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Dear child,

                This is my last letter, and I will tell you the reason I will commit suicide. Before I start, I just want to tell you that in your life you will find yourself being in very difficult situations without knowing what to do. But you have to remember that you are stronger than you think, and you can always make it. Unfortunately, I am not that strong and I am not proud of it.

                After I left from the organization which helps women, I was desperate, and I didn’t know what to do. It was my last chance and I realized that I didn’t have any other options. The only thing I could think of was to kill myself. At that moment I wasn’t thinking clear and I was ready to do it.

                Two days later I had an idea, that I could give the Birling family a second chance. If they wanted to apologize to me, I wasn’t going to commit suicide. So, I hired someone to play a detective and tell them that I am dead. I waited for their reaction. I thought that an unfortunate event like this would make them feel sorry and admit that they are one of the many reasons I will commit suicide.

                Unfortunately, only two of them did. There was only one thing for me to do. I planned how I will kill myself. So here I am outside an infirmary ready to drink the poison. I am not sad, actually I don’t feel anything anymore, but I think that I can finally find peace.



                                                                                                                                     Lots of love

                                                                                                                                Your mother




Love story

I met Konstantinos a year ago and now after everything that has happened, we are finally together.

Konstantinos was 22 years old and he was studying at a university in London. In the summer of 2019 he was about to graduate and then he was planning to come back to Cyprus and find a good job. I was studying too at a university but in Nicosia, Cyprus. I met Konstantinos on Instagram. We were both following an account for homeless puppies. In a post about a puppy I commented that it�s so cute and that it is so sad that it doesn�t have a home. Then Konstantinos Liked my comment and he found out from my profile where I was living. He started sending me messages and we found out that we come from the same town.

After three months of texting we learned a lot of stuff about each other. Both of us have dogs and they are the same dog breed too. When we found a lot of things in common, Konstantinos asked me to send him a photo of me. At first, I was ready to send him one but when I thought about it, I didn�t like the idea. I think that in a relationship it doesn�t matter if someone is beautiful or not. But the most important is the personality. When I sent him my thoughts, I think that he understood. We wanted to meet each other after months of talking so I decided to send him a message to meet him when he came back to Cyprus.

When he graduated and came back to Cyprus, we were excited to meet each other at Starbucks. But I didn�t know what Konstantinos looked like and Konstantinos didn�t know how I looked so we had to think of something to recognise each other. So, we decided to hold our dogs. When the day of the meeting came, I told my fat sister to go because I wanted to see if Konstantinos cared only about my appearance. I gave her my dog and then she went to Starbucks.

I was there too, I wanted to see Konstantinos�s reaction. I was sure that he was going to leave when he saw my sister. But he didn�t, I was surprised. At first, he tried to leave but then he asked her to go out for dinner. Then I appeared and I told him that I am Elina and for some reason he started to laugh. This is our story!


Why is Tyler Posey everybody�s favourite werewolf?


Tyler Posey is a twenty-eight-year-old actor, musician, model, producer and director. He was born in California USA. He played in a lot of movies and TV series, but he became famous from the TV series �Teen wolf� as Scott Mccall. It was the most succesful tv series Tyler participated. Now he is in a band and he is playing the guitar. He said that this is what makes him happy right now.

Tyler Posey had a lot of embarrassing memories, but the most embarrassing is when he broke up with his girlfriend after 10 years of relationship because they were arguing all the time. At university Tyler studied music and he used to be a musician in a band. He was playing the guitar in a band called �Disappearing Jamie� formely know as lost in Kotska. After three years he left the group because he wanted to become an actor.

Tyler Posey�s parents always helped him and supported him. They never told him what to do with his life or with his studies. They had only one priority, to let their son do whatever he wanted with his life, something that makes him happy.

Tyler started his career with the tv series �Collateral damage� when he was 18 years old. He said that this series helped him a lot to evolve as an actor. Then he continued his career with the TV series teen wolf. It was one of his favorite tv series he participated because he met new actors and it was very successful. In teen wolf many scenes were very difficult because he had allergic reactions with the make-up. He still talks with some of the other actors from teen wolf.

Tyler Posey has fifteen tattoos. While he was playing in Teen wolf, he had his first tattoo on his arm. The writer of the tv series used his tattoo as a part of the story. Tyler wants more tattoos and he thinks that it�s a type of art. Tyler was addicted to junk food. It was a part in his life that he was eating everyday burgers and fries. When people eat with his mouth open, it makes him very upset.

Now Tyler has decided to write his own music and perform some concerts with his new band.

Ideal school


The building should be big enough to arrange the classes in an organized way and it must include all facilities that a good school need to give the students for better education.


Swimming pool

Air condition in every classroom


Stadiums for every sport

Computer labs

Chemistry labs


School program and calendar :

Six days a week 10:00-5:00

Every six weeks of school there are six days off

Holidays:2 weeks for Christmas

                4 weeks for summer



Employ the best teachers by paying them very good salary.

They have to go to a university to learn how to teach well and pass the information to the students.



Twelve students in every class.

Mixed gender and same age.

There is not going to be a uniform and every child is going to wear what he really likes.



Every student at the start of year is going to have one lesson for every subject to see what he really likes. Then the students are going to decide 5 more subjects except the two compulsories, maths and greek.

There are going to be a lot of choices for subjects for the students like:




French and other languages



Ancient greek




No bulling

Respectability to their teachers and to their classmates

Listen and follow directions

Arrive on time

No food or drinks in the classroom



There are not going to be exams and tests, but every two weeks students will have projects for some subjects.


Murder in Trenton

Yesterday at 10:00 am, it was Simon Clark�s and Dann Smith�s trial for Mary John�s murder. Mary John was 18 years old and her boyfriend Jim found her body at beach at midnight. The weapon was a spanner and the criminal hit Mary four times with it. There was no blood on Simon�s and Dann�s clothes but there was on Jim�s clothes. Thirty minutes before the crime Jim had a fight with Mary so this was a good motive to kill her. Jim said that Simon and Dann did it. Yesterday, they convicted Jim for the murder and he�s going in prison for 20 years.


 Carly Beth

A teenage girl, Carly Beth was afraid of everything so very often her friends made fun of her. But this Halloween, Carly decided to take a revenge, so she went to a shop with creepy masks. She tried to find the creepiest mask and she found it. The employee warned her not take the mash, but she did it. Carly went home to try the mask on. Carly changed so much with the mask on, she became selfish and she wanted to scare everyone she in front of her. She scared her classmates and then she went to her best friend�s house where she realized that she couldn�t take off the mask. Carly ran to the shop where she bought the mask and she told the employee about her problem. Later, the man told her that the mask was a real face, which was made for him because nobody loved him. The only thing that could take the mask off was a symbol of love. The same time the other masks started to fly in the air and chase her. Then Carly found the sculpture which was the symbol of love and showed to the masks. In the end, Carly Beth took the mask off and went to her happily.

Murder in U street

Yesterday on 10th of December at eagle eye pawn shop in U street at 3:00 pm Terry Sweet was found murdered. His body was found in front of the open vault. Terry was 37 years old, ex policeman and he was married. His arms were stretched out and he didn�t have any blood on his hand, he didn�t use his gun and the security cameras were off. There was nothing stolen from the vault.

        Late in the evening, the policemen found the murderer. The murderer was Ling Cane. Her brother was selling fake paintings, he sold one to Leo Mentch and Sara didn�t want to know that her brother was selling them. That�s why Terry blackmailed them because of the fake paintings.





I�m Scully and these are my thoughts about the murders. Every thirty years there are five murders  They started at 1903 and they continued until today , 1993 . The murders happened to places that they were locked from the inside and the had high security, so we don�t know how the killer killed the victims.

        We found a fingerprint which it can�t be human�s fingerprint because is too long and too thin. We assume that the killer of all these murders is the same because all the fingerprints are identical. The common aspect is that the liver was removed without a tool. I think that the killer is 25 to 30 years old, male and that he is animal controller. His behavior pattern is obsessive compulsive (OCD) .

        When we were at the place where the last murder happened, we found a suspect, Toom. We took him to the police station, and we asked him questions. We used the lie-Detector test to see if he was lying but his heartbeats were ok, we took his fingerprints too before we told him that it�s okay to leave.  But the next victim was found, Thomas  Werner. A week later, Thomas was found dead next to the fire place . His liver had been removed without tools and we found Toom�s fingerprints, but something was missing from the house, Toom had stolen something.

        The next evening, we visited the man who had investigated the murders in 1933, Frank Biggs. Biggs showed us his evidence for the murders: a glass jar and inside was a piece of a liver. He told us that from every murder small personal effect were missing. The same time I thought about the object of Werner�s murder. Then he showed us some photos of Toom�s 30 years ago, I was surprised he didn�t change at all and he was living at the same place as today.

        After our visit at Mr. Biggs house, Mulder and I went to Toom�s house. It was an old building and it seems that nobody was living there for years. We went to his apartment, there were only old things. There was an old mattress on the wall.  After we moved it, we found a big hole behind it. We went and there were old objects from all the victims Eugine killed. But it was something strange near the wall, something like a nest from Greasy rags, torn strips of newspaper, it was disgusting. They were all stuck together with hibernates. Mulder believed that some genetic mutation could allow a man to awaken every thirty years and he needs livers to survived.




Why I was born?

If my dad wouldn�t ask to change school district, he wouldn�t have been classmates with my mother. If they hadn�t been classmates, they wouldn�t have met. If my dad hadn�t gone to study to the USA, he wouldn�t have dated my mother. If my parents hadn�t started dating, they wouldn�t have got engaged and married. If they hadn�t got engaged and married, I wouldn�t have been born.



Desert island

I was traveling with my best friend Alexandra on a ship.  Late in the evening, there was a big storm and the captain lost the control of the ship, so we crushed into huge rocks.

The next day I woke up on a desert island with my friend next to me.  I was confused as I didn�t remember anything about the previous day.  We stayed at the beach for a little while to think what to do.  We walked around the island and we found a big box made of wood.  We opened it and we found a box of matches, a gun, a fishing rod and hooks inside.  We took them because we thought we may need them later on.  In a while we made a small tent of leaves and sticks and we slept there for that night.

In the morning, we went to the jungle to find something to eat, hoping to find some fruits and vegetables.  Instead we found lots of insects, but we didn�t know if they were dangerous.  We kept walking deeper into the jungle.  Finally, we came across some tropical fruits.  We decided to take them as we didn�t care if they were poisonous.  We returned to the beach to eat them.  They were very tasty and we enjoyed eating them.  During the night, we were hearing very strange noises and we couldn�t sleep.  They were very annoying.

The next day we went for fishing, but we were unsuccessful since the waves were huge and strong.  We wanted something to eat, so we went back to the jungle to look out for some more tropical fruits.  The strange noise we were hearing all night was getting stronger and stronger.  It sounded like someone was talking to us, but we didn�t understand what it was.  When we went back to our tent, we saw the tent covered with big spiders.  We freacked out, because all of our things were destroyed.  We took what was left and ran away.  The only place we could find to spend the night was a cave we found.

The following morning, when I got out of the cave, I saw a bucket with some fruit and fish.  That was very strange! �Who put them there?�, I wondered.  So many days on this island we haven�t seen any humans.  Where are they hiding?  Are they friendly or villains? Maybe they can help us get out of this island.  Alexandra and I decided to find out.  We got to the jungle and followed a small river.  The small river led us to an amazing place: a plain with lots of trees and a village in the middle.  We couldn�t get our eyes off of it.  As we entered the village, a small boy came right at us.  He started talking to us in a very weird language, he grasped our hands and took us to the biggest house of the village.  Alexandra and I were pretty sure that the leader was living there and we were right.  The leader was an old man, around eighty years old, very short and his body was covered in red tattoos.  He started talking to us in English in a very friendly tone.  He told us that his tribe is primitive and felt very proud of it. It was very strange for us to meet people from tribes we didn�t believe they existed.   The leader offered us to spend the night there, at his house.

The next morning when we woke up and told them our story.  They kept asking us questions, lots of questions.  At the end, they told us they can make a boat in two hours.  We could use the boat to get to a town on a nearby island that had an airport.  That made us extremely happy.  In less than two hours, they gave us the boat and we started our trip.  Next stop was the town.  We were so excited.  After three days on a dessert island, I saw cars, houses, people, technology, restaurants cafes!  My world!!! Wow!!!


The Haunted House

I walked the dog after dinner last night and when it was time to return home, I decided to take a shortcut through the woods.  On the edge of the wood stands a deserted house.  When I walked past the house I heard a strange noise. Suddenly...I went in the house.  There wasn't anything but I heard a bizarre noise again.  I didn't know what it was.  The eyes of my  dog were led, it was very mysterious, it was midnight.  I walked and walked and I  didn't see anything.  It was dark , but in the dark a light appeared.  Under the light there was... a coffin.     In the coffin, there was a vampire.  I ran and ran.  I went to the kitchen and I heard a creak, I went towards the creak and I saw a mummy.  It was hair raising.  I opened the door and it was full of broomsticks.  I went into the garden , there were gruesome cats, black cats.  It was very scary.  I went to the bedroom, a spirit was sleeping on the bed.  I ran outside and I went home...



The Hacker

               Tony and his friend Emma were both 15 years old and went to the same school. Every morning they were going together to school with their bikes. One morning they arrived to school they were talking about video games, when Jim asked him if he want to play football with them and Tony said yes. Tony wanted the ball and a boy who was playing with Tony kicked it away. Tony get angry and a fight started between Tony and the boy, suddenly Tony�s teacher appeared and he told Tony to go to the headmaster�s office. But headmaster didn�t want Tony about the fight but for the hacking into the school�s computer system They that it was Tony because the hacker used Tony�s password but Tony knew that he didn�t do anything. Headmaster told him that maybe someone else used his password until they found out who he is Tony mustn�t use the library computers.

               Tony went home and told his mum about his terrible day and his mother told him about an inspector from the Town Hall came to her bookshop and examined it the walls, the floors and the electricity. In his opinion building needs big repairs but I don�t have money. So, his mam told him that she is going go to her sister for help and Tony has to stay with Emma. Tony saw the letter from the Town Hall and the money was 10,000.

               Tony had a plan for the hacker so he told to Emma go to the library and Emma finds out that the hacker was coming to school every Friday evening at 9.00. Later Emma and Tony went to the Town hall and they wanted to sea the Head of the Department but his secretary told them that he is come back in one week. So, the two friends left but at the stairs they saw a man, Ben Gibson and he said that he is a bike collector and later he said that he is the Head of Department Tony was surprised. Ben Gibson when upstairs and he asked Anna his secretary if someone came and she said no. The two friends they had a conversation and they understand that Ben is impostor.

               At 8.00, Friday Emma and Tony were ready to go to the library. Suddenly they heard someone and it was smell like soap or perfume. The guy who was there he was printing something. Then the guy ran quickly and get into a blue van from a cleaning company. The guy only turned off the screen not the computer so Tom and Emma want and open the screen it was blue with white letters and symbols of the Town, it was identical with his mum�s letter.

               On Monday the tow friends went school and at Mr Johnson�s office to put the keys back but they heard someone coming they hide behind the desk. Later they followed Mr Johnson to a big house and Mr Johnson saw them. He took them into the house . In the house was Anna the secretary. Emma understand everything now anna go into the library and get into the Town Hall�s computer system from there. Then Mr Johnson send false letters , demanding money from people and finally Anna was the hacker.

               Tony and Emma stayed alone in the living room, Tony looked around the living room trying to find something to cut the rope and he had an idea his penknife. Then the others came in and Anna was asked them question to distract their attention Emma asked who was the inspector in bookshop and it was Mr. Johnson. Later Mr. Johnson understand that something is going wrong and he saw the penknife. Then they just understand that they don�t have time so they took the money and leave , few seconds later the van exploded. The policemen were already there.

               One Friday two months later Emma got a letter that the letters were cut from a magazine and it said you are the next. Emma was frightened and he told Tony about this, but Tony didn�t scared. The next day it was the ceremony and they gave medals to Emma and Tony suddenly the two friends saw a small box was connected to a timer, it was a BOMB. The police arrived and there all under control . A few minutes later Emma saw a man going across the roof of the Town Hall. Emma shouted the police but the man jumped to the next building but the man fell off the building but he continued running. They lost him but they found his glove

               The following Monday it was half term and the two friends they just feel that the paper on the scary letter was different and there weren�t any magazine like that so they go to a store and found the magazine. When Tony and Emma came out of the newsagent�s , a man was parking his van out side the shop and damaged Tony�s bike so the man told him to took Tony and Emma everywere they want and the friends said yes. At first the man was very friendly in the end the man was taking them somewere else and Emma understand that the man is kidnapping them. Suddenly they crashed into a tree , Emma and Tony were okay but the man had blood on his face. The two friends started running and in the road they called the police and an ambulance for the man.

                Emma and Tony went inside to a grey building and they found the office of The Nature World they went to a reporter the nearest one. Emma asked him if we can see the magazine�s subscription list but the reporter told them that this list is confidential and told them to leave this office. They were going to leave when they saw to the desk the list and they borrow it. When they got out of the building a policeman came and he told them to come with him in his car. The policeman explained that a woman phoned and she said that if Emma and Tony don�t come to the park a bomb will explode there. The women wanted talk to them so were they arrived to the park they phoned her. Her voice was familiar to Tony.

               The women told him to take a computer which is under him and play the game he has to win and the tow levels in ten minutes and don�t do something suspicious cause she watching him, if he lose the bomb will explode. They started the first level and they passed it. And finally they won and the second level they were very happy. The chief thanks again the two friends and he saw the list in to the Emma�s pocket. The policemen drove them back to the office to put back the list. Then they saw a woman with a glove , a pink shirt  and the same familiar voice so they suspected her but she took a pistol and started pointed at the kids. She said that she did to take revenge about her sister Anna who is in prison now. The policeman handcuffed her and took her to the police car.




Don�t look now

               John and Laura are on holiday in Venice.  Their daughter Christine is dead and they need time to forget, time to live again and be happy.  They were sitting in a restaurant and had lunch when two tall women with white hair were looking at John very strangely.  John said that maybe they were sisters.  Laura got scared maybe there were murders, but John didn�t think the same there were just two old women. Suddenly, for the first on this holiday, she was like the old Laura again, trying not to laugh and going red in the face, making up stories about people sitting near them in restaurants.

               The two women were still looking at him with their empty eyes.  One of them went slowly to Laura and told her that Christine in not dead.  She wanted to tell us that something bad is going to happen. Their dead daughter was between Laura and John but that was unbelievable.  Laura didn�t say that to her husband because she knew that John didn�t believe these things. The two women saw things that no other people could see.  The next day the couple went to a church and  saw the two women following them so Laura decided to tell John about Christine. John got angry. Hours later Laura got a message from the school of their son, Johnnie,  that he was in the hospital. Laura was anxious so he told to John that she is going to take the first flight for England and then John was going back with their car.

               The next day Laura was ready to go to the airport and John was in a boat to go to Pizzale Roma and take his car from there.  But next to his boat there was another boat which was going to Venice and he saw his wife and the two strange women.  So, John called the hotel which there were staying and told them about his wife and that he is going to be there in 20 minutes.  When he arrived, his wife wasn�t there, so he started getting scared about the two women and that maybe they were murderers.  John called the police and informed them about his wife and the two strange women.  Later Laura called John and told him that Johnnie was fine.  So, John just thought that it was a mistake and his wife wasn�t the woman in the boat. He went to the police station and he was very embarrassed because he accused two women who didn�t do anything. He apologized to them.

               At night John was walking alone in Venice and he saw a man chasing a little girl so John followed them to save the girl .  But, the little girl was a very short woman who was a murderer.  The police came in 5 minutes and handcuffed the murderer.  That was a very happy end!!!



Ellie Koo robbery report

            My name is Ellie Koo and I am a detective in charge of an investigation that officer Kazuo Yokota helped me.


There was a crime in the Reed�s house, 239 Birch Drive Mount Pleasant of Washington D.C: a robbery and a drugging.  The thief stole jewelry more than �400 000, cash �80 000, stamps �40 000 which were above in the wall safe, over the bed of Evan and Nancy.  Both victims were fine.  The crime was on the 10th  of June between 9:30 am-9:00 pm. The thief drug Evan�s tea with his sleeping pills.  Judith and Lucia , the housekeeper, found Reed in his bedroom in the morning. The wall safe was opened with a key.

            Seven people were living in Reed�s house the five Reeds , the housekeeper, Lucia and his son , Miguel. Kevin the son of the Reed�s was 24 years old and unemployed.  His parents used to give him 200 per week , Nancy told him the combination a month ago.  After summer Kevin didn�t take an allowance , he lost over 2000.  His younger sister Alison was 21 years old and she was a student.  Miguel was 19 years  old and he was a pre-med student at Georgetown University .  Judith told him the combination 4 days ago when he made the tea for Evan.  Evan was 50 years old ,he was a banker and he had money problems.  His wife Nancy was 50 years old and she was retired lawyer. The stolen items were Nancy�s . She last opened the safe wall two weeks ago.

Nancy read Alison�s diary and she realized that her daughter was in love with Miguel, but Nancy didn�t like Miguel.  She decided to frame him. Nancy and Evan Reed wanted Miguel to leave.  Two of the three people could have a reason to steal the things out of the wall. Kevin lost 2000 and Miguel because Nancy and Evan didn�t want him so maybe he was angry. So, they put the stolen items in Miguel�s room but unfortunately Nancy�s fingerprints were still on the inverted eagle.

            Eventually I had all the information to prove who was the suspect. I went to the hospital where Nancy and Evan were to tell them about the results of my investigation.


Aliens at school

Dear friend Elina,

               How are you?  I hope that you are ok.  This year has been very different for me. I am always thinking about Mr.Stone so I decided to go and visit Paul and tell him about my thoughts.  When I went to his place, Paul was in front of his computer.  He was interested in astronomy, the occult and life on other planets.  Then he started telling me about aliens who can travel to our planet, earth.  The first thing that came to my mind was Mr.Stone and all the mysterious and weird things about him.

The next day Mat Dona's brother told me that it was the first year for Mr.Stone in our highschool so I had to find information about him like why he came to our school?  Where did he come from?  What did he want?  I was terrified I didn't know what to do so I went to the park to relax.  At the park I saw a strange man, he was looking up to the sky and his arms were raised, he bent down and touched the ground. Guess who he was, Mr.Stone of course.

               The next morning we had science and Mr.Adams, the good-looking teacher, told me about his left arm that it was artificial because of an accident he had at the past. I was surprised, I didn't expect that.

               What about you? How is your school this year?


With love



Aliens at school N2

Dear Friend Elina ,

               I think this is the last letter about Mr.Adams ,Mr.Stone and generally all this condition about aliens and all the mysterious things. Because of my lost watch I went to the gym and thankfully it was there. Later at lunch time, I told Dana and Paul about Mr.Adams and all the situation.  They didn't believe the story but I was telling the truth. I told them about the airfield, the hypnotizing spray and about that Friday evening that a spaceship will come and take two students.  The only way to  stop him the only chance was to take the hypnotizing spray.

               So the next day we did it! Dana took the passe -partout key from her brother who was a police man and she went to Mr.Adams house and took the spray. It was easy. The evening Paul called me to go to his house he was anxious . When I went there, he told me about a serious decision . He wanted to go with Klyreg because he was always feeling alone.  He felt that way because his mum doesn't love him, his dad  was always at work.  The only thing that he had was his cat, Apollo and his friends me and Dana. I felt really bad about  Paul.  I told Dana about Paul's decision.  Of course she doesn't want him to go, neither do I.   The only thing that I know is that we  are all going miss him so bad.

               At Friday night Paul did it!  He told Klyreg that he wanted to go with him and Klyreg was fine with this. So we said goodbye to Paul and he left us .I hope that he enjoys it and doesn't have second thoughts.




Pink Bowtie


Yesterday, I was outside the headteacher's office because I changed my hair colour.   When back to my class, Mrs. Brown was teaching and she was wearing a pink bowtie which looked very funny on her, because it was very big compared to her size.   Additionally, it was out of fashion.  Minutes later she complained about my hair colour.  She started preaching that it is not healthy for children to change their hair color.

When the school finished I got on the bus to go home.  On the front seat, there was an old woman sitting who was fat and ugly.  She looked like a witch.  Two seats behind there was a tough teen who was looking at me.  He was tall with  long hair and he was in the rugby team.  He was playing with his smart phone all the time.  The old lady was staring at him because the smart phone which he was holding  was a brand new model.  When the teen was leaving the bus, a car crushed into him and he got killed.

I quickly got off the bus, crossed the street to get to the police car that was parked across.  The police man came out of the car as soon as he saw me and i explained to him what actually happened.  Very soon, the ambulance got to the scene and took the teenager to the hospital.



Who stole the necklace

Sixteen year old boy, Paul got a new job at Repsom Museum this summer.  He got his job when Mrs. Gilbertson lent her necklace to the Museum.  The necklace was worth over a hundred thousand and was made in France for Marie Antoinette.  If the necklace had been stolen, there would have been a reimbursement to Mrs. Gilbertson.  The necklace was stolen about a week ago and nobody knew who the thief was.  So the police believed that Paul stole the necklace because it was his work to protect  it.  Paul tried to find out who the real thief was, so he could prove his innocence.  There were a lot of suspects, but it was very difficult to prove their guilt.  A few days ago, Paul found the necklace in the treasure chest and he had some suspicion about who the thief was, but Mr. Balfour fired him.  That night Paul come to the museum because he wanted to catch the thief.  In the end, the thief was Derek Halliday a museum attendant, but Mrs. Gilbertson told him to do it.  Now Mrs. Gilbertson and Derek are in the prison.

Fantasy quest


          I was sailing with my friend when suddenly there was a terrible storm with thunders and lightening.  The ship crashed into a mysterious island and the next thing I knew I was lying alone on a desert beach. Somehow I had to find my best friend.

          I noticed a big coconut on the beach so I picked it up.  I decided to explore this strange island.  I saw a strange looking tree.  I pulled a stick from it and to my surprise the tree spoke to me.  I worried but then I thought that it was just a tree.  It told to me that I should bring a drink of fresh water, but I didn't know where to find it.  I climbed up the stairs to a look out and then up a ladder.  At the top of the ladder I found a telescope.  As I looked in the telescope, I saw a gate.  Later, I returned to the main island.  I went to a waterfall and filled the bottle I had with me with fresh water.  Next stop was the talking tree.  I gave the water to the thirsty, talking tree.  A miracle happened:  the tree turned green and allowed me to get a stick from its branches.

          I planned to use the stick as a paddle in the boat.  When I got in the boat I saw a lantern.  The lantern helped me to see in the dark hole, because I wanted to find a plank.  I pulled the plank out of the hole and put it over the two stones to cross the river.

          As I was walking on the other side of the river, I came across a cave.  I was brave enough to walk in, but it was extremely dark.  I tripped over a human skull, so I ran out of the cave taking the skull with me.  I used the stick I had to move the boulder out of my way.  I ended up at the gate, but I had to move the left mask to get in.

          As soon as I entered the gate, I saw a pirate ship sailing away from the beach.  I ran to the beach to see what was going on.  I found a grab there and picked it up.  I decided to go to the chief to talk.  I exchanged the skull for another piece of the map.  Next stop was the Witch Doctor's hut.  He wanted to tell me something about the pirates, but he also wanted a berry from the talking tree.  So I went back to the talking tree to get the berry.  I was very lucky I had the lantern with me to help me light up the fire pit to roast the berry.  Very quickly, I returned back to the village to give the roasted berry to the Witch Doctor, so I can get another piece of the map.  After getting the second piece of the map, I got in the boat to sail for a different island. 

          I arrived at the second island, got out of the boat very quickly and tied the boat to the doc.  Next to my boat, there was a parked ship.  A pirate was in there snoring.  I got on the ship, put the crab on the pirate, so I could get the pirate clothes behind him.  He couldn't hurt me because he was busy screaming...  I grabbed the pirate clothes and put them on as fast as I could.

          Later, I went to the slippery Noose Bar in which only pirates were allowed there.  After that I stopped at a pawn shop and I traded the lantern for a fishing pole.  I wanted to catch some fish, so I went to the beach and there I saw a cat.  I returned back to the doc where I caught a fish.  I gave the fish to the cat to fool her and catch her.  I wanted to exchange the full of rats pawn shop for a skeleton key.

          I used the thick rope I had to climb down a tree.  On my way down, I found a gold coin and of course I took it and climbed up.  Then I went to the Slippery Noose Bar and traded the gold coin for a bottle of rum.  I quickly ran to the tower holding the rum.  I wanted to give the rum to the guard, so he would fall asleep.  That's what I did. I went in the tower and used the skeleton key to open the door.  I found the girl, but in front of her there was a pirate.  I grabbed a coconut and threw it at his head.  He fell unconscious, so I took his sword to kill him.

          In the end, I saved the girl and we sailed off into the night...

Canterville Ghost 

Dear Louise,

A lot has happened since the last time that I wrote to you.  At 11 o'clock all the family went to sleep and at half past eleven we were all asleep.  But at 1 o'clock a strange noise like metal woke us up.  My father first heard the noise and he took a bottle of rising sun lubricator.  When he got out of the room he saw an old man with gray hair, red eyes, old fashioned clothes and was thick and dirty.  But it wasn't a man, it was a GHOST!  My brothers threw pillows at the ghost.  The ghost was wearing handcuffs and my dad thought that the noise was coming from the metal handcuffs.  He decided to put rising sun lubricator on them and he went to sleep, as well as my brothers.  The ghost was very angry and he disappeared into the corridor.  Poor ghost!  I think he must be very unhappy and he cannot rest.  I will write to you again and let you know if he reappears.

                                                                                With lots of love




Dear Louise,

How are you? Mum and dad said to me that I will come back to the States, but I don't want to, because I met a boy and I want to stay here with him. 

I was trying to find a plan to help my dad see the ghost!  However Francais told me that if you don't believe in something you can't see it.  So I went to the mysterious room in which the ghost lives.  I told the ghost about my parents and the ghost told me to present a play and ask my parents to watch it.  When I presented the show, they  were all very surprised.  A few minutes before the play finished the ghost disappeared. 

I will write back to you when I have news.

                                                                                          With lots of love



Dear Louise,

How are you?  Lots of things have changed since the last time I wrote you.  My dad thought that the ghost was gone, but the ghost was still in the secret room.  The ghost was very ill and weak. 

The next day I went riding with Cecil.  We had such a good time, but unfortunately a tree branch tore my jacket, so I had to go back to the house to take another one.  When I went home, I saw the ghost looking very sad, at the window.  Then the ghost told that he can't be good with people, no matter how hard he tries.  When I told him that he cannot kill people, he became very angry.  I got very surprised when he told me that he painted the blood blue, green and red. 

In the end, he told me that he wanted to sleep, but started to laugh.  I thought why can't he sleep on his bed and close his eyes.

This is all I have for now.  I will wait for your news.


                                                                                          With lots of love



Dear Louise,

How are you?  I hope you are having a great time in the States.  I received your letter and everything seems wonderful.  Here, there are a lot of news. 

The ghost told me that the only place which he can sleep is the Garden of Death.  It seems that if you want to get there, the only way is if you have love.  So I decided to help him. 

In our living room there are six lines.  He said that the golden girl will help me to pray and the black tree in our garden will  bloom finally.  At the end, peace will come to Cantervielle Chaise, so I followed his instructions.  I had to cry for him and that is what I did.  Suddenly, the wall opened and terrible and unnatural things appeared. I heard from them that if I go with him they will never see me again.  I did not pay much attention to them  and I did go with him.  After a few hours, the wall opened again and Francais took me out of there. 

When I went to the secret room with my family, the only thing that was left was an empty plate and a glass.  And of course the skeleton of Sir Simon.  We gave him a funeral.

One thing is for sure, we will never forget him...

                                                                                          Lots of love



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