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The Pink Bow Tie

A few days ago, I spent one of the worst days of my life so far. I was sitting outside the head teacher’s office and I was waiting for him to call me in. When I heard him say “Please, come in,” I wasn’t afraid because I knew that he was a good man. When I entered the office, he was looking outside the window with his back turned to me. He asked me what had happened and I explained to him that the Math’s teacher had told me to see him because she realized that I had been writing something else in her class. I explained that I had been writing a very important story for a competition. He replied: ”And what kind of story is this?” In answer… I just put my notebook on his desk and told him to read my story aloud:

It all started when I was on my way home. In the train there was just an old woman, (a very old and strange woman), a lady with her two dogs and a tough teen boy. The tough teen was holding a robot-man wearing a pink bow tie. For some reason the old woman got excited when she saw the robot-man, so she asked the tough teen if she could have it for a little bit. The tough teen replied very briefly. ”NO, don’t you dare touch it” The old woman got very angry with his attitude. “You can’t talk like that to me young boy, now give me your stupid thing.” She started to run after him and tried to hit him with her walking stick. After a brief struggle she managed to grab the pink bow tie and the tough teen ran away.

Then, I couldn’t believe my eyes as the old woman turned into a beautiful young lady. I was so shocked that I couldn’t understand what had just happened. I stood up and approached the old lady or the beautiful lady but while I was walking, I stepped on the pink bow tie. I slowly turned my head to the window, and I saw my reflection, I looked 30 years older! Then I just fainted.

When I woke up, I saw myself in the window again. Fortunately, I had turned back to my normal age, but something else was wrong. I realised that my hair was still white. I started to run through the train to find the pink bow tie to change my hair colour. I couldn’t find it even though I searched everywhere. I started to panic. I wanted my normal hair back.

Then I remembered. When I had fainted, I was holding the pink bow tie and the window was open so it must have flown out. “Good bye normal hair”, I thought. I had to accept my new hair colour and that’s what I did.

He finished the story and he closed my notebook, then he asked me if I didn’t search anymore for the pink bow tie. I explained to him that I was sure that the pink bow tie had flown away. He was still asking me about the tie, but he still had his turned back to me. Some minutes later he turned round, and then I saw it. He was wearing the PINK BOW TIE. When he realized that I saw him he just  raised his eyebrows and winked.







Interviewing Christos Mastoras


Christos Mastoras is the front man of the pop band “MELISSES”, one of the most famous bands in Greece. Christos was 16 years old when he wrote his first song and 25 years old when he became the front man of the band. His favorite song from his songs is “Den exo idea” When he was a student, he was good at school, but he was bored of it. He didn’t like school, but his favorite subjects were PE and music.

Most of the times he likes being famous but sometimes he wants some personal time. One of his biggest dreams is, to meet Bruno Mars and work with him. Also, he would like to live in New York because it is his favorite city. He likes to workout and he loves watching football which is his favorite sport. ” If he wasn’t a singer, he would like to be an artist because art is his secret passion and he is good at it. In his spear he loves drawing places or people.

When he invites his friends to his house, they are always watching movies. His favorite movie is titanic because he is sensitive. He also cooks for his friends and his favorite food is Italian food. Christos never took drugs and his never going to take because he thinks it’s a very unhealthy situation.

When he visited Cyprus for a concert, he enjoyed people there because they were very polite and hospitable. The weirdest question he ever been asked is why he is so talented. One of the weirdest things happened to him on stage was when he fell off the stage.





 Once upon a time there was a fifteen years old girl. She lived with his mum, dad and three sisters. Her mum had to go away on business. Her younger sister was only four months old, so her grandma was going to look after her.

  Ella had been sick for some days, so she hadn’t gone to school. On one of those days her sisters who were very jealous of her, had an invitation from a very famous boy for his birthday party. However, her sisters didn’t tell her about the party because they didn’t want her to go to the party as they knew that she would be more popular than them.

 Ella was alone at home when suddenly her grandma arrived.

“Hi Ella”, she said.

Hi, what are you doing here? Ella said

What are YOU doing here, you should be at the party! grandma said

What party, what are you talking about? Ella said

About the party that everyone is going to tonight. Your sisters are there now, why are you still here at home?

I had no idea about this party. What am I going to do? It’s too late now. I don’t have any clothes to wear. Also, I have nobody to bring me there, she cried

 I have an idea. You can go to the party by my limousine and you can wear the clothes that I brought for you that you left the last time at my house. But you must be back before twelve because I must leave for my holidays.

 Thanks granny I love You!

Ella dressed, put on her mask and went in to the «Castle Club». When she entered nobody recognized her. The boy who had the party approached her and started to talk to her.

 Hi, I am so glad you came to my party. Do you like the club? the boy said

Yes, this place is fantastic! she replied.

The boy and Ella talked and danced all night. The boy liked Ella and she like him. Suddenly a message came on Ella’s phone: «11:58» Ella started to run very fast. The boy was shocked, and he ran after her and shouted «Ella come back» Ella dropped her phone on the stairs. The boy saw it and picked it up.

I must find this girl, the boy said

The boy thought about Ella all the night. He tried to find a way to find her. He thought that he could call all the phone numbers of girls that he had on his phone until Ella’s phone rang. For three hours he tried to find her phone number. Suddenly her phone rang, and the boy was very happy.

 The next day he went to Ella’s house and when Ella saw him, she surprised

“Hi Ella. I bring your phone, you dropped it on the stairs last night”, he said

 Oh! Thank you so much, you are so kind, she said 

 Ella let the boy in. He stayed at her house for a long time. They talked, watched Netflix and did a lot of things. A few months later they were the most famous couple in school, and everybody told them that they were the cutest couple ever. And they all lived happily ever after!












Phantasy Quest


I was sailing with my best friend when we hit a rock and our boat sank. Luckily, we managed to swim to the store. But then suddenly two amazons appeared. One of them grabbed my friend and took her away. The other hit me and I fell. Now I must find a way to rescue my friend. I noticed a beautiful she!! near me on the ground, so I picked it up. Then I saw a house and I got in. it was very quiet. An old woman came from upstairs. I talked with her but then I left her house because the information that she gave wasn’t helpful.


I continued on my way and I met a blind guy, but I ignored him for a little bit because I wanted to see what the barrel behind him had in it. It had shrimp in. I told the guy and then I took the shrimp and I went to the Music shop. I met another guy in the music shop and we did an exchange. I gave him the shell and he gave me a hammer.


After that I met a girl, a boy and a lot of people but they didn't tell me something that could help me to find my friend. In the forest I saw a scarecrow that had a glove on his hand, and I took it. I went back to the house with the old woman and a gave the men that was fishing the shrimp and he gave me a small fish called a minnow. I went near the house to the sea and I picked up the sea urchin with the glove. I passed the house and I saw some stairs and I followed them. I saw a men and I gave him the fish. I advanced, and I saw another house and I used my hammer to ring the bell. The man in the house heard me and he came out. He didn't let me go into his house. I left his house and I went to the inn.


I told the woman there about the strange language. When she left me alone, I went upstairs, and I got in the room with the old sick men. I went back downstairs, and I saw a fireplace. I took from there a brick and a shovel. I left the house and on my way, I saw a parrot.. After all those things that I did I went to a place that you could see another island. I came back, and I told the blind guy about that island and about the man in the swamp. I went back to the man in the swamp and I rang the bell again and this time I mentioned the blind guy's name. He let me get in his house. We talked, and I gave him the grass and he gave me some medicine. I left his house and I went to the crab shack shop because I remembered that the guy in there wanted medicine.


I gave it to him, and I told him about the boat. He let me take his boat to travel to the other island. When I arrived at the other island, I went to Mother Minerva grave. I got a key and a rope from a tree. I went back to my boat and I left the island. When I came back to the island that I was before I went to the house with the old man and woman. I went upstairs I used the key on the closet, and I took the letter that it had in it.


Then I left the house and I went down the well, l took the glass eye and I left the island again and I went back to the other one. I gave the eye to the wise woman and she put it in a cauldron. She told me to go back to the other island and give the blind guy the eye. I did it and then I followed the blind guy to the lighthouse, and I took his stick, We went upstairs to the lighthouse and we used the stick on the machine. We took the lamp and I went back to the secret entrance that we saw before. We gave the ghost the letter and we got in the entrance. We saw the Amazon guards again and they took my friend and they put her in a balloon, so I took the sea urchin very quickly and I threw it to the balloon. The balloon came down and I saved my friend.




Death on U street

On 15th of December Terry Sweet murdered by Linc Cane. Terry was 38 years old and married to Sara Walker. He hit her, and he drank a lot. He was found at the entrance of the vault on 15 of September. He was murdered between 2:34 and 3:33. He was lying on his back with his arms stretched out. Terry used Stemper’s keys to enter the shop. Billy Stemper 3 weeks ago wrote a love letter to Sara. Sara’s brother Roland gave Terry a job and then he fired him. Also, Ling Cane owns Cane gallery and she was having an affair with Terry weeks ago. Leo went to Singapore and bought a fake painting from Ling’s brother. Leo asked Ling for the original one. Ling wanted the original and she asked Terry about it. Terry didn’t give the original one because he wanted more many. Since Terry was holding the real painting Ling shot him with her gun because she didn’t want to give to Terry more money to change the painting.


My story

-Grandma tell us now the story about the desert island

- Ok if you want it that much

  -Eleni, where are you? I can’t breathe HELP! I screamed, and I tried to find her. When I eventually found her, we tried to find a way to go back to the life boat. But the boat was very far away in the sea. We were very scared and hungry. The only food we had was bread in our wet bag. Suddenly it started to rain. We got our bag and we made a tent under a tree. We got in and we tried to call our families, but our phones had no signal.

   The rain stopped. We had to find food.it had been raining nine hours and we couldn’t go anywhere to find something to eat.

Eleni: I am going this way to find food and you that way to find wood for the campfire. Even though   It was dark, I found wood and I went back to our tent. I couldn’t see Eleni. I shouted but there was no answer. I started to cry, I wanted to find Eleni and go back home.

   Suddenly a huge wave swept me off my feet. When I opened my eyes and I saw a different place scarier than before. For one moment I thought that I had lost Eleni forever. I started to feel dizzy. Then I saw someone very far away. It was Eleni. I ran, and I hugged her. We walked for many hours and eventually we found our tent.

   We slept and when we woke up we saw a brown scary wild animal with big teeth It attacked us, It ate our food and ran after us because it wanted to eat us.

-Eleni run faster!!!!

- I can’t I hurt my legs

-It going to eat us

- I want my mum

- It lost us, PHEW

-Who is he?

-It looks like a fisherman

     Eventually that good fisher man helped us. He puts us in his small boat and took us back home.

   - Grandma did you really go to a desert island?

-Yes! with your aunt Eleni. You can ask her if you don’t believe me

-Who was that good fisher man?

Oh! The good fisher man was your grandpa George!

-Grandpa, grandpa!!!!!!!............



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