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 Iím going out with a really nice guy. He says he loves me, and he even wants to get married. The problem is, I donít love him. Iím in love with his best friend and itís driving me crazy. I dream about him all the time and often cry myself to sleep. Iíve tried to find out how he feels, but he is in difficult position too. My friends say I should stop seeing my boyfriend. But, if I canít have the boy I love, surely he is the next best thing.



Iíve got a great girlfriend and weíve been together for about six months. Itís all been quite serious but now Iím not so sure. You see, I saw my ex-girlfriend again at a party a few days ago and I think she feels we made a big mistake and that she really wants us to start going out again. I think I feel the same. What do I do? How do I tell my present girlfriend that I think we should break up?



 My best friend and his girlfriend have been together for some time, but she keeps flirting with me and I donít know if he realizes or not. Should I tell him? I donít really fancy her, but I really like his ex-girlfriend. Do you think he would mind if I asked her out? He is an old friend and I donít want to upset him.



My younger brothers are always teasing me and they make me get mad. They try to make me feel stupid in front of my friends. I donít know what to do. I canít hit them bad because they are my brothers.


My girlfriend is angry with me because I hang out with one girl of my neighborhood. I donít want to loose her but I cant stop hanging out with my friend because we were doing this since we were little kids. HELP.


                          Iím a 13year old boy and I like to spend my free time playing on the computer. I donít go out very often because I donít have lots of friends, that is the reason for my letter. Ever since the junior school everything was going well and in the 6th grade all my friends started avoiding me and when we were together I didnít knew what to do and I didnít feel welcome. I never had the courage to ask them why they were avoiding me because I thought that they were going to make fun of me. I know that they must have a reason for not talking with me but I donít know what the reason is please help me because I canít stand this anymore.



The Problems We Have!



Iím fifteen years old and Iíve been going out with my boyfriend for nine months. Recently we started having a more intimate relationship. Although we used condoms, I think that Iím pregnant. Iím afraid to have a pregnancy test and havenít told my boyfriend yet as Iím not sure how he will react. I have no-one to turn to and feel desperate. Please help me.

A Desperate Soul.


Dear ?

Iím so unhappy! My parents hate me. Whatever I do to try to please them it turns out the opposite. They are always yelling at me and bossing me around as if Iím still a little child. Iím almost 16 but they still only allow me out until 12 oíclock. Itís so embarrassing, but each time I try to make them understand that itís too early, we end up fighting and I get punished as usual. Nobody understands me, nobody even likes me. My parents hate me. Sometimes I think no-one would miss me if I wasnít here. Please help me, my life is pointless!

An unhappy teenager.


Dear ?

Iím so depressed. Two weeks ago I broke up with my boyfriend. We had a fight and now he refuses to talk to me. Weíve been going out for almost a year and I love him very much, but he says he doesnít love me anymore. I just donít know what to do. I cry all the time and Iím sure IĎll never get over him. I feel like my life has no meaning now. Please tell me what to do.



Dear ,

Iím 16 and everyone tells me I have an eating disorder. My parents say Iím anorexic but I believe I Ďm just being careful with my diet. When I was 12 I put on a lot of weight and I desperately wanted to become slim. I got obsessed with my body and since then Iíve had lots of problems. Every month I got thinner and thinner and when people told me how skinny I looked, I loved it. Now my health is beginning to suffer and I get ill; very easily. The doctor told me that I should put on weight or Iíll soon end up in hospital. But I still donít think this has anything to do with my weight. My parents are also thinking about making me see a psychologist. The problem is that Iím very happy with the way I look now and Iím afraid of getting overweight again. I just canít understand why theyíre making such a big deal out of it.




I hate myself and just want to die. My life has no interest. Iím not good at anything and it seems as if everything I do is wrong. Iíve tried to change things but I canít. Iím always depressed Nothing matters to me anymore. Iíve lost the will to live as I canít stand this hell Iím in any longer. I donít even know why I feel this way. Iíve tried talking to someone but no-one understands me. In the past Iíve tried to kill myself several times but without success. Maybe I wasnít serious enough about it. But this time I really think Iíll do it. Please help me before itís too late.