Detective Work

Gap-fill exercise

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On the day when I took a summer job at Repsom museum, the Gilbertson necklace was to the museum to be put on show. Meanwhile I to work with Anna Wain on some displays about in ancient Repsom. Two weeks , the alarm went at 11 o'clock and when I and Anna downstairs to see what , we that the necklace .

The thief the security camera in that room with a newspaper while he or she it. When the police came, they all those who there and they me, since the necklace only two weeks after I working there, and before, nothing ever . Apart that, only two years , I with some friends who stealing packets of cigarettes. Then I the necklace hidden in the chest of the pirate display. I to hand it over to the police, but then I that the police think that I it and to have it.

During the next few days, I various people. I Anna Wain because she to the coffee machine at the time of the theft and she did not the police about that. I also suspected Cora Turner because her brother was a gambler who needed money. Another suspect was Ian Maxton because the week before, he an and damaged his motor bike and the car which involved in the accident. He was not insured, so he a lot of money.

Since the police me, Mr Balfour me to find another . I was very angry that I to have to leave the museum, so I to prove my by catching the thief myself. I set a trap to him or her. I everyone at the museum that the next day I to move everything from the platform of the pirate display in order to the platform.

That evening I to the museum, put the uniform of a wax policeman and there like a wax dummy waiting for the thief to . At midnight, Derek Halliday carrying a torch. When he up the necklace, I on the light and Derek that someone him to the necklace.

Then Mrs Gilbertson with a gun to Derek and take the necklace. She to make it seem if her necklace in order to get one hundred thousand pounds as insurance money and then more money by secretly the necklace because she become poor. She to kill Derek because he keep asking her for more money to keep . She him in the shoulder but he was not . I off the light and in the dark, she into the prison cell of the prison display. I her in. She and Derek and sent to prison. I a very good detective. I proved myself and kept my summer job at the museum.