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 The Wave

Dear Alex,

You won’t believe what happened.

Mr Ross in class started a speech as always and he had promised us to end the Wave once and for all, but this time he seemed to be going more deeply into it than ever. David and I tried to stop him and try to show the others what is happening to us because of the Wave. Before we revealed too much he threw us out of the class, to the principal’s office.

Everybody was turning against us, we were alone and something bad like this brought me and David back together. As we were walking with David we agreed to go back to school and sneak inside the Wave rally even though it was only for Wave members.

Almost every door was locked as if they were talking about secrets no one else should know, but we managed to get inside. He was talking about the National Wave Youth Movement and he was constantly asking questions to make them think for themselves. They shouldn’t give their freedom for superiority. They should think for themselves they don’t need any kind of leader to guide them anywhere.

The Wave finally came to an end, hopefully for some but painfully for others.

What a relief, now I can do anything I want without any problems.

Love Laurie



Dear Alex,

Hi, how are you doing? I hope you are doing well because I’m not.

The Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t wait to say to Amy what I’ve learned. When everybody knew about the senior who beaten up a junior, they would quickly come to reality, they would think for themselves that the Wave caused all that and immediately stop, but I guess I was wrong.

When I tried to reach Amy in the crowds right before the game started, I needed to give the Wave salute to Brad to let me go to her aisle, so I just stood there, refusing to give the salute. It was a matter of time for me to start screaming in the crowds about his single-mindedness and his behaviour. In the end, he let me go, but many people were watching, so I decided to leave.

We finally had a good subject for the school’s newspaper, and just because they knew we chose the Wave as our subject, some didn’t even bother to come. I wrote a paper entirely devoted to the Wave, where I included everything about the junior who got beaten up and how the Wave is such a dangerous and mindless movement.

Before I printed the paper, I should first show it to Amy to let me know her opinion. Amy didn’t change. She insisted that I shouldn’t reveal the truth because it would harm the Wave. Even though teachers and parents were in Mr Owens office complaining all morning.

I was late after school because I was celebrating our successful newspaper with the Grapevine staff. There was no other copy left. As I was leaving the office, darkness filled the halls. I approached my locker, realizing that somebody had written the word “ENEMY” on it. Footsteps were coming down the hall. I nervously turned around and run for my life. I left the building as fast as I could. I could be in grave danger.

David caught me on my way home and told me that I should stop writing stuff against the Wave because I’m causing all the problems. Nobody realizes that the main problem is the Wave.

What do you think about the Wave Alex?

With love,




Dear Davis,

I felt like writing to you because lately strange things have happened one after the other.

Today in class literally nobody spoke, they sat silently waiting for Mr. Ross and it happened that he was late. What an irony it’s like our behaviour had changed, after that lesson about discipline. When Mr. Ross arrived, he was surprised to not see a madhouse. He thought his lesson had really made a difference on us so instead of moving on to a new lesson he continued the lesson about discipline.

This time he added “COMMUNITY” on the board completing our motto and he also gave us a symbol. The symbol of a wave, as the wase has movement, direction, and impact and now we have a salute maybe to display respect or even as a greeting. I believe that Mr. Ross is trying to build an empire were all the people will have the same goal, to work as a team and achieve it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that it’s just that no other teacher has done such a thing.

I would really love to know your opinion about the whole wave scenario. What would you do if you were in my position?




Dear Davis,

You won’t believe what happened today in the history class.

 The teacher had written in large letters STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE, I thought it was going to be a dumb lecture as every other teacher does, but we gave it a chance and it turned out to be a very special lesson. He explained us what it means, and he tried to apply it to his lessons, so he told us the proper posture.

 Afterwards he explained an exercise we should try so we got up and walked around the room and when he gave the command, we returned to our seats with the proper posture. At first, we run on each other we bumped each other, there were lots of loud scraping noises of desks and chairs moving, lots of chatter. He said he was disappointed, so we kept doing the same thing for the rest of the 20 minutes that remained. Until we got an excellent time of 16 seconds and now, he set three more rules. The first rule was that everybody should have pencils and a notebook for notetaking , the second rule was whenever we wanted to ask or answer a question we should stand next to our seats and the third rule was, when we wanted to ask or answer a question we should start out sentence with “Mr. Ross”.

 It was strange at first no other teacher had ever made such rules but by the end of the lesson we managed to master them. Have you ever had a strange lesson like mine? I would love to know your opinion about our lesson.

With love Laurie xxx





Red and The Drug Addict

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a city with her mother and her father, who was rarely home because he was a doctor and most of his time he spends it in the hospital and whenever she went out the girl wore her red jacket, the one her grandma gave her on Christmas. She wore her red jacket every day so she got the nickname “Red”.

 One day her grandma who was sick called and said she had no morphine left and was in agony.  So Red hurriedly grabbed her jacket and a basket which she filled with food and morphine tablets and rushed out of the house to save her Granny.

On the way to her grandma’s house , she decided to take a shortcut but She got lost. Then she saw a man. Little did she know that he was a drug addict who was desperate for his dose.. “Where are you! going,” he asked her in a deep, hoarse voice. She replied, “I’m going to my grandma’s house?” “What are you carrying?”he asked She replied quite annoyed and upset: “I’m carrying drugs for my grandma who is in great pain...Why?”

A strange evil expression appeared on the weird man’s face, “Well I think I know where your grandma’s house is…” he said and told Red the longer route to the house. Then, he took a short cut and ran as fast as he could.

  When he reached the house he knocked on the door and said; “ Hi grandma it’s me Red” in with a high-pitched voice. Once the door opened he rushed inside, tied grandmama up, threw her into the wardrobe, laid on her bed, and waited for Red.

When Red arrived she found the front door open which seemed very strange because her grandmama was sick. How could she be outside? She entered the house quietly and suspiciously. “Grandma” she called . It’s me Red. I’ve brought your medicine. The man answered in a high voice: “I’m in my bedroom sweetheart. Immediately Red knew something was wrong as her grandmama never called her sweetheart. 


“Thank you for coming by sweetheart” Wolf continued, “Can you please hand me my medicine?” then Red replied “How weird your voice sounds and how weird your face looks” Red knew that the person laying on her grandmama’s bed surely wasn’t granny, she recognized the man she met when she lost the road to the house.

 So Red thought of a cunning plan. She gave morphine to the man and suggested to him to take 5 tablets a day so he would get better, but the correct amount of morphine was a half tablets a day. Red knew that once she left he would take the medicine and fall into a deep sleep… Red found her grandmama and finally gave her the medicine. After a few days Grandma was healthy again and they all lived happily ever after.



Invisible Friend

Dear Diary,

  Today my day was full of ups and downs. I finally got chosen for the swimming team for 200 metre backstroke and relay. But when I told it to my family nobody cared.

  Mum was speaking about deaths and sad things. She never looks at the bright side of life, she is a pessimist. Gary was in his room with aggressive, blasting music turned all the way and dad is always sleeping, pretending to watch TV. He could get the World Record Guinness of sleeping. I wonder how mum and dad are still together.

  At teatime Zara my invisible friend wanted to eat with us, but mum didn’t let her have her own plate, or even her own chair. So, I secretly tried to feed her a bit above my shoulder but unfortunately Gary saw me, and he started screaming that I was trying to fill my ear with food. My dad always gets irritated with Zara and realised immediately what was happening and sent me to my bedroom.

  Thunder and lightning struck through the night and I heard something down the stair, I walked steadily until a thunder crashed and I fell. When I woke up, I saw a strange girl. I was extremely afraid since I hadn’t see her before in my whole life, but she proved me wrong. She was always by my side and knew all of my secrets that I had told her. I realized that it was Zara!

  Zara my best invisible friend and now I could see her. I asked her how I could see her, and she answered me that with concentration and belief you can do anything, Zara was visible only to me and nobody else.

  Now I am sitting on my bed writing this hoping tomorrow is going to be a better day.

With love

 Lucy xxx



  Samorost heared his dog’s barks and with curiosity he checked out of the window. He couldn’t believe his eyes some aliens invaded his planet and that moment they were kidnapping his dog.

  The aliens left with their spaceship and entered another planet inside a big, metallic gate that a robot was opening, but you needed to hit the robot hard on the head, so it let you go inside. Samorost didn’t have a choice from following the aliens with his rocket to retrieve his dog. When he arrived at the planet, he landed his rocket near the entrance of the gate and he got out, but when Samorost started walking he got trapped by a strange plant. I dragged an insect that was on a nearby plant to the plant the Samorost trapped and the insect helped Samorost escape.

  Afterwards Samorost needed to hit the robot hard so he could get inside that gate. He spotted a snail working to build its house with a big hammer and Samorost needed that hammer so went down the stairs and he planned to give that snail some liquid that he could get from inside the planet so he would fall asleep. So that’s what he did in the process there was an animal drinking that liquid from a hole on the pipe, so he patched the hole with a cork that he found in the little house. He boiled the liquid and poured it in a wooden bowl for the snail. His plan was a success the snail drank the liquid and fell asleep and now Samorost was able to get inside the gate. He got the snail’s hammer and hit the robot. He got inside, went down the ladder and jumped on a rusty, broken pipe he should reach somehow the other side of the hole at that right moment he saw a gigantic spider wrapping its prey with web then Samorost hanged from the wrapped insect and jumped to the hole on the other side.

  He slid inside the hole and fell on a room. Samorost spotted a wire and plugged it on the wall then the fridge that was next to him started working and shaking and with the vibration it moved from the way and Samorost saw another hole covered by a heavy plate he used his weight to lift it up and went down the ladder until he reached the tunnel and crawled inside. Again, he went down the ladder when the tunnel ended, but there was water how could he continue he had to get rid of it, so he tuned the lever and the lid lifted and the water disappeared. He continues searching when he arrived at the alien’s house, he got the bolt from a robot that was standing still and unscrewed the nut from the cover of the machine next to him and removed the chain and the machine broke. The alien in the second floor couldn’t work because the machine was broken. He went all the way back to the room with the fridge and the tunnel and past threw that tunnel. He noticed that the machine was transferring bags of green fruits. What would happen if he was in these bags? Where would he go? So, he climbed the ladder and emptied the basket from the green fruits and transferred himself in the bag.

  To the room was a fat alien was eating all the fruits and it was Samorost turn and by a mistake the fat alien ate Samorost in a bite. Then he felt dizzy and threw him up. After he pulled a lever and a rope wrapped around him and took him away afterwards the dog while was running in a wheel to produce energy to keep the fan of the fat alien activated and when he changed direction the fan changed too and the hat that he was wearing flew away from his head. When he lifted his hand to catch his hat, I pulled the lever to bring Samorost back. With a smart move Samorost moved the fat alien’s chair to the front and the moment he pulled the lever he trapped himself. Now Samorost and his dog were together and free. While they were in their rocket flying towards their planet they were out of fuel and they crashed to a planet.

  They had no choice from following the path in the path there was a man and Samorost asked for help but he wanted something for exchange he wanted a pipe that I knocked easily from the nest of the bird, but afterwards he wanted some kind of a powder. Samorost’s dog went behind the tree inside a different tunnel and met a wild, angry racoon and behind that racoon was that powder. The dog did something very smart to transfer water. It drank the water then it was peeing it onto the plant until it get bigger. When it was big enough the dog got the bone and gave it to the racoon to tame it and brought the powder to the man. Satisfied the man gave them a source of light to follow it.


  A very important case opened for the FBI. A serial killer is out there killing random people and removing their livers with his bare hands.

  Mulder and Scully started investigating the case when the serial killer entered a high security building and killed George Usher in his office. The next day Mulder was searching for evidence in George Usher’s office when he spotted some metal filings on the floor, he picked them up. High above him on the wall was a metal grille that covered the air vent. He took fingerprint powder, tape and brush. Then he began to powder the area surrounding the vent. A long thin narrow fingerprint appeared, bit by bit. It had all the human details, but it was certainly not human. 

  In summary the murders were 11, all in Baltimore area, no point of entrance in any of them and the victims were all killed in the same way. In 1963 and 1933 the murder had stroke and by his mistake he left his fingerprints in three of the crime scenes in 1963 and two of the crimes in 1933. In 1903 the five murders were similar as the ones from 1963 and 1933 but no fingerprints were lifted because in 1903 fingerprinting wasn’t too common.  All five like the one we lifted in Usher’s office. 

  Scully was in her apartment with her eyes fixed on the computer screen. She had made the profile of the killer and she believed the killer to be male, twenty-five to thirty-five years. He has above average intelligence. His method of entry has so far been undetermined. This may be due to his great knowledge of the internal structure of buildings and ducts.

  Three days later Scully went to the garage below the building of George Usher’s office, Mulder was already there examining the duct system. When he heard a noise. The ventilation duct flexed from the inside, almost like it was breathing. The man hesitated beyond the glare of the agents’ flashlights and came out. He looked about twenty, he had a childlike face with a high forehead. He wore a tan uniform with an emblem that read ANIMAL CONTROL. Eugene Tooms was handcuffed, arrested and took to the lie detector.

  The following day Scully was sitting behind a two-way mirror and the suspect was placed in a small room to take the lie detector test. He was asked many questions in many of them he answered right but in the question: “Are over 100 years old” and “have you ever been to Powhatan Mill in 1933”, he lied. He was their man and he was released. 

  The next day Scully sat with Mulder in front of a computer. Mulder took Tooms fingerprint and the elongated print from Usher’s office and he wrote a command and the computer stretched Tooms fingerprint and it was a match. The only thing that we really know is they let him go.

  It was dark when Tooms struck again. It was quiet and Werner wanted to break the idea that something was wrong, so he decided to light the fire and suddenly it died. That moment his attacker threw him to the floor with unbelievable force and he was unconscious when Eugene Tooms took what he had come for. The next day Werner’s house was filled with people. Mulder’s eyes widened as he spotted something that the police had missed, a smudge of ash above the hearth was something disturbingly familiar in its long narrow shape. It wasn’t clear but the resemblance to the other prints was strong. He noticed another smudge of ash but in the middle was a perfectly clean ring. Tooms had taken something with him.

  Mulder was sitting in front of a microfiche machine. Mulder knew, would tell him precisely who had been living in Baltimore in the 1903 Census. Eugene Victor Tooms, Mulder smiled finally the puzzle was starting to feet together. It all started in 1903 on Exeter Street residence: apartment 103, Sixty-six occupation: dogcatcher.

  The following day Scully and Mulder decided to pay a visit to Frank Briggs, the policeman who investigated the murders in 1963. He told them how strange it was chasing that creature Tooms. He also told them that he had a jar filled with a clear liquid that was probably formaldehyde. A chunk of red tissue floated in the liquid it was a piece of a removed liver, that wasn’t the only trophy that he took, he also took personal items of the victims.

   The apartment 103 in sixty-six Exeter street was an old and dirty apartment. A stained mattress leaned against a wall that caught Mulder’s attention behind it was a small hole. The two-agent crouched until the end of it. There was a table full of items they should be the trophies and there was something like a nest made from newspaper that stacked together with bile. It was smelling from miles away. Mulder had a theory that Tooms might eat five livers, so he has energy to hibernate for thirty years. Something that Scully didn’t notice Tooms that was from the beginning there watching them and while Scully was going deeper to the hole Tooms managed to grab her necklace. A trophy for each victim. He had just found the next one.

  Scully stood in front of her mirror facing herself and getting ready for a bath when a greenish yellow liquid purred from the air vent. Scully touched it and immediately ran to grab her gun from her bag. Tooms was there with Scully. She searched for him in every corner for him nothing. Then she heard a noise behind her. She trained her weapon on a heating grille. Now she was the hunter. She didn’t see the cover of the heating grille opening and with a sudden move Tooms’s hand shot out of the vent and locked around her leg, pulling it out from under her. He was like an animal. Scully had never been against something like that.

  When Tooms was ready to take with his powerful hands Scully’s liver when the door broke and Mulder quickly took his handcuffs and with a quick move locked Tooms’s one hand then Tooms turned and punched him. The fight was over the moment he let his hand away from me I trapped his other hand, he was hopeless and arrested.

  In the prison in a cell Tooms’ methodically was shredding the newspaper and added the pieces to the pile on the wall. Mulder and Scully were staring at him when he was building his new nest.


The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy lived happily with her friends, her aunt Emily and her uncle in the grey Kansas. But one day a horrible person called Mrs.Glutch she wanted to get Toto from Dorothy because he was chasing her chickens. So Dorothy wanted to leave her family because nobody was giving her attention to say what happened with Mrs.Glutch ,she wanted to escape from trouble and she also wanted to discover the world see more place see places that they don’t have only grey, and she left. While she was leaving she saw Mr.Marvel the magician, he offered her to see what is happening in her house she agreed. Then she saw her aunt Emily panicking and crying for her. She managed to come back but it was to late everybody was in the cellar because a cyclone was coming. She saw it from the window then the window hit Dorothy on her forehead and she fainted. When she woke up she opened the door and saw a beautiful colourful magic place just like where she wanted to go.

… I woke up, Toto and I were very afraid we didn’t know what was happening. I opened the door and I saw a beautiful magic place I knew that that wasn’t Kansas. Cowardly I step out of the door and I saw a beautiful woman dressed like a queen or like a good witch. She thanked me I didn’t knew why but I was feeling like a hero, without doing anything. She told me that I killed the wicked witch of the East and that she was the good witch of the North. I didn’t do anything I was right but my house did it landed on the wicked witch of the East. And those poor little Munchkins were finally freed. They came of the bushes to thank me and for a gift to help me to my journey the good witch of the North gave me the wicked witch’s magic slippers. While I was thinking about my family, my house, my friends I cowardly started crying in front of everybody. The good witch to console/solace me and protect me to my journey retrieve home she kissed me on my four head and she told me that she knew somebody that could help but I should follow the yellow brick road that it goes to Emerald City. The man was the wizard of Oz. Before I start my journey she told me to remember those three words love, courage, wisdom.

… While me and Toto were following the yellow brick road somebody said hello I turned left and right I didn’t see anybody then again said hello I knew were the voice was coming from, from the left I turned left and I saw a scarecrow on a pole speak, it was almost unbelievable, socked I said hello too. I was very surprised. He begged me to get him off the pole and willing I got him off the pole. He wanted something  a lot too he wanted to have a brain because he wasn’t clever he kept forgetting stuff. I told him that he could come with me to the wizard of Oz. So we followed together the yellow brick road. Suddenly somebody said something again we stopped walking and looked around. There was a Tinman that wanted help, he wanted us to oil his edges because he was rusty. When we oil him he felt normal again he could speak too and he wanted something a lot too he wanted a heart because he can’t control his feelings. Then I told him that the wizard of Oz might help him and together like a happy family we followed the yellow brick road…

…Excited for our journey we were dancing while we were following the yellow brick road a big lion jumped from the nowhere and attacked us when he roared to Toto, Dorothy got mad and hit the lion on the nose with her bag. The lion was very sad and he was feeling horrible that he attacked because he wanted to show us that he was brave. He started crying because he was coward. While he was crying he told us that he need a lot courage because he was very coward. And Dorothy solace him by saying him that wizard of Oz might help him so together they go throw the trouble and stay united friends…

…A big black creature appeared from the nowhere everybody was scared. We couldn’t run away because there was a hill with a river on the bottom. The creature started chasing us and we were all panicking. The coward lion was wasting time so I could cut a tree and get across to the other side of the hill. I finally cut the tree and made a bridge, we step the bridge and we all got away from it. But it wasn’t that the end the big wild black creature had balance to get across the bridge but I cut the bridge soon enough so we won’t be in trouble but the creature jumped and it got with its hand the edge of the hill and because it couldn’t lift his weight it fell of the hill…

…We were anxious and scared but we were happy too because is the time that was the reason of our journey. I was feeling the heart that I want even closer to me. We went to the wizard of Oz it was a big floating head, a very angry and rude floating head. We told him that Dorothy wants to go to Kansas, I want to have a heart, scarecrow wants a brain and the coward lion needs courage. We thought that he was generous but we have wrong he wanted something too. He wanted from us to kill the wicked witch of the West. When we left the room we started crying, I knew that I couldn’t have that easily the heart that I wanted. Dorothy while I was crying told me to stop because I was going to be rusty again.

…Then we started walking towards the big ugly dark castle of the wicked witch of the West. She saw us when we were walking towards her and she sent her slaves that they looked like monkeys but they where flying to take Dorothy and Toto. She wanted a lot from Dorothy her ruby magic shoes. Her slaves attacked us they threw me on sharp rocks, the scarecrow took off his straw, they damage the lion and take Dorothy and Toto just like the wicked witch told them to do. When I escaped from the sharp rocks, I helped the coward lion and I put straw in the scarecrow. We were searching for a plan that could save Dorothy and Toto. While we were hiding three soldiers attacked us from behind. We were stronger than them and we won them. Now we had a plan were their uniforms and act like soldiers so we could get in. we got in and we found Toto that escaped from the wicked witch. We followed him to find Dorothy and leave the castle. We found Dorothy but just that moment the wicked witch of the West appeared in front of us and started chasing us. She threw a flame on the scarecrow and Dorothy wanted to throw him water from the bucket of water that she found on the floor but she half missed the half water went to him and the other half went accidently to the wicked witch of the West. She melted because she melts with water and we didn’t know that but we won her. All the soldiers excited and surprised thanked us that we freed them from the wicked witch of the West and they asked me if I could be their king rule them but I think I chose the right path I stayed with my friends until we get what we wanted. And happily we started dancing and singing towards the wizard of Oz.

…The wizard of Oz was surprised to see them again because he thought that they couldn’t kill the wicked witch of the West but they killed her. Then Toto pulled the curtains it was an old little man it was the wizard of Oz but maybe now just Oz. He tricked us so we could think that he was wizard with that floating head. He began being the wizard of Oz because he came from the sky with a balloon and the people there though that he was a wizard. He helped as he was promised us he put bran for a brain for the scarecrow and gave him a diploma like all the clever people, he gave a metal of courage to the coward lion or now the courage lion, he gave we heart that could tik and tok, and finally it was Dorothy and Toto’s turn he would take the balloon that he came from and take Dorothy and Toto with him. Suddenly Toto saw a cat and he had to chase her and he ran off the balloon Dorothy followed him just the time were the ropes cut. The little old man left from the Emerald City alone. 

…Dorothy started crying and we were feeling horrible for her. Then from the sky a magic ball of the good witch of the North appeared then the ball disappeared and the good witch of the North appeared. She told Dorothy not to cry and that she could help her. Then she told her to click three times her ruby magic shoes and she should imagen that there is no place like home and then she magically appeared lying on her bed because she had temperature that was the magic ability of her magic ruby shoes. That was a dream or reality one god knows. When she opened her eyes saw in front of them her friends in the story not same but similar the old man was Mr.Marvel.