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Jacqueline Smith’s murder

    As we all already know, there has been a murder 2 nights ago with the victim being Jacqueline Smith, a nurse who was late for duty and was found dead at her bed at 9:30 in the morning. She was murdered around 11-12 o’clock the night before. So, who is the murderer and why?

   The murderer is Jeff Hudges, the guard. Jeff, got mad that Sarah because she went to the pub with Jakey and that’s why he left her glove to the murder scene, so she would be blamed. He has also probably heard or saw the fight Amelia and Jacqueline had, since he is the guard of the building. He is also the most likely one to have the keys to Jacqueline’s apartment.

 So what happened is that Jeff, heard or saw the fight Amelia and Jacqueline had, so it was very easy to blame her. He suffocated Jacqueline with a pillow while she was trying to defend herself. He locked the door as he left, since he probably had keys. Meanwhile, since Sarah is Jeff’s girlfriend, he knew that she had money problems and she was asking money all time.

   This is what probably happened, during 11-12 o’clock 2 days ago. We may think that guilty can stay a secret, but only until someone considers another way of the things we said.




The Wave

Hey Sarah,

How are you doing? I got some incredible news to tell you.

  Remember the conversation at Mr. Ross’ house David and I had? Well, today Mr.Ross came to the class, implying that The Wave should take all over the country. He  announced an afternoon meeting only for Wave-members. David and I were stunned. We thought all this was finally coming to an end! We disrupted the class, shouting that Mr.Ross was lying and shocked no one thought for it even for a second. The all followed their leader blindly once again. Mr.Ross irritated, ordered some boys from our class to take us to the principal’s office. David and I waited almost all afternoon to see the principal and when we did, he just said that everything would be alright. We both got very frustrated and upset.

 Leaving the office, we reflected on how all this started. We remembered the film he showed us and how David was trying to convince me that the Nazi situation would never happen again. But here it was! The whole school became little Nazis. Unbelievable right? Suddenly, I had the idea of going back to school. I wanted to see what would happen. If I would regret not trusting Mr.Ross.

    We arrived at school, trying to find a door that wasn’t  locked. When we did, we ran to the auditorium. Everybody was wearing a blue shirt and Mr.Ross was on stage ready to show the students their national leader. The curtains moved and the auditorium filled with gasps as Adolf Hitler’s face appeared on the huge screen and as the film he showed us the first day played. Then, Mr.Ross confronted them. He talked about how everyone fell for the Wave. How they followed someone blindly without thinking for themselves. How far they would have gone. How they traded their freedom for equality and how they turned equality into superiority over non-Wave members. The Wave members were shocked and so was David and I . We couldn’t believe our ears. How could this ending be so successful?

   Turns out that this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Maybe the best. This taught us the most important lesson in our lives. That we are responsible for our own actions and that we must think for ourselves. In the end, I am glad I’ve been part of this. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t. I would let it happen, just the way it did, with no changes, and with no regrets.

Unfortunately, I have to go study a lot of History right now but I’d love to hear your thoughts some time. I am sure you’re stunned!!





Hey Sarah,

How are you? I missed you so much and I have to update you about the Wave, once again.

 So yesterday, I finished writing my article feeling very excited that I was going to reveal the other side of the WAVE. I ran to Amy to tell her about it. She seemed very uncertain and she said I shouldn’t post it. Then she started saying about her always having to compete with me and me not liking the wave because I am not the ‘’princess’’ anymore. I mean what’s that suppose to mean? She is the second person telling me that. I don’t think it’s true. The truth is that I don’t like the Wave because it has become an obsession, nobody thinks for himself  anymore and people are getting hurt! How can they not realize that? They are so stubborn. They don’t even want to hear a word of what you have to say that might be against their opinion. Who knows? You might be their next victim. Like I was.

    After school, the other Grapevine’s members and I stayed late to celebrate our victory about the article. Predictably, I was the last one who had to stay and clean. By the time I finished it was already dark outside and I was all alone. As I walked to the hallway, the silence was so heavy I could hear my heart pounding. After a few minutes I stopped. On my locker, there was the word ‘’ENEMY’’ written with red. I was trembling. The beating of my heart was becoming louder and louder. Abruptly, I heard footsteps. Was someone there? I ran as fast as I could to the first exit. Locked. Fortunately, the next one was opened. I started running when I heard David calling my name. I was definitely not in the mood for a breakup conversation after what happened. He told me that I needed to stop writing stuff about the Wave, but I insisted , supporting my opinion that the Wave was dangerous. All of a sudden, I was on the floor. I couldn’t believe David got so mad he pushed me to the ground and neither did he. He apologized and we headed off to Mr. Ross’ house to tell him that the Wave has to stop as soon as possible.

Mr Ross was definitely not expecting our visit but instead, he let us in his house to talk to him. We told him about The Wave, how students were afraid to have a different opinion about it. I was so happy David was there with me. I am very proud to have him with me again. I am really relieved he understood what is wrong with the Wave.

When we were leaving Mr Ross asked us if we knew anyone who wasn’t involved in the Wave(I told him two Grapevine members- Alex and Carl).  He also begged  us not to tell anyone about our conversation. He said that we had to keep it a secret. I am still uncertain about keeping our conversation a secret, but David seemed to agree. Apparently, Mr.Ross has a plan.

   I really hope this situation ends soon! I want to enjoy my old life again without worrying if anyone is going to get hurt. Write back soon please!!

Kisses ,




Hey Sarah,

How are you? I wish we could be together now, I’m sure we would be sharing a lot of common feelings about ‘’THE WAVE’’ , which is becoming even more odd.

         So yesterday, I quarrelled with David about ‘’The Wave’’. I don’t know what makes him and other classmates of mine allow themselves to get involved in something so immature. I restrained myself, reflecting on how bad David wants the football team to be the winner by making them part of ‘’The Wave’’.

      In the classroom, Mr. Ross gave each one of us a membership card. He said that some of them had a red X on them which meant that they were monitors and that they have the responsibility to report anyone who doesn’t obey the rules. I immediately turned around my card and to my big surprise, there was no red X.  I got very upset and frustrated so I asked Mr.Ross what was the point of this. He told me that it was just an example of how a group monitors itself.

   The word added to our motive today was ‘’action’’. He explained that discipline and community were useless without action. Then, everybody started shouting the motto ‘’Strength through Discipline, Strength through Community, Strength through Action’’. Why was everyone feeling this? Why was everyone enjoying it so much? Why did they think that that was fun? Why did they like obeying rules as if they are robots? I wondered while sitting silently, without feeling the high energy and the enthusiasm I felt the previous days.
    After the lesson, all ‘’The Wave’’ members sat together at lunch. I asked if anyone felt odd about what had just happened.  After the student’s answered I realized that I was the only student who was uncertain. I don’t like being part of this unity , but this seems to be a serious living movement to everyone else. 

     Earlier today was the Grapevine’s editorial meeting and once again we didn’t have any stories to write about since everyone decided to play lazy. Suddenly, Carl, a member had the idea to  write about ‘’The Wave’’.  Everyone agreed and got excited since everyone wanted to know for it. At first I hesitated but then I agreed to write a story explaining what it is. It’s worth a story after all, isn’t it? Meanwhile, the others had to ask other students what they thought of ‘’The Wave’’.

    I think all this is a fad after all. In a couple of months no one is going to remember what it is.

    Anyway, I got studying to do. Talk to you later. Please send me back an email talking  about your opinion and advice!







Hey Sarah,

How have you been? I’ve missed you so much and I’ve been thinking about you a lot, so I decided to write an email to you and update you!

Remember Mr. Ross, our positive and so energetic history teacher? Well, some days ago he showed us a video about World War Two about the Nazis and people’s terrible conditions. They were like tortured living skeletons. Anyway, I don’t want to remember this, I feel sick. In fact, I got so upset at school, I couldn’t even eat at lunchtime! At the same time though, I had several questions like why didn’t anyone talk about the slaughtered people? And how could they even do that?

    Today, Mr. Ross talked about discipline and we actually did something pretty weird. We got up and started walking around the classroom waiting for Mr.Ross, who was holding a stopwatch, to allow us to take our seats .The class soon became an unorganized mess. Then Mr.Ross told us to do the same, but this time coming from the hallway. Fortunately, David had the idea of us standing to a line based on who has to go the farthest to reach his desk. And to our big surprise, it worked and we did half the time! I can’t say it wasn’t fun but I can certainly say that it was better than the film we saw!

Got to go! Mum is calling for dinner. Write back to me soon, please! I really need your opinion about this!



P.S. Say hi to your mum from me!


Hey Sarah,

How are you doing? I am writing to share my news with you once again.

So, I forgot to tell you about the special posture Mr. Ross showed us the other day  but I am certain you remember the weird experience . Today, all of us sat silently in the posture waiting for Mr. Ross. When he arrived he seemed very surprised. I guess he didn’t expect that behaviour from us. Honestly, me myself couldn’t even imagine that one day our class would be so disciplined. I wish you have been there! I am sure you’d be surprised, too.

     So, Mr. Ross told us that apart from discipline we need to be a community- a unit. Then he gave us our new motto which is ‘’Strength through discipline! Strength through community!’’. Our symbol is a wave same as our name Mr. Ross explained our name and our symbol(‘’THE WAVE’’) as a pattern of change, a motivation, a direction, an impact. We also have a special salute.       

     At first, I thought the motto was a dumb idea and I didn’t understand what all this was about . But as soon as all class started shouting out loud the motto, including me, I felt powerful. I felt as if I really belonged somewhere. And I was certain each one of my classmates felt the same.

    By the end of the lesson, I realized how much I enjoyed it. It was definitely the most interesting history lesson. Can’t wait for the next one !

     I miss you very much and I’d love to hear your news, as well!





Lockdown Love

 In Cyprus there was a complete lockdown. Alice, a fifteen-year-old girl, was getting really bored so she kept scrolling through Instagram. Suddenly, she saw a picture of a handsome boy hugging a dog, which he had adopted from the shelter.

    Alice, as a huge animal lover, searched for the boy’s profile. She was fascinated by how many good actions he was doing for dogs, so she decided to create a fake account, to talk with him.

     She texted Tom talking about her admiration for his actions. He thanked her and they started talking about pets and the lockdown. Their conversations flowed, as if they’d known each other for years.

       One day, Tom asked Alice for a selfie of her, but she refused, thinking that if he cared, her appearance wouldn’t matter.

        They kept talking for another month until quarantine was over. Alice asked Tom to hang out, but he said that he was too busy with his exams. Alice was very patient and she kept calming down Tom and make him feel less stressed, something that Tom loved.

     When Tom was done with the exams he texted Alice to ask her to meet at 7:00 p.m. at Ledra’s Street. She had said that he would recognize her from the stuffed animal toy she was going to be holding.

      When Tom arrived he saw a beautiful young girl, his age walking towards him. She had curly  brown hair and blue eyes, just like the ocean. Tom kept staring at her, almost forgetting that she was not holding a stuffed animal.

     And there she stood. Across the street. A woman, years older, holding a small stuffed animal toy. He got nearer and asked:

‘’ Alice, is that you?’’

‘’ No, young boy. There was this beautiful girl and she begged me to hold this animal toy. She said she wanted to give you a small test…Now go find her! She’s waiting for you at the Italian restaurant.’’ the lady replied.




    My best friend, Dorothy and I had decided to rent a house  near the lake to celebrate the end of our exam. When we arrived we got little disappointed. The house was huge but ancient. The door creaked as we opened it and there was dust and spiderwebs everywhere. In fact it looked as if no-one had lived there for ages. We got upstairs in the bedroom where a big surprise was waiting for us. One doll, standing in the corner.

      “Hey Bethany, look at the doll! She must be our welcome present! Isn’t she cute?’’ said Dorothy.

 “I find her really creepy.”  I replied.…I mean… why is she staring at us? I don’t like this  house. It feels wrong. Like something bad has happened here, I think we should leave.’’

 “Don’t be stupid Bethany, nobody’s staring at you. She’s just a wooden doll.’’ You’re just still stressed from all those exams!” she laughed.

’’ I guess you’re right.” I said. “Sorry. Alright then. Come on. We need to get to the grocery store, before it’s closed.’

    The dolls eyes weren’t following us as we walked out of the room, were they?

   In the shop the owner asked if we were new in town and when we explained we were staying at the old house by the lake, he looked at us really strangely. He told us to be careful and just ignore anything strange that might happen. We asked him what he meant but he refused to say anything else.

When we came back, the doll was on the front steps. It was almost as if she was waiting for us.  I freaked out so much, I almost dropped the groceries. How did the dolls get there? Did we put her there? Did we? I don’t think so. We remembered the shop owner’s words and  so we decided to ignore the incident and took the doll back  inside with us.

       It was 3 a.m. when I heard a noise in the hallway. I thought it was Dorothy so I went back to sleep. About 5 minutes later, I heard the noise again. I opened my eyes and the doll was right in front of my eyes.

’’What happened? “ Dorothy asked in terror.

I turned to point at the doll. But it was no longer there!

’’The-the doll it was right here. I swear! ’I said in shock.

’’Are you crazy? Do you have any idea what time is it? Go back to sleep.’’, Dorothy replied.

I couldn’t believe that Dorothy didn’t believe me. Where did the doll go? How did it even get there?

       After the incident it was impossible for me to sleep, so I went outside. I sat on the stairs watching the street when I saw a blonde little girl standing across the road. I looked at her and waved but there was no response from her. A car ran past and when it did the girl was replaced with the doll. The doll looked at me creepily. It waved and then smiled. I ran back to the house in shock.

       I got upstairs and I started packing my things. Dorothy had just woken up. She asked me what I was doing and I told her what had happened.

“ I think you are imagining things’’

I walked downstairs full of anger, Dorothy didn’t believe me once again. Suddenly I heard somebody crying for help. It sounded like a girl’s voice.

“Dorothy, did you hear that?’’, I shouted.

“Hear what?’’ she replied.

The girl’s sobbing came from somewhere into the house. I followed the sound of it.

     I saw the blonde girl lying down on the hallway, holding her leg which was bleeding. As I ran towards her, I looked around and I noticed the doll standing by the end of the hallway holding a knife covered in blood. In disbelief, I saw it walking towards me. I screamed.

“What happened?’’, Dorothy asked coming from downstairs.

“Careful! The doll…..is behind you! Look at the girl. The doll attacked her with a knife!” I replied.

“Bethany! There is no doll and there is no girl. We’ve got to go to a psychiatrist when we get home. I think you are having illusions.’’ she said and walked back downstairs angrily.

        I looked carefully at the girl. I tried to help her but she wasn’t responding, at all. That’s when I realised the girl was dead and I couldn’t do anything to help her.                                      I could still see the doll staring at me and creepily smiling with the girl’s blood dripping off the knife.

     I ran downstairs and went outside for some air. I decided to lock the doll in the wardrobe and bury the body. I stood up and went back to the house. I found them both in the same place. I took the doll and locked her in the wardrobe and then I carried the girl and buried her at the back of the house.

    I went to the bathroom. As I was showering, I heard a low creaking noise. And then a shadow stepped in from the dark door. I thought it was Dorothy but as I looked carefully from  behind the curtain I saw the head of the doll. I got out of the bath and picked up the doll with both hands.

‘’What do you want? Why are you doing this?’’ I asked the doll as if I was expecting it to reply.

The doll stared at me lifelessly. And then, to my horror, the wooden mouth moved and croaked let out an evil : ‘’ You’re mine now’’.

I dropped the doll in horror, but then without thinking I grabbed it, went outside, and threw it in the garbage and buried it.

In shock, I ran back inside and told everything to Dorothy but she still didn’t believe me.

‘’You really don’t believe me?” I asked once again, softly, my voice trembling. But there was no response.

It was our last night in this miserable house. Dorothy went to bed but I couldn’t sleep so I stayed downstairs. I was reading my book, when I heard someone walking down the stairs. I sat there trembling with fear ,but there was just silence. A silence so heavy, I could hear my own heart pounding. Then with a low creak, the living room door opened and the doll walked in.

I jumped to my feet and stared at her in horror.

‘’What do you want?’’ I whispered.

‘’I want You.” it replied

‘’What do you mean? What do you want from me?’’

‘’You and I will have many years together. You are going to devote your life to me. Except if you prefer your friend Dorothy to do it.’’

‘’No! Please don’t hurt her.’’ I begged.

‘’That’s what I thought,’’ the doll said evilly. ‘’I’m certain we are going to be a great match!”

Now I am a prisoner.

A prisoner in a wooden body.



Cindy was a young, beautiful girl who unfortunately, had seen happiness fade from her life. First, her mother had died in a tragic accident and then only last year, after her father had remarried, he passed away as well. So, she had to live with her mean stepmother and her two jealous sisters.

     Because of her treatment by her stepsisters, Cindy became withdrawn and unconfident. Then one day at school, Steve Prince, a rich and popular boy, invited her to his masquerade party. He said that he was having the party to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but the truth is that he was looking for the perfect girlfriend. Cindy was so excited by the fact that she was invited, but she was certain that her two mean sisters wouldn’t let her go. They said that she needed to stay home to do the housework. Cindy was very disappointed, but she had no choice. Then they started to insult her by telling her that she is nothing but a slave. They said some awful things for her father and mother, as well. She broke down and ran to her room where she lay on the bed crying her heart out.

       Cindy, after sitting in her room crying for hours, she realized that she was worth better than this treatment and manipulation, so she tried to figure out a solution. Later, she remembered that her rich aunt arrived yesterday from L.A for Christmas. She tried to reach her aunt by calling her, although she didn’t get an answer She ended up leaving a message at her voicemail, telling her everything that has been going on since her parents died and abut the party, too. She continued cleaning the house while her sisters were leaving in their long dresses for the party, and her stepmother for shopping.

       Her mean sisters and her evil stepmother leaved the house around 9:00 o’clock. At 9:20 she noticed a car light outside the gate. She ignored it until she heard the bell ring too. At first, she was afraid to open the door because she was alone in the house, but then she heard a familiar voice calling her name. It was her aunt! She received her message and came! Not only she came, but she brought her a stunning dress. And the best part? She gave her a beautiful black mask with real diamonds on it. Cindy was enchanted by the gifts of her aunt. She thanked her, got ready for the party. She sat in the limo, which her aunt called her, ready to leave the house. Before she left, her aunt told her to be back until midnight because she has a flight to catch back home.

     Cindy arrived at the party looking gorgeous in her stunning dress. Everybody stared but Nobody recognised her because of the mask. Prince Steve was stunned and could not take his eyes off her. She kept glancing in his direction, hoping he would ask her to dance and when he finally did, they danced all night as if they were living in a dream.

   All of a sudden, she heard everyone counting down for New Year’s  Eve. Prince leaned to kiss her, but she pushed him away as she remembered her aunt! She started running as fast as she could to the exit. While she was running the mask fell off. And The prince who was chasing after her, ran behind her and picked the mask up in confusion. He didn’t know why she had so suddenly run away from him. Neither did he know her name or what she looked like. But he did know that he would search until he found her and then they would be together forever.

         When she arrived home,  Cindy quickly hid the dress and the mask, so her sisters wouldn’t realise it was her and put on her cleaning clothes. When the sisters and their mother arrived home, she could hear them gossiping about the mysterious girl and how jealous they were of her! She sighed to herself and went to bed to dream of her handsome prince!

         It was Monday morning and Cindy was walking in the school hallways thinking endlessly about last night and her dreamy dance with Steve Prince. While she was walking she accidentally bumped into a crowd of girls. They seemed to be really excited about something. When Cindy looked more carefully, she saw that Steve Prince was there. He was giving every single girl her beautiful diamond mask to try on to see which one of them it belonged to. All of a sudden he turned round and stared deeply into her eyes and asked her to try on the mask. The mask fitted perfectly and the prince looked at her speechless. All The girls were so jealous! Especially when Steve Prince asked Cindy to be his girlfriend in front of them.

     One year later Cindy was living in Steve’s mansion with Steve himself and their 2 beautiful children. Cindy never forgave her sisters. She said : ‘’ Each person, learns his own lesson’’.

                                           They lived happily ever after.






          Carly Beth is a girl who was being bullied. Soon, she had the opportunity to take revenge on Halloween night with a very scary mask she bought for a mask store near her neighbourhood. 

      Unfortunately, Carly Beth saw some masks that weren’t for sale. She ignored the man’s warning about the ugly, scary, monster mask she picked , but in the end  Carly Beth convinced the man to buy it .Carly Beth’s Halloween night turned out as a tragedy, as after she scared almost every trick or treater, she realized she couldn’t get the mask off her face. She went to the man and cried for help. The man told her that the mask was now her real face and the only way to be removed was a symbol of love. At the end, Carly Beth was chased by terrifying flying heads that wouldn’t go away without a symbol of love . Suddenly, Carly Beth remembered a sculpture her mom made for her. She ran home , found it, and showed it to the heads. They soon vanished and the awful monster face was gone.

       Although fantasy books are not my favourite , I loved this one. It was very interesting and a bit horror as well. When I read the story I enjoyed it very much! I couldn’t believe that I finished more than 100 pages in two days! The flow of this book really impressed me and made me want to read more and more.

    Rating: 5/5

DeaDDth in the library


S Death in the Library

The ‘crime of passion,’ as we’ve been calling it for the past few days, was obviously tragic. It was committed on the 17th of November at a Country House in Manchester with the victim being a 45-year-old woman, Mrs.Horsehair. The murder probably happened around 10:50. The death of Mrs.Horsehair was violent, as she was hit on the back of her head with a heavy object (probably a wine bottle),because there were pieces of glasses next to the body, which was found in the library. The vicar was hit the same way and he glimpsed someone wearing blue behind him, when he was hit.

      Until now we found 3 suspects. Daphne, Mrs.Horsehair’s niece, who is crazily in love with Mr. Young Archibald, but unfortunately. Mrs.Horsehair wouldn’t let her marry him. She said that if she did, she was going to leave her without any money. Next, we have Jeffery, the second child of Mrs.Horsehair, who gambles a lot and owes money as well. That night, Jeffery was drinking a lot, so this is suspicious or even maybe a clue for the murder because of the wine bottle pieces that were found next to the body. Jeffery was also wearing a blue sweater. Last but not least, we have Mrs. Topless. First of all, Mrs. Topless was furious about the fact that Mrs.Horsehair was flirting with her date, Mr.Oscarsson and they were both wearing the exact same blue dress. They were also having an argument in the ball room, right before the murder was committed.

       After some investigation, we decided that Daphne and Mrs. Topless don’t have strong enough motives. Daphne’s and Mrs.Horsehair’s argument about marriage is not a strong reason to commit death, and neither is Mrs. Topless for wearing the same dress and flirting with her date, though the fact that she was wearing blue is mysterious.

            In conclusion, our main suspect is Jeffery. The story fits perfectly. Jeffery was drinking in the billiard room, when he got out, went to the library around 10:45 and at 10:50,when he killed his mother with the wine bottle he was drinking from, he climbed out of the window and came out the door acting perfectly fine.

          We arrested Jeffery earlier this morning, at around 6:00 a.m. We brought him here, to the police station. He didn’t seem ready to confess, at all. We were ready to start the truth test when he broke down, started crying and finally confessed.

      Now, we are waiting for the prison officers to pick him up and take him to HM prison Manchester.


Invisible Friend

Dear diary,

     Some hours later I was still standing outside, freezing of cold and throwing little stones at Zara’s window hoping she was going to help me. But she didn’t. Actually, she was the one who had locked me out. I still can’t believe that she did that to me. Although a lot of terrible things had happened during the rest of the day.

    Some time later, I came up with a plan. It was risky but better than staying outside. I climbed up to the window and got in my bedroom. Unexpectedly, Zara wasn’t there. I quickly took some money so I can take the bus and then go to Auntie’s. As I tried to walk cautiously down the stairs one of them accidently creaked. Suddenly Zara appeared right in front of me. I was terrified. She accused me of breaking into her house and stealing her money! She proved that it was her money by knowing the serial number on the note. It was unbelievable. Simultaneously, Felix, Chuck and Zara started calling me thief. I was upset and angry. I tried to get them to stop, but they didn’t. I tried to get away but I tripped and fell down the stairs

  When I woke up I was laying on the floor. And guess what Mum, Dad and Garry were there! I was so happy to see them after such a long time. I was feeling epic until I saw Zara standing there. I got very confused and tense. I tried to explain to mum that it was Zara but she insisted that she was just a doctor. I also saw 2 ambulancemen. It was Felix and Chuck! I was shocked. I said to mum that they were trying to hurt me, but she said that they were just 2 ambulancemen.  But I was absolutely sure that it was Felix and Chuck!

   Anyway, they told me I had to stay in the hospital but of course, I refused. I didn’t want to be locked out this time too. Also I really needed to be back home with my real, special family. I never thought I’d say that because I thought mum dad and Garry didn’t care about me. But apparently I was wrong. They treated me like a princess in their own special ways.

Garry stopped listening to that annoying, loud music, dad switched on the TV only when it was necessary and mum brought me a special meal every 2 hours! It also felt good that I had somebody to talk to.

   After all this odd, crazy journey I had learned my lesson:

‘’ If you want something enough then you can make it happen’’



The end.






Ricky and Tony go to Howard High School. It’s time for the basketball try-outs. They are both very excited until they find two mysterious and anonymous notes in their lockers and emails on their school computers threating them not to try out for the basketball team, although they do and they actually make the team.

Soon, Ricki gets hit by a car and the car of Tony’s mother suddenly gets hit.

Fortunately, after the mysterious notes and emails the boys were receiving, they found the ones that were guilty. Kyle, Pat and Eric, 3 senior boys were now suspended for some days.



I did like the book. I really found it interesting. I read it in just a day!

Although, I would suggest a different ending probably with revenge and not only punishment. I expected something that would be unexpected and with no teachers involved. The end was a bit of a rush. It could be more adventurous.




Detective Evans received a call about some shocking news. Detective Evans couldn’t believe in his ears. It was Helena Kowalska calling from the famous nightclub ‘Lust’ which was owned by the town’s big boss, the ‘King of the Underworld’…Mr.Cooper and his gangsters where responsible for many crimes in town.

 Detective Evans investigated the case with Sandra Checcino, a woman who hated Mr.Cooper very much, so she was interested in solving the case.

Mr.Cooper was dead in his office with a gun on his left hand. He was laying on the ground dead with blood all over his head. Mr.Cooper had a lot of enemies so it was less sense to take his own life.

Mr.Cooper and Sandra questioned a lot of people. They questioned his gangsters, his friends and even the cleaners of the nightclub. The answers leaded to Bruno Tartufo.A man who was jealous of Cooper and he challenged him by stealing his dogs and now he was keeping them in his cellar. D.Evans and Sandra got immediately in the car and drove to the cellar while he was out at Cooper’s funeral.

Then, something unbelievable happened. D.Evans caught Inspector Sandra pulling a box of bullets out of her coat and placed them at the end of the room.

It was impossible! Sandra was behind the whole crime.

She explained that her nephew was involved. He didn’t take his own life. He got killed 1 year ago, by Cooper’s gangsters because he got in trouble with them about drug deals.

Turns out that this story was not about anyone else but Sandra’s revenge…or…bloody revenge.




Michael Rose was working as a policeman in Pendle Lee for 7 years. It was a quiet town, except  that the naughty teenagers got frequently into trouble. Specially Alex Katie and their friend group.

One day, he was sitting into his office when suddenly the phone rang. There were the 2 ladies from ‘’Oswald Gallery’’, Joan&Lottie ,who sounded very upset about their gallery being robbed. A special painting was stolen with a blonde stunning girl, called Sylvia  on it.

Michael investigated the case carefully. He found a man friend of Sylvia,Mr.Huxley and he questioned him.Unfortunately,he couldn’t offer any help. After some days a new painting was stolen with Sylvia on it. But this time someone pushed Lottie down the stairs and she got immediately to the hospital. She stayed there until the mystery was solved.

One night, Michael found Alex again in the cemetery. But where was Katie? Suddenly Alex and Michael heard a loud scream from the house that was abandoned  next to the cemetery. Alex was explaining to Michael that she went in there because they were playing a game as they ran towards the house. The building was on fire.They got Katie quickly out of it and Alex stayed with her outside.She said something about a woman when Michael saw a witch inside the house.It was Sylvia who was now an old woman and a witch. Sylvia couldn’t remember anything. Not even pushing Lottie down the stairs. She had Alzheimer’s disease, so she couldn’t be put in prison.

Two months later, Michael left the station and became friends with Mr. Huxley. They talked about Sylvia all the time.

Samorost 2

It was dark when a large spaceship landed in front of Samorost house and kidnapped his dog. It was too late when Samorost heard his dog’s barks and got nervously out of the window. He had no choice but follow the aliens in his own red little spaceship.

   Soon, the large alien spaceship landed on another planet. The aliens hit the robot hard on the head with their spaceship and the metallic gate below opened wide. Some minutes later, Samorost landed there, too. He started walking towards the robot when he suddenly got trapped in a strange plant which rolled his body. He kept shouting for help and a small insect helped him unroll himself and escape.

Afterwards, he went down the road and saw a snail trying to build his house with a hammer. The hammer was going to be useful to him, so he made a plan, of how to get it. Before he started trying his new idea, he saw an animal drinking a liquid from a hole on a pipe. He needed the liquid so the snail could drink it and fall asleep. Samorost moved a huge rock and discovered a room behind it. There he found a cork. He distracted the animal from drinking the liquid and put the cork into the hole. Then, the snail started drinking the liquid and after some seconds he was already asleep. Samorost schedule was a complete success!!! He went back to the robot and hit him hard on the head with the  snail’s hammer. The metallic gate opened and Samorost climbed down the ladder into the darkness. There was a huge web. When Samorost jumped on a broken old pipe, a part of it suddenly fell, and a gigantic spider appeared on the web. The huge spider dropped a part of its web and threw Samorost into a cave.

Samorost saw a wire and he connected it with the fridge. It started shaking, making loud noises and moving across the room. As it was moving a hole appeared covered by a metallic tray. Samorost used all his strength to open it. He saw a tunnel and he started crawling carefully inside. When the tunnel ended there was another room with a ladder. He climbed down but then he realised that there was some dirty water, so it was obvious that he couldn’t continue his way. He did not panic or hesitate and he turned a lever. The water disappeared but on his way, he finds another ladder with water and he gets rid of it exactly the same way. Next, he crawled through a new tunnel and he arrived at the alien’s house. Then, he notices that he is at the second floor and above him there is one of the aliens working on a machine that transfers green fruits. Soon, Samorost discovers that the machine the alien is working on is connected to the one next to him. That’s when he breaks the machine next to him with a tool a robot brings to him. The machine next to him breaks and so the one the alien is working on. After, Samorost follows the same journey he had made to come, but this time, backwords. Where did he go this time?

    This time he ended back to the green fruit workshop, at the first floor. He noticed a hole above him and he decided to go inside. The hole was leading at a small room with only two boxes full of green fruits. He didn’t desperate them, he just moved all of them into one box. Samorost threw himself into the empty box, but before he even realises it, he was already in the glass boxes in the workshop, with all the other fruits. Samorost was upset and wondered: “Where am I going? Why I am in a glass box near to other ones full of fruits?”

    The fruits were all transferring to a room where there was a big fat alien, sitting on his armchair, watching TV and eating the fruits without even looking. ‘’ OH,NO!’’ Samorost thought. ‘’ I think it is my turn next!’’. The giant hand caught Samorost. Fortunately, after a minute, the giant alien threw Samorost up. At the back of the room there was the dog! It was watching a large sausage tied on the wall and running to in its direction in his running wheel! Unbelievable! The giant alien was so cruel! I changed the direction of the sausage by tying it to the other wall. At The same moment the direction of the fan changed as well and it caught the alien’s hat. While he was trying to catch it, I pulled the lever and Samorost came down. Before the alien even glanced his way, his armchair was moved down the hole that he had he trapped Samorost some minutes before. The alien was absolutely confused, so when he pressed the button he trapped himself! He was caught in the hole upside down so the key for the dog’s wheel fell and Samorost ran to get it. He opened his dog’s wheel and they escaped together feeling free and happy!

    As they were driving home happily, they ran out of fuel. The spaceship started falling down when it landed on another planet. They went into the forest where they found a man sitting on a tree. They asked him for help, but he needed 2 things in exchange: a glass cigarette and a vase. The glass cigarette was in a bird nest above them. The bird left its nest because it heard some music from some kind of metallic instrument.

   What about the vase? It was guarded by a racoon. The dog went down the hole and did something really clever. Behind the dog there was a plant. The dog peed on it and the plant got bigger and bigger. There he found a bone and he gave it to the racoon. As the animal was eating the bone the dog got slowly behind him and grabbed the vase. Back upstairs the man was finally satisfied and he gave Samorost and his dog a firefly to follow

We continued following the firefly when we arrived at a high mountain with a strange, tall house a space-taxi and a man sleeping on the corner.

   I decided to go in the house. There, I found a cupboard with coffee in it. Then, I made some coffee for the man and he woke up.

  Afterwards, I climbed to the top of the mountain, where I found some strange flying animals and some other tall hills as well. At the top of one hill there was a shovel guarded by one of the animals. The animal was asleep so I thought it will be easier to get the shovel. I got a long plant and put it in front of the animal’s nose. The animal was probably allergic to the plant, so it sneezed and the shovel behind it fell over into a barrel full of brown dirt.

    I started putting the brown dirt into the long bowl. One animal ate it and flew away immediately. I continued adding the brown dirt into the bowl and at the same time a balloon was getting bigger and bigger. When the balloon was full of air I got downstairs with it.

    I put the balloon in the strange machine. The machine brought the space-taxi closer to us so we could get on board. The man started driving and Samorost was hoping they would return home without any other adventures. Which they did.

    Samorost and his dog were now happy at home celebrating with the taxi-driver. Samorost and the dog  felt relieved and safe back in their house.




hool an

X-Files Final Report

Fox Mulder

   This year there were a lot of violent murders. The first one was committed at George Usher’s office. The next morning, Scully and I were looking carefully at the crime scene when I recognised the long narrow shape of the fingerprint on the metal grill. It looked familiar. Later that afternoon, I was sitting in my office looking at 6 slides which had exactly the same shape of fingerprint. There were slides from: 1903, 1933, 1963 and 1993. This proves that there are 5 murders every 30 years so there are 2 more left for this one. In these murders there are 3 things in common: no point of entry, the victim’s liver was removed and the long narrow shape of the fingerprint.

      The next day I was under George Usher’s office. It was very dark, but I could see a gate open and someone scaling the duct from the inside. Scully pointed immediately her gun at him and for the first time, we saw Tooms and arrested him. He had a childlike face with a high forehead. He was about twenty-five to thirty-five like Scully had imagined.

    Afterwards we took Tooms to the police station where he had a lie-detector test. Strangely Tooms passed the test but he lied at the last two questions: ‘’ Have you ever been in Powhatan Mill?’’ & ‘’ In 1933?’’. I was not convinced that Tooms was innocent at all.

   A few weeks later, there was a new violent murder with the victim being Mr. Werner. The victim’s liver was removed and the long narrow shape of the fingerprint that was found, looked familiar. I also realised that something was missing. Later, Scully and I searched the ‘’ 1903 Records’’ and we discovered Tooms full name and address.

     During the afternoon, we decided to visit Frank Briggs, an old cop who had investigated the murders in Powhatan Mill 30 years ago. As he says, the murders in Powhatan Mill are unforgettable for him. First, he showed us a glass which had a red liquid and a disgusting piece of liver in it. Briggs also told us that Toom is taking one trophy from each murder.

      Next, Briggs showed us a picture of Tooms taken 30 years ago. It was unbelievable. He had the same childhood, creepy face he has now. Before we left, Briggs told us the address of Tooms. Scully and I didn’t hesitate and we visited Sixty-Six Exeter Street.

    It was a tall building and we felt cold and terrified as we walked in. Scully noticed a ladder dropping down to the darkness. It was definitely the basement of the building. The first thing we discovered was a wooden box with various-personal trophies on it.

    There was also something really strange. Greasy rags, torn strips of newspaper and trash were plastered like a huge nest and everything was stuck together by a greenish-yellow substance which smelled horrible.

    It was impossible for a human to live in that place…but I thought that maybe this is not the place Tooms lives, but the place Tooms hibernates and wakes up every 30 years. What if the 5 livers he collected from the murder allowed his body to never aged and survive?

    As we were leaving Scully was trapped in something. The truth is that Tooms trapped her from upstairs to get her necklace, his trophy for his next murder.

    At night I went back to Sixty- Six Exeter Street alone. That’s when I found Scully’s necklace. I drove as fast as I could to Scully’s apartment where I found Tooms above her ready to attack her and take her liver. At last, Scully and I arrested Tooms once again and took him to the Maryland State Psychiatric hospital.

    Some minutes later Tooms was sitting on his prison bed. Suddenly he started tearing strips of newspaper and running them along his tongue. Soon, there was a nest on the wall like the one at Sixty-Six Exeter Street. That wasn’t a good sign, but fortunately Tooms was now having his punishment for the many crimes he had committed…and this time there was no escape.

Or was there?

d Football

Forest Gump 

This story is about a kid named Forrest. He is different from the other kids and he is forced to change school every year. He also says that he was born an idiot, but he is more clever than people think.

  At his many schools nobody wanted him. Everybody was running away, laughing at him and sometimes they hit him, too.

   Then, Forrest started playing football. It all started when a man stopped in front of him in his car and asked him if he was playing football, as he was walking home. Forrest said that he never played because the other boys didn’t want him to play with them.

  Some time later the same man came with his mum, got him out of that school and they took him to a new high school. Forrest was sad he couldn’t see Jenny Curran the only girl that was being nice and kind to him.

    Then it was time for Forrest to go to university when he got a new coach, Coach Bryant and a roommate too! His name was Curtis and like everybody else he didn’t like Forrest. Once he tried to help him and he called him stupid and other kinds of terrible names.


    After the first match of Forrest everybody was partying and he was alone in his bedroom when he heard a man playing with a harmonica. The music was wonderful so he asked him if he could try it. The boy was called Bubba and he let Forrest keep the harmonica. It was late and after some time he went back to his room and he found Jenny! He was surprised and they went for a drink together. Some time later he also started to play with Jenny’s music group to the Students’ Centre.

  That Friday there was also the Big Game. The score was 28-7 and they were the losers. The ball came to Forrest and the score was suddenly 28-24! Unfortunately, they lost but it was a good game.

  Afterwards it was time for Forrest to go to the army. He had a difficult time there but he met Bubba again!
   Forrest was in the hospital for 2 months but a big surprise was waiting for him. A man Colonel took him to the White House where the President gave him a metal because he was extremely brave. He also had breakfast with the President and watched TV!

   Later, he went to Hodaddy club where Jenny played with her new music band. He spend a little time with her but then NASA decided to send him to a journey to space. It was incredible and unbelievable. After his trip to space he was back together with Jenny and he started wrestling at a bar. Jenny thought that he wasn’t the man for her, so she left him.

   Then Forrest travelled again with Mr. Tribble and started playing chess. He was in the final playing with the best chess man in the word. The game was about to end when Forrest’s ape, Sue ran onto the game. He won 50000 dollars.

    Afterwards he went home and started a shrimp business and he became rich but only for a while. He found Jenny again and this time she was with a kid…Their kid but she was married with another man.

   At last he decided to give some of his money to Bubba’s dad, some to his mother and some to Jenny and their kid, little Forrest.





The Wizard of Oz.

As Toto, the dog.

I live with my owner Dorothy, aunt Em and uncle Henry. We are a lovely family! We live in a flat place, in the middle of nowhere. But there are some problems! A woman who lives near us hates me! Why?! Because I am bothering her chickens! Dorothy thinks that nobody understands her, so she decides to take me and go together to a place far away…Without problems and troubles. We were on our way when a terrible cyclone came! We were so frightened, and we were running fast! We wanted to go back home! When we finally got home, we went to Dorothy’s bedroom where she fell asleep! Suddenly a strong wind came, and we started flying! OH, no! Things were flying above us and outside the window! The house was going to fast down when it finally stopped. Dorothy woke up and gave me a hug.




I was travelling down the Yellow Brick road with my new friends, Dorothy, her little dog Toto, and the Tinman. Suddenly we heard a lion’s scream. ‘’ROAR’’!!! We were so scared! We hid behind Dorothy. At the same moment a lion came through the trees! Toto was brave, so he tried to protect us, but the lion attacked him! Dorothy gave a punch to the lion! The lion started crying. It said that that most of all he wanted courage.  It was just a cowardly lion! Dorothy apologized and told the lion to come with us. She said to him that the Wizard of Oz could give him courage, too. It finally came with us and we started again following the yellow brick road!


We were all walking in a scary, dark forest. Suddenly we saw a lot of winkies flying above us! Oh, no! They took Dorothy and Toto and they kicked me down and destroyed my legs! But the Tinman and the Lion were there, and they helped me stand up again. And what about Dorothy and Toto?! They were at the witch’s huge black castle! The witch gave Dorothy a hourglass. When it stops the witch will kill Dorothy! Toto is a clever dog! He escaped, and he drove us to a high hill where we saw some guards out of the castle. They were all dressed up the same. I had an idea! We dressed up like them and we went in the castle. The lion was trying to hide his tail! That was so funny! Toto took us to a big door. Dorothy was in, but the time was ending! We were just about to leave when the witch came with the guards and the winkies! They were all running behind us! Ups! They got us! The bad witch putted some fire on me, but Dorothy took some water and threw it on the witch! Something unbelievable happened! The witch started melting! She was dead and for some strange reason, the guards were so happy!  We are too!

          What things have you enjoyed doing this term?

I loved it when we were watching the movie “The Wizard of oz”! I enjoyed when we were doing theatre in the class! That’s my favorite! I loved your jokes, too!

        What have you disliked doing?

 Sometimes I didn’t like some books and I didn’t pass the quizzes. It didn’t feel so good…

         What about homework - is it too much or too little, helpful, interesting etc?

Our homework is good, and we love doing it because it is interesting! Sometimes is difficult if you don’t understand the books and if you don’t understand the story, because then you must try hard to write a good story.

        How can I make our lessons better?

Our lessons are already lovely. It’s very nice that we are learning English through magazines, books and movies because other children try to learn only through grammar books and worksheets.

         What would you like me to do differently?

I love the way you teach us. Don’t change it!

       Have you enjoyed your lessons?

I can’t see it like a lesson. I am enjoying it so much. I am never bored, and I am waiting so excited for the next lesson. You know, it’s unbelievable and so unusual that we learn like this.

      Do you think you have you made any improvement?

Yes of course I feel I have made improvement. I can speak English free. I love English and the way I learn.


o          Do you think you are reading enough?

Well, sometimes I am bored of reading books that I am not interested in. I think I read enough,   but I enjoy more reading the magazines you give us.

o          Is reading books and magazines helpful?

Yes, it is very helpful because we are learning reading more and when we must tell about something that we are interested in, makes our speaking better, too.

o          Do you find them difficult?

Maybe sometimes I don’t like reading books because I find some difficult words.

o          What do you think of the book quizzes?

Book quizzes are easy but when you have to remember who said that and who did this and put in the correct order the things that happened is a little bit of confusing.


Writing: o       Do you write enough?

Yes, I write enough. I love writing because it makes me think and be creative.

o          Do you think you are getting better?

Of course. I think writing is one of the most important things we have to do, because we will need a good writing in the future too.

o          What do you find difficult?

I find writing summaries little difficult, but the questions you give to us are very helpful.


o          Do have problems understanding what you hear? When?

Well it’ s little bit hard when you don’t listen clearly …You have to focus when you are listening. Most of us aren’t sometimes…


o          Why don’t you speak only English in class?

We are not speaking only English because we are all used to speak Greek. We speak Greek always, so we forget using English when we are at our class!

o          Do you think you are getting better.

Yes. I am learning English in a different way. And I know …I am sure that our way to learn English is much better than using only books!

o          What would you like to improve?

I’d love to improve my vocabulary.

o          Do you think talking about your magazine is helpful? Why / Why not?

Of course, it is! It helps us practicing our speaking and talking to each other about something interesting.

Vocabulary: o Do you need to know more?

I think that more books and magazines will help me learn some new words. Memrise is a good idea, too.

o          Do you have problems remembering new words?

Yes. It’s difficult to remember the meaning of every word.  Memrise help us.

o          What do you think of Memrise?

o          Memrise is a little bit of difficult but it helps us. If we don’t play for a while, we forget the words and then we can’t play it easily.

 Grammar: o   What don't you understand?

The tenses. I am confused!

o          What would you like to learn? o        I need some more exercise on the tenses