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The Wave

Dear Lizzy,

Sorry for stopping my letter in the middle last time. Mom was calling me for dinner and I didn’t have time to finish it.

The last time we talked I told you about the accident with David. After that David and I run to Mr. Ross’s house to talk to him. When he opened the door he was confused. We explained to him that we really needed to talk to him about the wave.

We told him all the reasons we believe the wave was getting out of hand. We told him about the accident right before. He agreed with us and said that he was going to put an end to it but we needed to trust him. I wasn’t sure if I could trust him after everything that happened but I nodded in confirmation.

The next day in class, David and I were nervous about Mr. Ross’s plan. He told us he had one but nothing about it. He started by inviting all the wave members to a rally in the auditorium after school. Everything was going well. We thought he was going to put an end to it later at the rally but then Mr. Ross continued talking and said that their national leader will attend the rally and address them. When we heard that we were furious and disappointed at Mr. Ross. He wasn’t putting an end to. The wave was growing at a national level.

We stood up and started shouting at our classmates things like, he is manipulating us, can’t any of you think for yourself anymore etc. Robert and Brian escorted s out of the classroom to Principal Owens office. We were angry, frustrated and worried. We knew we had to do something otherwise everything will be out of control.

We skipped the rest of the school day and went to a nearby place to think. We came to conclusion that the only way to stop the wave is to get in to that rally and knock some sense in to our classmates. But we had no idea how to get.

When we got there the front doors were locked. We tried a bunch of them but all of them were locked until some wave members left the rally and a door opened giving us the opportunity to sneak in without anybody noticing. When we got there everybody was waiting for their national leader to talk through the tv set. And then suddenly the video Mr. Ross showed us the day all of this started appeared on the screen. Everybody was shocked and confused.

Mr. Ross started talking about the wave and how it got out of our control. How we gave up our individuality for equality and how we were going to be great Nazis if we lived during that time in Germany. He ended his speech by saying that we all learned an important lesson. That we are all responsible for our own actions and we should always question things and not blindly follow somebody else.

Most of the kids were humiliated. You could see it clear as day in their facial expressions. I think Robert will take it harder than everybody else. He was feeling included and not excluded for once in his life.

I don’t definitely do not agree with what Mr. Ross did but I think that the lesson we learned from this will be something all of us will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

With lots of love,




Dear Lizzy,

Not a lot of things happened since my last email but I wanted to keep you updated.

After David and I broke up, I really wanted to talk to Amy about it but also about the wave. I was planning on telling her about the story of the boy who was beat up and the letter from the junior. Amy was still an active member of the wave and I didn’t understand why, but I was sure that when I told her my concerns she would have changed her mind.

I went to the football game to look for her because we always go together and sit at the bleachers. I spotted her quite easily. While I was walking toward her, Brad stopped me and asked me to do the wave salute. I refused and questioned his motives. He explained that people who don’t do the salute are not allowed to be there. I continued to refuse and he let me go without doing it but I was so mad I left and went to the publications office.

There I was alone until other stuff members started coming in. I found out that there are a lot of people who do not like the wave and we decided to write an editorial about the wave showing how it effects people and the school in a bad way. We were going to publish it at the Grapevine as soon as possible.

 Once we were ready to publish the Grapevine, I went looking for Amy again to show it to her hoping she would agree with me about the wave. But she didn’t she said I was jealous because I am not the best anymore and everybody is equal just like David said a few days before.

The stuff of the Grapevine and I celebrated our win with a party at the publications office but at the end I was the one left cleaning up their mess. When I left the office it was night and everything was dark. My locker had the word enemy written on it and I felt like somebody was following me so I run out of the school as quickly as I could.

While I was running David started shouting my name. He caught up to me and started telling me to stop writing stuff about the wave because I am ruining it for everybody else. He got angry and started yelling when I refused to stop. He pushed me throwing me to the ground. When he realized what he did he was extremely sorry and that’s when he realized how bad the wave really is.

Now that I have David on my side, I really think we can put an end to it. I hope we can.

With lots of love,


Dear Lizzy,

Every day the wave is getting scarier and more powerful. I have to find a way to put an end to it as soon as possible before the whole school is part of it, whether they want to or not. You may think I am overreacting but you will change your mind once you read what I learned today.

When I got to the publications office this morning I found an envelope on the floor. It was a letter from a junior saying that he was threatened by a senior to join the wave or lose all his friends. I find extremely distressing the fact that not only a senior bullied a junior into joining the wave but the junior was so afraid he didn’t even write his name on the letter leaving it anonymous so if published they won’t know he wrote it.

Another crazy thing that happened today is that David and I broke up. He came to the publications office before the rally and we had a huge fight about the wave.  I told him I didn’t want to go to the rally and he said that I have to go since other kids look up to me. I told him that is exactly the reason I don’t want to go because the students need to make their own decision and not just blindly follow somebody else. He accused me of being jealous because I am not the best anymore since everybody is equal now in the Wave. I don’t know whether I am upset about our breakup or not. I hope everything will go back to normal and David and I will get back together once I put an end to the wave.

Last but not least, my father came to my room this afternoon while I was trying to write the editorial about the wave. He told me that a boy from school was beaten up and that they said it was about the wave. The most disturbing thing though was the fact that the kid was Jewish. I was shocked.

 Do you think the wave is capable for something so horrible? I personally don’t know what to think anymore. The only thing I do know is that the wave is getting out of control awfully quick.

Lots of love,



Dear Lizzy,

I hope you are okay. I am not sure how I feel. Do you remember last time when I told you about the strange events happening in my history class? Well this lesson was no different.

When we got to class the next morning, we were all on time and sitting with the right position. Mr. Ross was the one who was late. He was surprised that we were all still following last lesson’s rules and he thought it was a joke but we reassured him that we were serious.

He wrote a new word on the board. Under STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE, he wrote STRENGTH THROUGH COMMUNITY. He explained that community is the bond between people who work and struggle together for a common goal. He said it’s like building a barn with your neighbors.

He named us the wave because a wave is pattern of change. It has movement, direction and impact. The words on the board is our motto and we have also a special salute. Mr. Ross told us to stand up and say the motto again and again. I hesitated a little in the beginning but eventually I followed the rest of the class.

Last night, while I was eating dinner with my family I brought up “the wave” because I couldn’t take my dad talking about golf for one more minute. My mom didn’t like the idea of us being puppets and she thinks that Mr. Ross is manipulating us. I told her how this has a positive impact. How we are learning to co-operate and be team. My dad agreed but my mom didn’t change her mind. 

Maybe this is crazy but I am really interested to see what will happen at the next lesson. What about you? Any strange things happening at your school?


Dear Lizzy,

How are you? What’s new? I am doing okay. I was a little shocked for a while because of something that happened in class the other day.

Do you remember Mr. Ross? The history teacher who came to our school the year before you left? He is my history teacher this year and he showed as a video from World War 2. It was shocking. Adolf Hitler killed 10 million people in extermination camp because he thought his race, Germans, were a superior race and Jews were destroyers of civilization. But, only less than 10% of the German population belonged in the Nazi Party, so why didn’t the majority of the Germans stop them? Mr. Ross couldn’t answer that question.

After the video I was really upset but David was just hungry. We had a small fight because he kept saying that all of this is in the past and we have to forget it ever happened. I disagree. Then they started talking about football. As I am sure you know, our football team is disorganized so they never win but they still try.

Now here comes the weird part. The next day, when we got to class Mr. Ross had written STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE on the board. He started telling us that through discipline comes power and success. He told Amy to sit at the front of the class and instructed her on how to sit properly and straight. Everybody copied her. After that Mr. Ross told us to stand up and walk around the class until he tells us to sit in our desks as fast as possible. 

He then timed as to see how fast we can go from outside the class to our seats. David had an idea. He told us to stand in line based on our seat so that way we could finish faster. We did it in sixteen seconds! Mr. Ross started asking us question next. But he wanted us to stand up next to our desks and start every answer with “Mr. Ross...” before answering.

When the bell rang we waited for Mr. Ross to dismiss us before leaving which was strange because we never did that before. As soon as we left the classroom David commented on how he felt we were more like a unit than individual people and that he felt we had more power like that. I am not sure if I agree with him.

I don’t know what happened but it definitely was a strange week. I hope I hear from you soon.    I miss you.

Lots of love



The Girl in Orange T-Shirt

One day, when Dylan was going through his backpack, he found a piece of paper with a phone number written on it and a message saying “text me”. Dylan was a fifteen years old and he just moved to Limassol, Cyprus. He started a month ago at new school and he didn’t have a lot of friends so as soon as he saw the message he texted the number simply out of curiosity.  He wanted to know who wrote the message and why.

That night, the two of them talked for hours but he still didn’t learn much. He found out three things: she is a girl, she goes to his school and she can’t tell him her name because she doesn’t want him to know who she is. Every day for two months they texted each other all the time and day by day they started getting to know each other better. After the first month Dylan asked the girl to send him a photo of herself but she refused because she said she didn’t want him to know who she is yet.

When three months went by, Dylan built up the courage to ask her to meet. He was surprised by her response. She agreed to meet so they arranged everything. The date, the time and the place. However, fate had other plans for them. Covid 19 came to Cyprus and ruined their plans. The whole country went on a total lockdown and nobody left their house for almost three months.

By the time lockdown ended, summer was just around the corner. They arranged their meeting once again. The date, 12 June 2020, the time, 6:00 p.m., the place, a café At Limassol Marina by the water. She told him that she was going to be wearing an orange t-shirt so he could recognize her.

When the day for their meeting came, Dylan was excited. He bought a cupcake from a little bakery near the café to give to her. He arrived at precisely 6:00 p.m. When he walked in the café he saw a beautiful girl going outside. She saw him and smiled at him. He saw her before around school so he thought his anonymous friend was her but then he remembered the orange t-shirt. Behind the beautiful girl was sitting another girl he knew went to his school. She wasn’t even half as pretty as the one before and she was two years younger than him.

At that moment he knew he had to choose. The pretty girl or the girl who he spent months texting and talking. He walked at the table where the girl with the orange t-shirt was sitting and told her “Hi, I am Dylan and you must be the person I’ve been talking to for months. I brought you this cupcake. Would you like something to drink?” She looked at him with smile on her face and said “I am not the girl you are looking for. I was a just test that you passed with flying colors. The girl you want is waiting for you outside.”

Hailey's Halloween

  It was October 31st, the scariest night of the year, Halloween! Hailey was walking towards an old, scary house. The day before Halloween she and her friends were talking about the haunted house on the hill. She never got scared easily, so her friends dared her to stay in the house for one night. She wanted to prove to them that the house was nothing more than that, a house, so she agreed.

  Now walking towards it, she thought maybe she had made a terrible mistake but she couldn’t go back. She thought about the family who used to live there. They had a little girl who was murdered in the basement by their maid on the night of Halloween. After that tragic incident, the parents had moved. The people in the town believed that the girl’s ghost still haunted the house every Halloween and that if you were quiet enough you could hear the sobbing of the girl as she begged for mercy.

 When Hailey was walking through the front door, she was filled with fear but also excited about the adventure.  She decided to explore the house before going to sleep. The whole house was covered with dust and spider webs because nobody had lived there since the death of the little girl. There were a lot of rooms including the basement where the child was murdered.

Hailey decided to sleep in the parents’ bedroom. She tried going to sleep but then she heard a sound. It was like someone was crying for help. She tried to ignore it by putting the pillow over her head, but the sound was unbearable. Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore, so she got out of bed and began looking for the source. It seemed like was coming from the little girl’s bedroom but then she saw an opened door going down to the basement and she realized that was where the sound was coming from. She felt nervous however she couldn’t suffer like that anymore. With every step she took her heart was pounding faster and faster. When she arrived at the bottom of the staircase she was searching for the light switch when she saw two red eyes staring at her. The light was minimum and her fear maximum. She screamed and then suddenly out of nowhere something jumped and landed on her. It was a kitten, small and hungry calling for his mother. Hailey was relieved. It was only her imagination, nothing was wrong.

She went back upstairs to sleep and took the kitten with her. She fell asleep almost immediately but after an hour or so, she heard another sound. However, it wasn’t like crying this time, it sounded like somebody growling. She looked for the kitten but she couldn’t find it anywhere. Then she got up and followed the sound just as before. This time she walked to the little girl’s bedroom. She slowly opened the door and looked inside and screamed in shock. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. In front of her were the ghosts of the little girl and the maid.

She was petrified and almost fainted from her fear, but she knew she had to stay, to be strong and fight the urge to run away. The little girl looked at her with tears running down her cheeks, begging for help. Whereas the maid was laughing hysterically. Hailey didn’t know what to do. Then the maid started to walk towards her and the little girl screamed at her to run before it was too late. At first, she tried helping the little girl but it was useless. She couldn’t touch them. So she just ran faster than ever before without looking back. She got to the front door and tried opening it but it was locked. She couldn’t get out! She was going to be trapped in there forever. Trapped in her worst nightmare. She would forever have to hear the girl screaming for help without being able to do anything about it.

And the worst thing was that nobody outside the house even remembered she had ever existed. From the moment she walked through the front door, the outside world had completely forgotten all about Hailey.





Once upon a time there was a man who lost his accounting business due to bankruptcy after losing his clients to a new firm. The man had three daughters. All three of them were pretty but Belle the younger one was really beautiful. After being used to living in big mansions with expensive clothes and food, the two older sisters couldn’t believe the fact that they had to move to a small apartment in the city. One day the man went to the bank, because his cards were the employee at the bank said that there is nothing they can do, the man left disappointed. While he was walking home he saw a casino and decided to go in and test his luck.

At the casino he played until he lost all his money and more. He tried leaving but the owner of the casino approached him and told him he had to pay. Either with money or with something else. The owner overheard him the man talking about Bella and he really wanted her to work for him, so he made a deal with the man that is his life or his daughter. The next morning the man told Bella the news and he was disappointed but she wanted to help her father no matter what, even if it meant working unwillingly for a monster like Charlie Beast, the owner of the casino.

Charlie was a kind, handsome man that after the death of his wife and child at a plane crush five years ago, changed entirely. Half of his face was destroyed on the plane crush and he looked ugly and different. He became mean, dangerous and acted horribly.

For three months Bella worked every night at the casino and then had breakfast with Beast every morning. As time went by Bella and Beast grew closer and eventually became friends. They started spending more and more time together. Breakfast, then lunch and sometimes they even ate dinner together.

One day while she was talking to her family her sister informed her that her father was really ill and they didn’t know what to do. They begged her to come and help him. So Bella asked Beast if she could visit her father before it was too late. He was against it at first because he thought Bella wouldn’t return but after a lot of talking she convinced him by promising that she would come back when her father got better.

But weeks past and Bella didn’t return. Beast was devastated and he got sick. When Bella heard about Beast from his friends, she took the first flight back to him. During her flight she realized she was in love with him. When she landed, Bella went to Beast’s house and told him the truth. He admitted his love for her too and he asked her to marry him.

Bella was incredibly happy not only for the marriage proposal but also because after she consulted Beast’s doctor they found out Bella was a matching donor for Beast. She gave a kidney to Beast anonymously, so he didn’t feel like he owed her, and saved his life. Three months after an incredibly successful surgery Charlie and Bella got married in front of all their family and friends, including Bella’s father.


And they all lived happily ever after. 


Samorost 2

Samorost was sleeping peacefully in his house when he heard his dog barking outside. He woke up and saw two aliens kidnapping his dogs and leaving the planet.

He got in to his spaceship and followed them. They hit a robot in the head to open the gate and they went inside.

When Samorost arrived at the planet he got out of his spaceship and he started walking until a branch from a tree grabbed him. Luckily on a tree nearby there was a caterpillar that eats these trees. I dragged the caterpillar from one tree to another to save Samorost.

After he got free from the tree he started walking again in the opposite direction.  He saw a snail trying to build his home with a hammer. He knew that he needed that hammer so he tried to some up with a plan to get it.

Next to the snail there was a cave with a big pot inside. He had an idea! He tried putting water in to the pot but something was blocking it, so he went outside to see what was blocking the water and he saw an animal drinking all the water from a hole in the pipe. He closed the hole with a cork and poured water in the pot.

A monkey was jumping on some plants and it threw seeds inside the pot so now whoever drinks it falls asleep. The snail was so tired from his work that he drank from the pot and Samorost took his hammer and hit the robot on the head.

He started going down until one step of the stairs was broken, so he jumped on a rusty pipe. With the help of a yo-yo made by a spider, Samorost got in a hole. Inside a hole there was a big fridge with a rat inside. After putting the plug of the fringe n the socket it starts vibrating and it reveals a drain. With a hook Samorost opened the drain and went inside. But it was so dark he couldn´t see anything, so he went back up.

He saw a hole like a cave beside him and he went. There was a flashlight on the wall. He took it and he went back down the stairs. There was water flowing. To get rid of the water he had to turn a cock. There was another cock and when he turned it a hole opened through the wall.

In the other room there was water again. He turned three little cocks and then a big one to remove the water and he went through another hole. It was where he got the torch before but downstairs. He put a coin in a machine and a robot came out from a door.

The robot was holding a wrench. With it Samorost loosen the three little screws from a machine. He gave the wrench back to the robot. Then he put the coin in again and pressed the other button.  The robot came out again but with a bigger wrench this time. Samorost loosened the big screw and gave it back to the robot.

After he removed the band from the machine everything stopped working. Samorost started crawling to all the rooms he had been before until he finally finds the room where he took the torch. He climbed the ladder to the supply room.  There was a machine that was sending apples. He stopped it and he put all the apples to a basket near him. When he had put all the apples he fell in to the hole and with a bucket he started going down the escalator.

  That escalator led Samorost to another room where an alien was sitting and watching TV. He grabbed him and ate him but he immediately spat him out. He pushed a button and something grabbed Samorost. After releasing him, Samorost when behind the alien´s chair and pushed it towards the TV so when he pressed the button again the rope grabbed him. A key fell on the floor so Samorost took it and opened a cage where Samorost´s dog was running.  He took the dog and went back to his spaceship.

The spaceship crashed in a different planet. Samorost got stuck on a pole but with the help of his dog he got down. A bug near them gave them a ride to forest. In the forest there was a man that wanted his pipe. A bird took his pipe so Samorost distracted the bird with a nut and took the pipe. Now he wanted his pouch. The dog went to fetch the pouch and it came back to give it to the man. When Samorost gave him the pouch he released a firefly which they followed.

The firefly led them to a lighthouse. They went inside the light house and made a hot drink so the man next to the lighthouse woke up after drinking it. He went up the mountain and with the help of some seals he filled a balloon with water and went back to the lighthouse. He filled the taxi´s tank with the air from the balloon and they went home.


The X-Files

On 12 June 1993 George Usher was murdered in his office. There were three other recent murders. The victims had nothing in common except that there was no point of entry and the liver was removed.

I discovered there were five murders every thirty years with the same fingerprint so I knew that there will be two more murders this year. The fingerprint I found was from long thin finger something extremely unusual.

Agent Scully believed that the killer was male, twenty-five to thirty five years old, with above average intelligence and suffering from OCD.

Back at George Usher´s office we arrested a man about twenty years old, with a childlike face. He was wearing a uniform with the emblem ANIMAL CONTROL. His name was Eugene Tooms. We gave him a lie detector test and he lied only to two questions about his age. However, the chief detective decided to let him go.

The same night Thomas Werner was murdered with his liver removed. On the fireplace there was something missing and also there was the same fingerprint again. I was sure that it was Eugene Tooms.

I searched the 1903 Census and I found Toom’s name and address but nothing else, such as a birth or death certificate. His address was 66 Exeter Street, Maryland.  Agent Scully also found the address of the police officer who investigated the 1933 murders.

We went to visit him and we found out that he thought that the killer on 1963 was the same as the one on 1933. He also showed us a jar with a piece of liver which was found in 1963 and a picture of a man who was his main suspect. I recognized Eugene Tooms easily as he looked as exactly the same then as he does now. Briggs also confirmed that his address was the same. Lastly he told us that Tooms collects trophies from all of his victims.

We went to 66 Exeter Street, apartment 103. In the basement we found trophies like the ones Briggs was talking about. On one of the walls there was a nest made from bile and newspapers. My theory was that Tooms hibernates in the nest and he wakes up every thirty years to eat five livers so he can survive.

While we were going back up, Tooms took Scully´s necklace without her noticing. She was going to be his fifth victim.

After I had gone back to Exeter Street and discovered Scully’s necklace there, I realised that Tooms was going to attack Scully. I rushed straight to her apartment just in time to rescue her.

We arrested Tooms and now he is at a psychiatric hospital but we think he is building another nest!


Trial about the tragic murder of a young girl

The first two days of the trial about the nineteen year’s old Mary Jones are finished. The police have two suspects, Dan Smith and Simon Clark. Mary Jones was murder in Nissibeach, Ayia Napa on 12 August. Somebody killed her by hitting her four times on the head with a spanner.

She went with her boyfriend Jim Wilson to a disco night and she ended up dead. Dan and Simon stole a white ford fiesta and arrived at the disco by 10:30, one hour before Mary and Jim. They both danced with Mary and Jim was jealous. Jim and Mary fought so she started walking home alone at midnight.

Around 12:30 Jim found her body and he tried to save her so he was covered with blood. He called the police 15 minutes later. PC Norton answered the phone call from Jim and he went to the beach.

 Dr. Seldon who was a witness told to the jury that Mary´s hands were cover with her blood and that she had some blood under her fingernails but he didn´t find out whose it was. Simon was found with two marks under his left eye. He says that he got when the Jim in the disco hit him but the police think that he got from Mary.    

WPC Grey found the spanner with Mary’s blood and hair on it inside the white ford fiesta with Dan and Simon inside while PC Moran found tires marks from the tires that the matched the white ford fiesta. 





Inverted Eagle


There was a robbery at 329 Birch Drive in Washington D.C. on 17 of November. The thief stole $400,000 cash, $80,000 jewelry and $40,000 stamps from Mr. and Mrs. Reed.

That night Lucia, the housekeeper, brought tea to Mr. and Mrs. Reed as usual but the difference was that the tea was drugged this time so they fell asleep. The thief opened the bedroom door with a key but the only people who had keys were Mr. Reed, Mrs. Reed and Mr. Reed´s mother who had lost it.

The stolen items and Alison´s watch were found in Lucia´s son, Miguel’s bedroom, but he wasn´t the thief.

The thief was Nancy Reed and her motive was that she read Alison´s dairy and she knew that she and Miguel were dating in secret. She wanted Alison to marry Derek a son of a businessman and not to date Miguel the son the housekeeper. She framed Miguel and she kicked him out of the house.

There are three pieces of evidence against Nancy Reed. The first is that her fingerprints were all over the stamp of the Inverted Eagle that Judith put away three days ago but she said that she last opened the safe three weeks ago. Second, she knew about Alison and Miguel and last but not least her socks were wet from the tea her husband spilled when she stood up on the bed to open the safe.  




The wizard of Oz

 My name is Dorothy and I live with my aunt Em, my uncle Henry and my dog Toto in Kansas. One day there was a cyclone and my family got in to the cellar. But I didn´t get in to the cellar because it was shut. I shouted: Aunt Em!  Uncle Henry! Then I went in to the house with Toto and the house went up in the sky. When the house went back to the ground I get out and I saw a beautiful and colourful place. It was so gorgeous! It wasn´t like Kansas because Kansas is grey and this place is colourful.

 When I get out I saw a beautiful woman wearing a white dress and hundreds of small humans wearing blue clothes. They were Munchkins. I was scared. I screamed. There was a woman there and she said:

-        My name is Glinda and I am the good witch of the North. You are in Munchkinsland and you killed the wicked witch of the West.

-        My name is Dorothy and I am from Kansas. I didn´t want to killed the witch it was an accident! Can you please help me? I want to go back to Kansas.

Suddenly the witch under the house disappears. The good witch grabbed the silver shoes and she gave them to me. She said:

-        These shoes are magic. The wicked witch of the east want them wear them and they are going to be yours. To go back to Kansas you have to find the Wizard of Oz. to go there you have to follow the yellow brick road. And one last thing to overcome any difficulty in your way you have to have love, wisdom and courage.

She kissed me at the forehead and she flew away. 

The Wizard of Oz

 When I started to follow the yellow bricks road I heard a voice.

-           Help! Help!  Please someone help me!

Then I heard it I again and I found a scarecrow in a field. He was trying to get down from his pole. He saw me and he said:

-           Can you help me please? I stuck here and I can´t get down.

-           Of course, I said

 I grabbed him and I helped him get down.

-           Hi! My name is Scarecrow. I am a scarecrow but I can´t scared anyone, he said

-           Hi! My name is Dorothy and this is Toto. We are from Kansas and we are going to the Wizard of to help us go back home.

-           Can I come with you? Maybe the wizard can gave a brain! And I am not going to be annoying because the only thing I scared is the fire.

-           Of course you can come. We can be friends!

We continue our way when we felt hungry. We started to look for apples when suddenly we found a Tinman. He couldn’t move his body. His joints were stuck.

-           Can you help me? My joints is stuck and I can´t move my body. You just have to oily my joints with this oil can.

I oily him and we said:

-           My name is Dorothy, this is Toto and this is Scarecrow. We are going to go to the wizard of Oz to give a brain to the Scarecrow an help me and Toto go back home.

-           Can I come too? I want a heart and I think the wizard can help me

-           Of course you can!


So we started to go to the wonderful Wizard of Oz!