It a dark, rainy at eight o’clock on the thirty-first of . Andy and his friend Paul home together as usual. But this was different. It was . As they along a large, black cat out in front of them and off into the night. They up into the sky and a light shining. It glowed red, then blue then green and gold.
“What was it?” they .
The air still and cold. It raining and everything was creepy. It like something to happen. Andy and Paul went past a very old . It was a huge old house which was deserted. The house lay in a big, shadowy , surrounded by . As they past the house they a strange . It was a long, low howling noise.
"Maybe it's a ," said Paul, trying not to be .
"It be in . Let's go and see," said Andy.
They passed through the old rusty gates and along the path the door of the house. It was dark that they could hardly . The wind whistled through the . Again they the low sound, from the house.
Oooooh! Oooooh!
"I don't it's a dog," said Andy.
"You're just a scaredy cat!" said Paul.
"Come on, let's inside."
They up the stairs and open the front door. It loudly and fell open with a bang. The air cool and clammy and creepy.
Paul into the hallway. An enormous spider's web him in the face and he .
"It's only a spider's ," said Andy.
They went into a large room on the ground floor. On the wall over the fireplace hung a huge mirror. They into the mirror and lights dancing inside it. Then suddenly a huge ghostly head out of the mirror and tried to them!
'Aaagh!' they both and turned and to the front door - but it was ! What was to them? Then they the noise again. It was from upstairs.
They no choice. They tiptoed silently up the stairs. They again. The noise from a room at the end of the corridor. They moved slowly the door. They really . What they see? What horrible thing they behind the door?
They went into the room. They couldn't their eyes. They the most amazing collection of witches and monsters and ghosts - and they all a party!
The witches disco , the wizards their special brew and jumping around, the monsters exploding lollipops and other exciting sweets. There bats wing cocktails, worm-flavoured crisps and pumpkin surprise pizzas. In fact there everything for a Halloween party. They out that the noise was a ghost Grimly, who was providing the singing entertainment for the evening.
Paul and Andy several bats wing cocktails and then Paul with the ugliest witch at the party - she a green head and no teeth. Andy with a spectacular purple headed monster who him a new dance the 'Monster Boogie'.
Everyone a wonderful time and until dawn. When the sun up they all off to their ghostly homes agreeing that it the best Halloween party .
"See you year," they to Paul and Andy, "and Happy Halloween!"