Invisible Friends

One night, while there is a terrible outside, Zara suddenly appears. Lucy, who wakes up because of the , gets up in the middle the night and hears someone downstairs. She is absolutely sure that this must Zara. So, she goes downstairs. But then an happens in the darkness and she down. She knocks her head and loses for a moment. When she up again she can see Zara. At first Lucy cannot believe this, but then she that this girl knows things about her which Zara knows. Zara tells Lucy that she will stay with her, Lucy is very happy. Zara tells her, "Only you can me, I'm still for the others. You in me so much that I'm here now. We can do almost , if we believe in it strongly ." Zara shows her an example by a vase along the table touching it. Lucy is as happy never before and asleep. The next morning she wakes up, she can't Zara. Lucy runs downstairs and yells, "Zara, Zara!" But she finds only her mother in the , her father in his and Gary, to music just as always. But is Zara? Perhaps she has only about Zara and she has never visible. So, she to move the vase along the table, but she can't do it. Suddenly she hears Zara's . Zara plays some tricks on the family and Lucy is blamed and sent upstairs. She is very upset and when Zara tells her that she can her family she decides to do it. Lucy what Zara says and it works. Her visible family really . At this Lucy hears other voices are Zara’s invisible family!