all agreed to let her stay.

The next Saturday the team had a game in the middle of the city. They invited Blanche to bring them luck. Once they arrived Blanche went to sit at the stands. The game was going well and she was really enjoying it.

But unknown to her Charlotte was watching the same basketball game on TV. When she saw Blanche sitting in the stands she started searching the internet for her address. After the game 7 players introduced Blanche to the fans as their good luck charm. Later they posted a post of her in Facebook and that was how Charlotte managed to find her!

The next week she planned to go to her house while the basketball players were away for training and deliver a pizza. But not any pizza. It would contain poisonous mushrooms. The following Monday Charlotte, disguised as a delivery woman, went to the house and knocked on the front door. When Blanche opened it Charlotte told her that she had won a free pizza and asked her to taste it so she was sure that it was good. But as soon as she took a bite she fell to the floor unconscious. Charlotte ran to her fake delivery motorbike and left Blanche helpless.

After an hour or two the players came to the house only to find Blanche unconscious in the front door. They immediately called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Then they asked the neighbours if they saw anything but no one has seen anything. They went back to the crime scene and they luckily found a ring that belonged to Charlotte and so started tracking her down.

After a few days the hospital phoned the players and told them that they couldn’t save Blanche. They went and took her ‘dead body’ and organised a funeral which was going to take place in their house the next Sunday.

The following Friday, a guy named John called them from Pafos claiming to be both a prince and a doctor. He had heard the news in the internet and wanted to visit them and see if he could do anything. The players accepted as he was there last hope to save Blanche.

When he arrived he checked Blanche and realized that she wasn’t dead but was just in a coma. He gave her an injection which was still a prototype, but it was their only chance. They all stared at her and all of a sudden she opened her eyes and woke up.  The first thing she saw was John Prince and it was love at first sight. Blanche and John got married and they lived happily ever after.   



Samorost 2

Samorost got into a jar and went to the boss’s room. The boss was sitting on a chair and when he saw him he immediately ate him. He didn’t like him so he spit him out on the ground. The boss pressed a button on his chair and something came down and grabbed Samorost and put him into the ceiling. Samorost was watching everything and found out that if someone could put the sausage on the stand behind the boss the wheel was going to rotate in the other direction and the fan above the boss was going to blow in the opposite direction so the hat of the boss was going to go towards the fan. The boss was going to lift his hand off the button and someone could press it and Samorost would be released. Some time passed and suddenly Samorost was on the ground. He saw that the big boss was fat and lazy so he pushed his chair in front and pressed the button. Now the big boss was on the ceiling. Samorost then grabbed his dog and left the alien planet. On the way back to their planet their spaceship ran out of fuel. Just before the spaceship crashed they dropped off and opened their parachutes. Samorost’s parachute got stuck on a high pole and Samorost was hanging in the air helpless…

Samorost was hanging from a pole. His dog helped him get down by pushing the pole in front. Samorost was swinging helping his dog to get him down. They tried for a long time but eventually they managed it. Nearby there was a cockroach laying down with his baby. A butterfly came on a tree and made a branch for the baby cockroach to climb and fall on his father to wake him up. After that, the dad cockroach woke up and Samorost continued his journey to home riding the dad cockroach…

Samorost and his dog on the way home they came across man that wanted to smoke a cigarette. Samorost saw two bells above the man. He got the bells and put them on a branch of a tree for a bird to come and get it. When the bird when to get the bell Samorost quickly got the cigarette from the bird’s nest. He gave it to the man, but he wanted to get a lighter for his cigarette. Samorost’s dog when in the nest of badger. He drank a lot of water and he pied in a tree. The tree grew bigger and he saw a bone on a tunnel above him. He quickly went and grabbed the bone and gave it to the badger. Then the badger let him to grab the lighter for the cigarette. Then the dog gave it to the man, and they continued their journey home.

After that they came across a taxi driver who was sleeping. Samorost made a weird drink for the driver to drink and wake up, but the driver didn’t drink it and spited it out. Samorost noticed a balloon on top of a pumping device. He took the balloon and when on top of a mountain near the lighthouse. On the mountain he saw another pumping device and put the balloon on it. He got a long, thin cane and tickled the seal’s nose. The seal sneezed and dropped a fork on a barrel filled with seal food. He then grabbed the food using the fork and threw it into a basin for the seals to eat. After they ate, they farted a strange gas that Samorost sucked with the pumping device into the balloon. He repeated it three times and the balloon filled up. he grabbed it and went back to the lighthouse. When he arrived, he immediately put it on top of the pumping device. The pumping device sucked the hot air of the balloon. Samorost climbed on top of the floating taxi and stamped his feet and made the taxi lower a bit to the level of the pump. He pumped the hot air into the taxi. Then he woke the taxi driver by pulling the cord that rang the bell. Finally, the taxi driver woke up and drove them back to their home.


The End



In 15th March 2019 there was a murder in a high security office. The victim name was George Usher. The murder was really strange because there was no clear way for the murderer to get into the office. Also the liver of the body had been removed without any tools. In the room there was a spilled cup of coffee and the desk was a mess. The next day we went back to the crime scene to investigate the room a bit more. Mulder, my assistant, found a long, thin fingerprint on the air vent. The same night I went back to my apartment and I was working on the computer.  I was reading Mulder’s x files and trying to find the murderers profile. I believe that he is a male, twenty five to thirty years old and his intelligence is above average. Three days later I went back to the building of the murder but Mulder was already there.

 While we were at the crime scene. I saw Mulder trying to investigate the air vent. Suddenly I heard Mulder calling for backup because he has seen a man in the air pipe. We caught the man, Eugene Tooms, and we asked him some questions in a lie detector test. In the end we found out that had lied in two questions. At the 12th question which was if he was over 100 years old and on the 14th question which was if he had been to Powhatan Mill in 1933. Then we had to let him go.

Sometime later Mulder called me to come to his office. When I went in he was at the computer looking at Tooms fingerprint. Then he pressed some buttons and stretched Tooms fingerprint. It matched the ones found at other murder scenes. He believed that Tooms had killed Usher. A few days later another murder happened in a house. Thomas Werner was the victim. We investigated the crime scene and we didn’t find a point of entry where the killer went in the room. Also the liver had been taken out of the dead body without any tools. Mulder saw a smudge of ash above the hearth. He examined the fingerprint which had a familiar long narrow shape. Then Mulder turned to me and said that it was Tooms that had killed Werner.

I went into Mulder’s office and I saw him in front of the microfiche machine. He was searching for more information about the 1933 murders. He found out that Tooms lived in Exeter Street. We also found out that Frank Briggs was the man who investigated the murders in 1933 so we decided to visit him. When we arrived we saw him sitting in a wheelchair. He told us that he had left the police on 1968. We asked him to tell us about the 1933 murders. He told us that there was nothing else like them. After that he told me to go and get a box from a trunk. He opened the box and told us about what the murderer took from every murder. He took the liver of the dead body and a trophy, personal item from each person.

 After a long conversation with Frank Briggs we went to visit Tooms house. In there we found nothing except for a mattress. Behind the mattress there was a hole that could fit a man. We went inside it and we saw a ladder. Down the ladder there was another room with a wall plasterboard. We went closer to the wall and we found out that it was a nest. In the corner of that room we saw the trophies that the murderer took from his victims. Mulder said that his theory was that Tooms hibernates at the nest, he wakes up every 30 years and he eats five livers needed to survive. Then I felt something grabbing my necklace. After that we left the house. 

After we left the house of Tooms I went back to my home. When I arrived I felt as if something bad was going to happen that night. I went to take a hot bath but then I heard a noise coming from the roof. I went to my bedroom to grab my gun. Then I dashed back to the bathroom and I could see bile coming from the ceiling. At that point I knew that it was Tooms. I quickly left the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Then suddenly something grabbed my leg from the air vent. I tried to get away but Tooms had the power of ten men. Finally I got away and went back into the bathroom but Tooms followed me and hit me hard. I fell to the ground but I didn’t surrender. Then I heard a noise coming from the front door towards the bathroom. It was Mulder with a gun. He pointed the gun at Tooms and he set me free. Tooms tried to fight back but this time there were two of us so we quickly knocked him to the ground and handcuffed him. This time he couldn’t escape.

We took Tooms to a psychiatric hospital. 2 hours later we went to visit him, we saw him building a nest



Mary Jones Dead

Day 1 of the trial

Mary was 19 years old and she went to a disco in Ayia Napa. At the disco she met for the first time Simon Clark and Dan Smith. Simon and Dan drove to the disco with a stolen car and they were at the disco for about one hour. Simon decided to dance with Mary first but while they were dancing, Jim, Mary’s boyfriend saw them and hit Simon because he was jealous. After that Simon and Dan left the disco. Mary and her boyfriend had a talk and around midnight Mary started walking home alone. While she was walking home alone she was killed with a spanner that hit her 4 times on the head the next day her body was found at Nisi Beach by her boyfriend Jim Wilson. The tire marks of the stolen car that Simon and Dan went to the disco last night were found near Mary’s body. There was a cut on Simon’s face

Day 2 of the trial

At the scene Jim was found with Mary’s blood all over him and he was crying in PC Norton’s car. Mary had blood on her hands and fingernails. After that they tried to find out if the tyres were from Simon’s and Dan’s car. The tyres were the same but there were other car models with the same tyres. Then they found out that Symes car was stolen and it was a Ford fiesta. Simon and Dan said that the stole the car at about 8 and went to the disco until midnight. 

Day 3 of the trial

Carter interviewed Jim who said that he arrived at the disco with Mary at about 10:30. He also said that he was showing his friends his new car when he saw Mary dancing with Simon. He said that Simon hit him first and then he argued with Mary. After that he said that he followed Mary on foot and after 30 minutes he found Mary died. Then after 15 minutes he called the police. Dan and Simon left the disco 15 minutes after Mary (12:15).


Day 4 of the trial

The jury said that Dan and Simon because they didn’t have enough evidence to say for sure that they are guilty. They also said that they weren’t guilty because there some evidence that Jim Wilson was guilty like that he had blood all over him. 


My opinion of what happened to the murder


I personally think that Jim killed Mary and Simon and Dan are innocent. I believe that because when the police arrived at the scene of the crime Jim had blood all over his clothes. Jim also called the police 15 minutes after the crime so that makes me believe that he killed her, went back to the disco to get his car and then went back to the scene of the crime. Jim lied about the fight with Simon at the disco and said that Simon hit him first when Simon didn’t hit him at all. All of these things make me believe that Jim is guilty and Simon and Dan are innocent.

The wizard of OZ


Once upon a time there was a family living in Kansas in America in a small wooden house. The house was in the middle of nowhere. In the farm was living Dorothy, Uncle Henry, Aunt Emily and Dorothy’s dog called Toto. The town was flat and there were no mountains no lakes only flat. One day a tornado came in the town and take



Once upon a time there was a family living in Kansas in America in a small wooden house. The house was in the middle of nowhere. In the farm was living Dorothy, Uncle Henry, Aunt Emily and Dorothy’s dog called Toto. The town was flat and there were no mountains no lakes only flat. One day a tornado came in the town and take the small wooden house to the air. All the family went to the shelter accept Toto and Dorothy. They went to Dorothy’s bedroom and lay on the bed…

the small wooden house to the air. All the family went to the shelter accept Toto and Dorothy. They went to Dorothy’s bedroom and lay on the bed…



Me and Dorothy started to follow the yellow brick road. after 20 minutes of walking we found a scarecrow on a pole. The scarecrow was shouting for help. I thought that the scarecrow was bad. Dorothy went to rescue the scarecrow. Then the scarecrow said us that it doesn’t have a brain and it would like to come with us t the Wizard of Oz. Me Dorothy and the scarecrow started walking again. We found some apples trees to eat apples but the apple trees didn’t want to eat there apples. We continued walking and we found a Tinman. The Tinman was trying to speak but he can’t. We put oil in his mouth, on his arms and on his legs. He spoke to us and said that he doesn’t have a heart and he would like to come with us in the emerald city. We started to walk again but this time we were with the Tinman. We walked and walked…            


I was sleeping in my beautiful forest when I heard something coming towards my forest. I woke up and I saw some people coming. It was a girl, a scarecrow, a tinman and a dog. They came in and I scared them. The dog was howling and he was so scared and that he ran into the girl’s hug. The girl punched me at the nose. I was scared. The girl told me to stay away of them. She said me that they were going to the wizard of OZ. I said them that I don’t have courage and I would like to meet the wizard of OZ with them. We started our way to the Emerald City but it was a ditch in front of us. I carried one by one across the ditch. We continued our way to the Emerald City again…



We continued following the yellow brick road. We saw a big field in front of us. We almost past the field but the wicked witch did a magic trick and the flowers can sleep us. Dorothy and I slept and when we wake up we saw the Emerald City in front of us. We ran towards the Emerald City but the door was locked and there was a guard behind the doors. We rang the bell and the head of the guard came out and said us that we can go in. We went in there were everywhere green emeralds. We asked one of the guards where is the wizard of OZ and he answers that no one knows where he is. We went to another door and the guard there knows where the wizard was but he didn’t want to bring us there. When he heard our story he said as he was crying that we was going to bring us to the wizard of OZ.    


We went to the castle of the wicked witch of the West. She sent a ton of flying monkeys to find us and bring her us. The monkeys caught us but they took only Toto and Dorothy. After a long time of waiting we saw Toto coming towards us. He said that Dorothy is in the witches castle. We followed Toto and he  brought us to Dorothy. We wore costumes of the soldiers and we went inside. Dorothy was on the last floor. Toto showed us the way there. We went there and freed Dorothy but when we tried to go out of the castle all the soldiers followed us and stopped us. Dorothy got a bucket of water and threw it to the witch. The witch died and all the soldiers saluted Dorothy and they promised to do anything she wanted. She said to take all of us to the Wizard of OZ. 



We entered the room of the wizard of OZ. Dorothy went first in. She came back like before. Then the scarecrow went in.  He came back without his brain and he told us that he saw a beautiful lady. Dorothy said that she saw a big head. The scarecrow continued and said that the beautiful lady want of us to kill the wicked witch of the west. Dorothy agreed. Tinman went in next and he saw a rhinoceros. He came out like the others. He said the same things. It was my turn to go in. I saw a fire ball and the fire ball shouted that we have to kill the wicked witch of the west. We all started to go to find the witch…