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Mary Jones


A murder was committed on the 12th of August in Trenton at 12:30. The girl’s name was Mary Jones and she was 20 years old. Her body was found on the beach by Jim Wilson. The two suspects were Simon Clurk and Dane Smith.

 Mary Jones left the disco at 12:00 and started walking home. Simon and Dane had stolen a car, which was a white Foral Fiesta and it had Zed x37 tires. They followed her to the beach and they hit her with a spanner four times. Blood and hair was found on it. There was some blood on Simon’s face and a little blood underneath Mary’s finger nails, so the most obvious thing was that Mary Jones scratched Simons face, trying to get away from them. There was blood on Mary’s face, dress and hair too. In the car, there was a lot of sand from the beach.

 Mary Jones had a boyfriend, who’s name was Jim. He was also in the disco with Mary that night. In the disco Simon and Dane danced with Mary about 10 minutes so Jim got angry and fought with Simon, but when Jim was hit Mary laughed. After 15 minutes Jim followed Mary as she was going home and Dane and Simon stayed at the disco. Then Simon and Dane left the disco 20 minutes after Jim. Simon and Dane didn’t have a motive to kill Mary.

 The spanner that was the weapon used to kill Mary Jones, was found in Dane’s car. Jim said that he left 5 minutes after her. So it is obvious that Jim is the criminal and Simon and Dane are released




The Canterville  Ghost

 Dear Louise,


     A lot has happened since the last time that I wrote to you. We  have seen the Ghost, he’s green, he has grey hair and he has red eyes. Around his arms and legs he has metal chains because he killed his wife when he was alive. In the library there was a blood stain on the floor and we cleaned it with the champion cleaner. It came off but in the next morning the stain was there again, we cleaned it again and my dad took the keys and locked the library. In the morning the stain was again on the flour, but this time the blood was green. We were shocked. Now every morning the blood stain was different color. Poor ghost. I think he must be very unhappy. I think he will not be able to rest.


      I am Simon the canterville  ghost. There is a family that is not afraid of me. I make creepy noises, I nock on their doors, but nothing is working. A man cleaned the blood stain where I killed my wife, I was very angry with him. At night I went to his door quietly and I opened it, I screamed because there was another ghost in front of me!! Then I realized that the ghost was not real, it was fake. After I went to my secret room so I can think what I should I do to the small kids, who were making me very angry. At one o’clock I went to scare the small kids . when I was going quietly the kids shouted in my ears, booo!! I jumped and screamed, I quickly run back to my room. I was confused and scared. I quickly started to Be afraid. I stayed to my secret room for many days because I was ill. I was not even thinking of what could I do to that family, I was sad.


    In that family there is a girl that doesn’t annoy me, her name is Virginia. One day she came to my secret room and she wanted me to show her father that ghosts really exist Because he doesn’t believe in  ghosts. I agreed and she had an idea , the idea was to make a show so we can show her father that ghosts exist. When we played, the show stopped because I was sad, then I disappeared. They saw that I disappeared but her father still didn’t believe. Verginia loved a boy. Verginia invited him to her house. The boy came and she told him that she would go back to America the boy was sad and walked away from the house. Then she was crying. I appeared in front of her and told her that she made a mistake, I gave her courage. After she thanked me, hugged me and she ran back to him. She gave him a hug and they were both happy together.





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