Phantasy Quest 2

Gap-fill exercise

See how much you can remember!
First of all try to play the game without these hints.
Next play again and use these hints and fill in the missing words as you play.
Finally use the hints to write your story.
Make sure you use the past tense and add as much detail and description as possible.

Start like this:
I was sailing with my best friend when we hit a rock and our boat sank. Luckily we managed to swim to the shore. But then suddenly two Amazons appeared. One of them grabbed my friend and took him away. The other hit me and I fell down. Now I have to find a way to rescue my friend.
I saw a beautiful shell near me on the ground and I picked it up. Then I saw a house, so I decided to walk to it to see if I could get help.

Click on everything you can. Take everything you can. Talk to everyone you can. The first time you meet them they may only have few things to say. Do some things and the next time you talk they will have much more to say.

Pick up near you on the ground Go right and into the house Talk to the old Leave Go right Go left Go left Talk to guy Click barrel to get Go into the Music Shop Talk to guy Give him the and he will give you a Leave Go left Go into the inn Talk to the girl Leave Go into the Shack Talk to the guy Leave Go left Take the from the scarecrow Go back to the house near the sea where the boy is Give to the boy, he will give you a small fish called a Leave Go right Pick up the urchin near the pool of water with the Go back to the house Go up the steps Give the to the on the bush Go to the right Go to the right Click the rock Go to the right Use to hit the Talk to the man, but he won't let you in yet Go to the inn and talk to the girl about the strange language You can go upstairs now Go into the room and talk to the old Go back downstairs Go to the fireplace Use the mallet on the Take and Leave Take the road toward the Use on the moss (green grass) Go past the scarecrow to where you can see the Click the Talk to the blind guy about it Talk about the man in the swamp Go back to the Ring the and mention the guy's name He will let you in Talk to him Give him the and he will give you Leave Give the to the man at the Shack and talk to him about the Go to the dock Click on the crab guy Click YES On the other island go to the left Use on "Mother Minerva" grave and the one next to it Get Get on the tree Go north Go into the hole and talk to the person Go back and get in the back to the other Use key on the upstairs in the inn Take the Leave the inn Use the on the well Go down the Get the glass Go back to other Give the wise woman the Answer is the choice Put the in the cauldron Go back to the first and give the guy the Take his Follow him Go back to the lighthouse Go upstairs Use the on the machine Take the Go back to the secret entrance Give the ghost the Go into the opening Go upstairs Use the on the Amazon guard Use the urchin on the Well done! You've rescued your friend.

Who is who?

Woman with the fishing boy =
Blind guy =
Guy in the music shop =
Guy at Crab Shack =
Old lady at the Traveller's Roost Inn =
Guy in the swamp =
The old wise woman =