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Something utterly amazing
The Cottage
The Spooky Cottage.

Film Script


Part 1: Newspaper headlines


  1. “Shocking story in Old Rist town- Family disappears. No sign of them”


  1. “Family disappearance – only oldest son survives”


  1. “No bodies found, no witnesses – What’s happened??”


  1. “No light in Old Rist’s case – Police still searching”


  1. “Son quits – His career ends before it started! Teachers say they’ve lost a genius”


[Zoom in on college (black and white picture) transfer to college today (colored picture + movement)]


Part 2: Max’s and Eva’s lives


Max: Smiling in a “cool” way to a beautiful girl

He’s good looking, wears expensive clothes etc.

 Eva: Stressed, “ok” looking, old clothes (jeans and t-shirt, casual stuff), no make up

 Max: Clubbing with his friends – laughing – drinking (having fun)

 Eva: Studying all day and night. Friend asks her to go out she refuses. “You’re always studying”.

 Max: outside the college with many friends and girlfriend

 Eva: 2 or 3 friends

 Max: Studies come second: “C” in biology.

 Eva: Boy asks her out and she says “no”. (no talking, just shakes head negative)

 Max: Expensive car (convertible sports car)

Latest gadgets (shows them to his friends)

Luxury apartment

 Eva: old small apartment, money just for eating (scene where she counts her money)

 Both of them: in biology class Eva is paying attention to the teacher he plays a joke and she shows she doesn’t like him at all (making faces)


Eva’s car broke down and she was hitchhiking when suddenly a sport car stopped next to her…


Eva: Hi, do you think you could … oh it’s you!

Max: (smiling at her) Hello! Are you coming in or what?

Eva: No, thank you I don’t want this ride

Max: (thunder and starting to rain) Ok, if you want to stay in the rain no problem with me

Eva: (without wanting it) No, wait. You’re right I cant stay here

Max: (opening the door) I’m always right!



      Max: So, how was your day?

Eva: Please, can you be quiet I don’t feel like talking especially with you

Max: (wondering) Why , not?

Eva: You’re kidding me right?

Max: (with a strange look) No, I want to know

Eva: What are you stupid. My car broke down , and you know that I don’t have enough money to fix it , and I’m in the car with you.

Max: You’re in the car with me. What’s the big deal?

Eva: Look, I know that you like talking to much but I don’t so keep you’re eyes on the road

Max:(getting nervous) Look, because you have a small problem that doesn’t mean that you can boss everyone around

Eva(reaching to the radio) Lets listen to some music

Max:(why are you trying to avoid me and I don’t mean only now but everywhere you see me it’s like you hate me

Eva: I don’t hate you I just don’t like kids that have everything without even trying.

Max: Like me!

Eva: (watching out of the window) Yes, like you (suddenly lightning lights up the sky and the garden of a house where Eva saw Michael strangling his mother she screamed and grape Max’s arm and they crash on a tree.)

After the crash Max gets angry.

 Max: Why did you grab my arm?

 Eva: Sorry Max. I’m really sorry…but as we pasted that house I saw something strange I am not sure what but…

 Max: I think you are crazy. Your mind is playing games with you… Where did I put that mobile? Oh my God! What are we going to do now? There is no signal. It’s raining, we don’t have a car and my mobile is dead. Come on, lets go to that house.

 Eva: No Max. I told you. I saw something strange over there.

 Max: Listen! We don’t have a choice. Do you want to stay here? I’ll just ask to make a phone call.

 Eva: OK but that’s all. (they walk up to the house. Michael is inside strangling his mother again and again)


Knock on the door.

 Michael (hide his mothers body and opens the door) Hi! How can I help you?

 Max: We had an accident just round the corner and my mobile is dead. Can we use your phone please.

 Michael: Sure! Come on in! (they enter the house)

 Max: Where is the phone.

 Michael: Over there.


Max: The line’s dead…

 Michael: Must be the storm.

 Eva: Max, what are we going to do now?

 Michael: You can stay here if you want and tomorrow morning hopefully the lines will be fixed.

 Max: I don’t think we have a choice. By the way I’m Max.

 Michael: Oh yes! Of course, I’m Michael.

 Max: Nice to meet you Michael. This is Eva!

 Michael: Hi Eva. Nice to meet you.

 Eva: Nice to meet you to Michael.

 Michael: Come on. Come with me. Let me show you to your bedrooms.

Max: OK lets go. Come on Eva.


 .... [In their bedrooms]

 Max: well, we’re very lucky after all. Oh, thanks for destroying my car in front of this house. It was very nice of you.

 Eva: look, I’m sorry about your car. I really am. But I told you, I saw this guy Michael strangling a woman. I’m not crazy, ok?

 Max: (interrupting quietly). Yeah, right.

 Eva: (continues). Do you think I’d prefer to stay here for the night just to ruin your car? I wouldn’t do such a thing.

 Max: let’s say he really was strangling a woman. It’s late, it’s dark and you can’t see your nose outside. How did you manage to see him in this weather and from such a long distance? Or did you invent special eyes for yourself in biology lessons, Nerd?

 Eva: stop making fun of me Max. There was a lightning and I saw him. I did.

 Max: ok, ok. Now let’s say that you did see him and I believe you. Where’s the body? He didn’t have the time to hide it because we came right after, didn’t we? Hello? Use your mind!

 Eva: ok, I won’t say anything else. I saw what I saw either you believe me or not. I‘ll st…

 Michael: Oh, excuse me! Am not interrupting anything, am I?  I just wanted to tell you that I prepared dinner for you.

 Max: Oh, thank you! That’s so kind of you.

 Michael: Don’t even mention it. I’ll be downstairs.

 (He leaves)

 Max: See?? Could he possibly strangle a woman?

 Eva: I don’t want to discuss this again. Ok? I’m going downstairs.

 Max: Wait!

 Eva: What?

 Max: You should take a gun with you or something in case he tries to kill you!! Ha-ha!

 Eva: Oh, shut up. It’s not even funny.

 (They go downstairs)


[In the dining room]

 [They start eating. All three are quiet. Even Max, who was in the mood for talking (with Michael of course), is quiet because his host looks like he is disturbed by every little noise. He seems to be lost in his thoughts.]

 (Eva is angry and asks in a rude way for salt, Michael “wakes up”)

 Eva: Where’s the salt?

 Michael: (after some seconds) Oh, I’m sorry. I never put enough salt, do I? It’s in the kitchen. I’ll go get some for you.

 Eva: no, it’s ok. I can fetch it myself.

 [She leaves. Camera follows]


[In the kitchen]

 [She’s looking for the salt but she can’t find it. She opens a door thinking that it could be in there but she sees jars with human livers, hearts etc. she manages to stop herself from screaming. She stands in the middle of the room staring at all these full of surprise. Camera zooms in on her face. It’s full of terror as she’s trying to believe her own eyes. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder. She screams loudly.]

 Michael: No, no don’t scream…

 Eva: Go away from me! Don’t touch me!

 Michael: Don’t be so scared. It’s ok. Let me…

 Max: Hey, what’s going on here? Eva why are you screaming…? Oh my God! What’s all these? It can’t be…!

 Michael: Let me explain. Please stop shouting. Calm down. I went been to Biology College for 3 years and now I have my own lab and I do experiments on animals, dead animals. That’s why I have that window always open: it can smell really bad in here! I’m sorry if I scared you but there’s nothing to worry about.

 Eva: you’re lying! These are human. I’m sure. Max, take a good look at these.

 Max: (trying to understand) Well...  I can’t really tell the difference. I mean…

 Eva: What??? You are a biology student. Remember? The first thing you learn is to be able to say if a liver is human or not! Oh, I don’t believe this is happening!

 Max: I’ve heard that pig’s livers look like human. I’m not sure… I think… It can’t be human, I believe Michael.

 Michael: Max, it’s obvious.

 Eva: Look, Michael, I am not stupid…

 Max: What’s that supposed to mean? Am I stupid because I like doing other things than studying all day??

 Eva: I’m going to bed. I’m too tired. I hope this night ends quickly. First thing tomorrow I’ll leave this place.

Michael: Ok, then. Goodnight.

 Eva: I don’t think it’ll be good.

 Max: Goodnight Miss I-know-everything.


It was dark in the house and quiet. Everyone was sleeping, everyone except Eva. She was lying in her bed thinking about what she saw and found. Suddenly lightning lit up her room. She turned around quickly but no one was there, she thought that she had seen a shadow moving around her room, she stood up and went to the door, she opened it slowly and quietly. Michael was in the kitchen doing something “probably playing with his livers” she thought. She moved around in the hallway, suddenly she saw Michaels room door open “lets see what’s in here” she said entering the room quietly like a cat. When she entered she had a strange feeling. A cold emptiness. She moved into the room and suddenly she saw something that shocked her, she saw newspaper cuttings with headlines “Brilliant student parents died”, “Brilliant student career ended before it even started” she started reading them both the one after the other “I read about this student before” she thought, she stopped reading and started running. She ran into Max’s room…..


Eva: (entering the room and whispering) Max!! Max wake up Max!!

 Max:  (waking up) What do you want?

 Eva: I found out who Michael really is! He’s the biology student  whose parents disappeared and then left college because he had no one to pay his tuitions. 

Max: What? Are you crazy?

 Eva: No I found some paper cuttings in his room saying that “Brilliant students career ended before it even started”..

 Max: So?

 Eva: I think he killed them!

 Max: You think he killed his parents?!

 Eva: Yes!!

 Max: I think you should go to sleep because you are getting hysterical we’ll talk tomorrow. OK?

 Eva: No it’s not OK!! We are living in a house with a psycho.

 Max: The only psycho in this house is you. Goodnight!! (Locking the door)

 Eva ran to her room, switched on the light and checked that no one was there. She then locked the door and lied awake in her bed all night hoping that there she was safe.

 Eva is in her bedroom and is thinking about the newspaper cuttings. She can’t sleep and she goes to Max’s bedroom.

 Eva: Max open the door! Max I must talk to you. (the door isn’t locked so she pushes it open) Max wake up! I can’t sleep! Help me! OK! I’m leaving. I didn’t expect any help from you anyway (she closes the door and goes downstairs. She heard voices…) Is anybody there? (She finds the cellar. The voices are coming from there and so she goes down the stairs quietly) What is going on here? (She hides behind a column and sees Michael talking alone. She can’t see his family. They are dead but Michael has placed them around the table and is talking to them).

 Michael: Now what am I going to do with Eva? She has found the newspaper cuttings and your hearts. I think I must ask her to join you…

 Eva comes closer and can now see the bodies. SHOCK!! She tries to leave quietly but she bumps into a vase and Michael hears the noise.

 Michael: Hey! Who is there?

 Eva runs out of the cellar.

 Michael: You can’t go anywhere! I’ll find you.

 Michael (knocking on Max’s bedroom door): Oh Eva! I’m afraid that Max can’t help you.

 Eva (getting close to Max’s bed) : Why not? What have you done to him?

 Michael: Me! I haven’t done anything. He wanted to speak with me and now he’ll never speak again.

 Eva (with tears in her eyes) : Oh my God!! You monster !!

 Michael: Thank you for your kind words and now lets finish this once and for all…..

 Eva, with a jump, hits Michael who falls on the ground and runs to the front door but it was locked. She entered the living room and hid behind the curtain


 [Living room]


Michael: Come out, come out wherever you are! (After a while) I can hear you…

(He looks under tables, chairs)

(Scene with Eva behind the curtains breathing heavily)

Come out!

 (Eva hears his steps come closer and closer to her)

 Michael: Boo… (He says this as he pulls back the curtain)

 (Eva screams and hits him on the head with a candlestick that she found resting on the table right next to her. He gets dizzy and falls to the floor. She finds the chance to leave the room and runs as he’s almost unconscious. She gets into the jar’s room, where she got in earlier that night. She tries to climb up to the small open window. She hears Michael and knocks down a jar with a heart by mistake. He hears her and comes running in the room)

 [In the Jar’s room]

 Michael: That wasn’t a nice thing to do to me Eva. But if you want it that way, ok. As you wish. (He gets in the room and starts shouting. He’s on the floor trying to pick the heart up).

 Michael: What… What did you do/? That’s my mother! Oh, mummy, I’m sorry. Oh, God, that’s… that’s my mother! (He starts crying and pulls his hair)

 (Eva starts throwing more jars on the floor. Michael starts screaming but we don’t understand what he’s saying. He looks very crazy, he’s not controlling himself, he’s red with anger)

 [She stops throwing jars. Suddenly he looks up to her and gets to his feet. He’s wet through from the alcohol in the jars and chases her to the other side of the room. When he’s that close to her, and she’s sure that he’s got her, Max comes in and says “Want some light?” and he lights up a match which he found on a table. Michael is now on fire and he’s screaming louder. Eva runs out of the room with Max and he runs behind them. He falls as they go down the stairs and he dies].

 (Scene with Eva and Max reaching the door and stopping when they hear Michael fall down. They turn around and look at him. They sit on the floor and breathe heavily…)


Max: See..? I’ve learnt something in biology lessons after all!!


Photini, Alexandros, Charalambos



Maria a 16 year old girl from Nicosia, was playing games on the internet, but they made her feel lonely, so she decided to go in a chatroom to talk to someone.

She found an interesting guy, who was also bored of his life and he was 16 years old, just like Maria. His name was Paul. They both liked listening to Pop music, watching horror films, reading books, they loved cats, in fact they had many things in common, unusual nowadays. They both lived in Nicosia so Paul thought that it would be easy to meet Maria someday. But he was so wrong.

The days passed and they wrote to each other every day. They never talked about their  appearance, their weight and height, their hair and their eyes, they just talked about their interests and their thoughts about the world around them. Maria helped Paul with his homework and he “taught” her what boys want from girls. They had a great time, and Paul had such a great sense of humour. that even the way he said things, made Maria to laugh. He knew some good jokes too. Every day they got to know each other better. They seemed to understand each other. They liked each other.

He wanted to meet her, but she was too shy. Maybe she didn’t really want to see him, maybe she was afraid, the one thing she really knew was that she preferred to write him for the moment. And that’s what he said to him:

Paul: Why don’t you want to see me?

Maria: I think we should write to each other for the moment. And then we’ll see.

Paul: You don’t have to be so shy.

Maria: Please don’t get into this. Let’s just change the subject. O.K.?

Paul didn’t answer this time. But every now and then he asked her the same thing and she always refused to meet him. 

 He started to get angry with her, and thinking that Maria didn’t like him and that she was trying to avoid him, he stopped writing to her. She stopped too. She wasn’t angry with him, but she was very sad. She missed him so much and she wanted to talk to him again but she didn’t have the courage to write him. She tried to forget him and to get on with her life. She finally forgot him.

After a month passed and a new boy came to her school, and joined the same class as her. They were friends at first and then he became her boyfriend. Maria liked him from  first sight. He wasn’t the perfect guy that Maria had always dreamed about, but he had something special. The way he looked at her, with those blue big eyes and his smile was enough to make Maria fall in love with him.

They were so happy together, they cared for each other and they were inseparable.

One day while they were eating and talking at a restaurant.

Paul said “ You know something ….”

 “ What ? “Maria asked with anticipation.

 “ For  a strange reason you remind me of a girl that I met on the internet a month ago and she had the same name as yours, but …… forget it. He said.

“But what… tell me? Maria asked.

“ She didn’t like me anyway, she was avoiding me and she never agreed to meet me. You are a lot better than her, you are not as shy as her.” Paul answered trying to change the subject. He saw that Maria looked angry and he thought that she was just being jealous.

Maria got up and started yelling at him.

“ How dare you say that I was shy….”

“ What are you talking about? …I wasn’t talking about you.” Paul said . He was so confused.

“ I was the girl on the internet…… I wasn’t trying to avoid you, you were just moving too fast for me, I needed time to get to know you a little bit more…”

Paul never liked to fight with a girl, girls always won and anyway he loved her so much, he didn’t want to see her getting upset. She stopped yelling, she knew that she had over reacted. She pretended that she was still very angry, which she was, but not as much as she looked like. 

Paul finally said “ I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean it, can you please sit down?”

“ O.K. I’m sorry too” Maria apologised.

“ You kind of freaked me out you know…” Paul said with a low voice.

“ I’m sorry, I do that sometimes, I can’t control my anger…. But you said some bad things too.” Maria said laughing.

“ Yes, I know I’m sorry, if I knew …. But anyway you are a little bit shy”

“ Really? …”

“ Yes, try to be more confident.”

“ Okay, okay …lets just stop talking for a while.”

She was calm and happy more than ever. Paul was a little bit nervous with the thought that some minutes ago he was close to losing Maria. Time made both of them to forget this night and all the bad things they said to each other.

Something utterly amazing


He was sitting in a café in downtown Nicosia, wondering whether it would be right to order a cappuccino before his date arrived.

He looked at his watch again. Why did time seem to pass so slowly when you are being stood up?

They had met through an advertisement on a website. “Rock chick looking for rare metal CDs. Will pay for Metallica and Iron Maiden.”  He answered. After all, he did have a rather large collection of metal CDs and enjoyed “educating” people in music issues. He emailed her that he wanted to know more.  

They found out they had lots of things in common - they both loved music and art very much; they had endless conversations about them on the Net. They emailed each other often and spoke on the phone a lot. He fell in love with her sweetness and she fell in love with the way he expressed himself. They both wanted to meet. And here he was, probably stood up by her.

“I’ll be wearing a red top and holding Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘em all’ ” She said when he asked how he’d recognize her.

“Come on, just tell me how you look…” he tried to persuade her.

“No, you’ll see for yourself.” She insisted.

And now, he was sitting there looking around him, hoping she’d appear out of thin air. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of a girl in a red top holding something. Then the waitress appeared in front of him, blocking his sight.

-          Would you like to order something?

-          No, not yet. Thanks.

When she left he tried to spot the girl again and he noticed someone standing in a dark corner in a red top, holding what seemed like a CD. He stood up and walked to her, looking more confident than he felt. To his disappointment, the girl was particularly ugly and a bit chubby. He took a deep breath.

-          Hi. I’m Danny. Are you Maria?

-          Yeah.

-          Umm, do you want to have a drink or something? Let’s sit at my table.

-          I’m sure Maria would love to! Said the girl smiling widely.

-          Excuse me? Said Danny.

-          I said that Maria would love to. She’s right there. Go speak to her, the girl said and pointed to a girl sitting at a table.

He was confused but decided to do what “Maria” told him to. He walked to the girl and he saw that she was extremely beautiful.

-          You‘re Danny, aren’t you? She asked.

Danny nodded. He was speechless. She looked at him with her intriguing blue eyes and said:

-          I’m Maria. I hope I didn’t confuse you, did I? I just wanted to check if your feelings for me were real before you saw how I looked. Are you OK?

-          I… ummm… let’s have a cup of coffee…

And that was the beginning of something utterly amazing…




Cottage story

Last night I went to see my grandmother, but she wasn't there. "Very strange" I thought. She called me two days ago and she asked me if I could come and visit her. Her cottage was small with lots of trees around it. I knocked twice but no one answered. I stood outside her window and I saw that her key was on the table. She'd never go out without locking the door. I tried to figure out a way to get in. I pushed the window but it didn't open. It was getting darker every minute and the sky was black. I decided that I had to get in, so I broke the kitchen window and I stepped in the cottage. I reached for the light and when I tried to switch it on I realised that there was no electricity.

I knew I couldn't spend the night there so I tried to call my mother. The phone was dead. I felt sleepy and I looked at my watch to see the time. It had stopped. It showed 18:43. It was impossible. I ran to my grandmother's bedroom because I remembered that she had a clock. It had stopped too on 18:43. I felt nervous when I went to bed. Why had the clocks stopped?

I must've been asleep for 3-4 hours but then I woke up. I heard a noise form the kitchen. I was paralysed. After a minute, I got out of bed to investigate. I got in the kitchen and I heard the noise again. I felt something hairy on my feet and I realised that it was only a cat. I opened the fridge to give her some milk but the fridge was empty. I went back to bed and I was still nervous, so I took the cat with me.

 When I was ready to sleep I felt something else in the bedroom. It suddenly got very cold and scary. The cat was hiding under the bed. I plucked up the courage and tried to touch that thing. It wasn't material. It was just like fog; cold and wet. Then I felt a breeze and I fainted because I was very scared. I still don't know what happened.


Valentina Pravodelov


The Spooky Cottage.

A few days ago, something really weird happened to me! My parents had to go to a grand opening of some stupid factory! So, I had no other choice but to go to my grandmother's spooky cottage. Since I was a child I had the feeling that the forest that the cottage was in was haunted by ghosts. But I thought that because I was a kid it was all in my mind!


Anyway, when I was on my way a terrible storm broke out. When I got there by taxi, the cottage looked very empty with no lights. The front door was locked, but I had a spare key. When I got in I tried to call my grandmother but no one answered me. The phones were dead so I couldn't call my mother or father. I found some old candles and a torch and I lit the candles on the dining table. I was very worried about my grandmother. I searched every inch of the house, but nothing.


So when I went to bed, I couldn't sleep. I felt very nervous because I felt like someone was watching me! After only a few hours of sleep, I woke up because I heard a consistent tapping against the window. I saw three very- very scary, spooky, disgusting ghosts that were in front of the window! I quickly fell down hoping that they didn't see me!


Lucky fro me I've seen the exorcist 3 times. My grandmother was a very religious woman and I went down and brought up the holy water and a cross! After a while, my fears came true, I could feel that something was in the room. When I turned round I saw a ghost! I tried to hit it but my hand just went through it. I ran down the stairs and got in the closet, but there was my grandmother tied up with ropes and when I saw her I fainted!