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The Murder

The murder took place in Jacquelineís house and the victim is Jacqueline. The suspects are Sarah Cousins and Amelia Chambers who are nurses, Jeff Hughes, Katherine who is Jacquelineís neighbor and Jackie who is Sarahís friend.

Jacqueline before dying had two fights. The first one was with Amelia because Jacqueline had stolen her boyfriend. The results are Ameliaís defeat at 9:00pm and when she left, she knew that Jacqueline was still alive. The second fight I believe was with Katherine because of the exam they took with Jacqueline. Apparently, Jacqueline had copied some answers from Katherine and now they were in trouble. The reason Katherine didnít say anything about if Jacqueline was still alive or dead was because the next morning at 9:30am she was the one who found her dead body and that would make her the murderer for the reason that she was the last person who saw her alive.

Jacqueline has a money problem so before dying she borrowed some money from Sarah. Sarah has a relationship with the security guard Jeff Hughes. And last Jackie who is a Sarahís friend. Jackie admits that she was in the hub with Sarah when the murder happened. Then which is the reason Sarah doesnít want to admit where she found Jacquelineís credit card. The reason is that Jackie is just an ally, and that Sarah took Jeffís keys and unlocked Jacquelineís door. Then she got the chance to kill Jacquelineís while she was sleeping with the pillow. While she was killing Jacqueline, she used gloves to prevent anybody to find fingerprints. By accident she dropped one glove without realizing it. 

After the murder she took Jacquelineís wallet and threw it in Katherineís house so she would be the main suspect. Then she got the credit card gave it to Jackie for being her ally.



The Wave 

Hello mate. How are you doing? Today I am writing to you the last email about the wave.

As you remember in the last email, I wrote that the Grapevine had made a huge success about the wave. All the newspapers had been taken from the students and teachers. So, to celebrate me and the Grapevine members had a party until night. As always, I had to stay and clean the mess from the party. After I cleaned, I went to my locker and saw the word enemy on my locker. I immediately knew that this was a threat from a Wave member. Then I heard footsteps coming towards me. I was afraid so I ran to the doors and left the school.

After some time, I saw David. He demanded that I had to stop writing about the Wave because I was causing trouble. I shook my head and continued walking. Mindlessly he grabbed my arm and told me to stop. I tried resisting but he threw me on the ground. Then he realized what he did and helped me get back up.

Afterwards David and I decided to go to Mr. Rossí s house and tell him about the Wave. We told him some reasons why the Wave should end, and he agreed. Then he told us that he knew how to stop the Wave, but we should trust him. Both of us agreed and left.

The next day we had lesson with Mr. Ross. We were happy to know that everything would be finally over. But then Mr. Ross started telling us that the Wave should be known to the United States and that every member of the Wave will come to the rally. We tried to stop him, but he kicked us out of the class and took us to the Principal. While he was taking us to the principal, he complained why didnít we trust him. How could we if he tried to take the Wave further. Even the principal was surprised when he saw us. Then he said that everything is going to be okay.

Later in the rally all the doors were locked so, we knew that the event had already started.  We had finally found one door that was open, and we got just in time. The event started and we saw a big screen showing the leader of the Wave. It was Adolf Hitler. Everyone in the room understood the meaning of this whole experiment. That they should never blindly follow a leader.

In my opinion I think that Mr. Ross is a very good teacher because the whole experiment was to answer a single question. And while he was trying to answer it, he got carried away. I donít blame him for that because everyone would become a leader if they had so much power. But at the end he understood his problem and he tried to fix it.

That is it for today. Send me what you think about Mr. Ross.




Hello mate. How are you doing?

Today was Saturday and as usual Amy and I meet in the afternoon football games. I was in a hurry to find her because I wanted to talk to her about my breakup with David and about the Jewish kid that was beaten up by some Wave members.

Sometime later I had spotted her on the crowded bleachers. I tried to get to her, but a sudden voice stopped me. It was Brian who wanted me to give him the Wave salute. I refused. Then he told me that without the Wave salute I couldnít go to the football game. I refused again and he finally let me go. After that I realized that everyone on the bleachers were Wave members who had given Brian the Wave salute. I didnít want to be with them, so I left.

In the evening I went to the Grapevine. I was surprised that most of the members had been missing. Carl told me that they were missing because they didnít want to incur the wrath of the Wave. Carl, Alex, the members who werenít missing and I wrote about the how mindless and dangerous the Wave had become. When we finished Carl and Alex told me that they would go print it and publish it the next morning.

The next day as they told me the newspapers had been printed and published. I got one newspaper and went to show it to Amy. I was shocked when I learned that Amy was way more serious about the Wave than I had expected. She refused to believe that the Jewish kid was beaten up she told me that it was all fake. Then she told me that the reason I wrote all that was because David and I had broken up. And that I wasnít popular anymore because of the Equality of the Wave. After she made an excuse and left.

Thatís it for today. Remember to write me.




Hello my mate. How are you doing? Today I am writing to you to let you know about what is going with the Wave.

As usual I was walking to school with David. We chatted and today he told me that he thought the only thing the football team needs is to join in the Wave. I told him they need a quarterback, but he disagreed.

When we arrived, we saw Mr. Ross in the class with a different outfit. The lesson started and he gave each one of us a card. It was a membership card, and some cards had a red x on them that meant they were the monitors. For example, they would report to Mr. Ross if anybody was acting weird about the Wave.

After he wrote the word action near the wordís community and discipline. He explained that without action there is no discipline. He said that they needed more members and when David heard that he was very exited to tell the football team to join.

Some time later we sat at the cafeteria and started talking about the Wave. Everybody was very excited, and Brian said that he liked the Equality that was in the Wave. Even Robert agreed. I think this was the first time we ever heard Robert speak to us.

After the classes, the members of the Gordon Grapevine sat around me. Nobody had any stories or ideas for the papers we were going to write for the school. Nobody looked interested. Some time later some members thought of some stories about the school, but they were all lame. So, we decided to write to write only about the Wave.

After school I went home, and my mother looked really disturbed by the Wave. She said that Elaine Billings was very happy that her son Robertís personality had finally changed, after Mr. Rossís classes. I told her that he is a very good teacher and there is nothing to worry about. Then she asked me if the wave disturbs me. I told her the only thing that is a bit strange is that even Amy believes in the Wave. She relaxed and said that if I am not involved that is fine and left.

That is, it for today. Please send me what you are doing.




Hello. How are you doing? I am sending you another email to let you know what happened the next day.

Today the class felt different. All the students sat without laughing or mumbling. They were all organized and silent. Even Mr. Ross was surprised. Mr. Ross wrote near the word discipline the word community. Then he made it a motto. Everybody was repeating the motto STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE, STRENGTH THROUGH COMMUNITY. He even created us a symbol, a wave that meant the pattern of change and a salute. In the salute we made our right hand in a form of a wave and after we tapped it against our shoulder. We could use the salute only when we saw other people of the Wave.

That is, it for today. I hope you enjoyed what I wrote and remember to send me what youíre doing.


Hello, my friend it has been a while, so I decided to send you an email about my school. I am going to the Gordon High School with my best friend Amy and my boyfriend David who plays for the football team.

Yesterday we had a history lesson with Mr. Ben Ross. He is one of the best teachers in the whole school because he always finds a way to make his lesson interesting. But yesterday was different he showed us a film about the World War Two with the Nazis and what they did in the concentration camps.

It was awful. The way Hitler with his army were capturing and killing all the innocent people. I was disturbed from the film and I couldnít eat my lunch, so I gave it to David. David tried to make me feel better by telling me all this was in the past, but I couldnít forget all those dead bodies.

We had the weirdest lesson ever. We walked in the class and saw Mr. Ben writing the word discipline. Nobody in the class knew what it was so he explained to us. He told us that discipline is power and success. Everybody started laughing. But Mr. Ross continued his lesson. He picked a girl and told her to sit with a specific posture. When she sat with the posture everybody copied her.

Then he told us to stand up and walk around the class. He wanted to see how fast we could get back to our seats. We were very slow at first but after David told us that those furthest should go first. And we made our best time, 16 seconds.

Later Mr. Ross said that when we were going to answer or ask a question, at the start of it we must his name and make the answer as short and fast as possible. At first everybody was confused but after some time we understood it.

That is, it for today. I hope you enjoyed what I wrote and remember to send me what youíre doing.







The Valentine

Hi, my name is Tommy I live in Cyprus and I am going tell you the story about how I found my true love. It all started about thirteen months ago. I was playing video games with friends and after they had I left, and I decided to play some solos before going to bed. In my final game I decided to go for a duo. I was surprised when I heard my teammateí s sweet voice. She was a girl. Afterwards we talked about the game and she sounded very interesting. She told me she didnít have any social media except Instagram, but she never posted anything.

  We played every day and talked every might on Instagram at night. We decided to play some more and without realizing it we became close. She never wanted to facetime. She knew how I looked but I didnít know how she looked. At first it didnít really bother but after some weeks we liked each other. I wanted to see how she looks like but every time she gave me the same answer <If our love is real then you should know how I look when we meet>.

I wanted to meet her as soon as possible but I didnít know were she lived. Also, there was the Coronavirus, and my parents were very strict with the government rules so they didnít let me go out with my friends. This continued for about 6 months. It was late one night when the news was announced about the new rules about corona virus. The new rules were that we could go out again without having to send any messages and without having any worries about the police catching us.

I told everything to my girlfriend and she finally gave me the location that we would first meet. We would meet in the cinema were we would watch a movie. She also told me she would be wearing blue jeans with a black jacket. I was so happy that I had finally the chance to meet her.

When I walked into the cinema, I saw many people waiting for their tickets. I joined the line and waited to buy the tickets. While I was waiting, I saw HER. She was wearing blue jeans with a black jacket. She looked older and smoked a cigarette. I was afraid that if she was the one, I was talking to so much I would be depressed for the rest of my life. When I got the tickets I went to ask her if she was the girl I was playing and talking to for so long.

 The answer made me happier than ever she told me she wasnít the one I was looking for. She was HER mum. She said that it was her daughterís plan and if I was going to ask her mum that meant I really cared about HER and didnít care about her appearance. She told she was waiting in the cafť next to the cinema. She also told me she would be wearing a pink sweatshirt with black trousers.

When I walked in the cafť, I saw her she was beautiful. She had blonde hair with brown eyes. I went to speak to her. She was very happy to see that I had passed her test. We spoke for 10 minutes and after we went to watch the movie. When the movie ended, we talked about it while eating in the fast food next to the cinema. We had great time and after an hour we left. After that day we met almost every week until the day we married.



The Living Dead

I remember my grandfather telling me old stories about Halloween, and how the two worlds of the dead and the living came close together at that time. But I never believed in ghosts or the afterlife. Then something happened to change my mind Ö

I was in a hurry as I was late and rushed across the road. The last thing I can remember was hearing the screech of a cars brakes and being blinded by headlights. When I woke up, I found myself lying by the road. I was shaken and ached but I felt alright. I was lucky to be alive. The car must have just missed me!

I continued walking to the Halloween party my friends were having. I was dressed like a zombie. While I was walking I heard many strange voices. They seemed to be coming from the graveyard near my friendís house but I thought that there must be some guys older trying to scare kids.

When I arrived I saw many people dancing in the garden. Others were eating in the living room while watching horror movies and the rest dancing. It was strange because I couldnít find my best friend. I was worried so I went looking for him and I saw him walking towards the kiosk.

I ran after him but when I reached him, he ignored me. I was furious. He didnít answer my questions and seemed to look straight through me! It was like I was a ghost. I followed him to the kiosk where he got ice and then returned to his party. I thought he was just pranking me.

I got so angry and upset and wanted to do something so everybody would notice me But when we came back nobody talked or heard me it was like everybody was ignoring. So I grabbed a bottle of coca cola, and I threw it as hard as I could. The bottle hit the ground hard and exploded everywhere. Everybody stopped and stared and said that they saw the bottle float up into the air and then smash to the ground.

That was it. I couldnít take it anymore; everybody was ignoring me it was as if they had made a plan before I came to make me as angry as they could. I left the party and started heading home. As I was walking, I heard again the voices from the graveyard. I was still feeling really angry and so decided to go there and tell those guys that its illegal to make so much noise in such a sacred place.

When I got there I noticed that there were more people than I expected. Somebody came towards me. He was wearing a zombie costume looking very real. It was like I could see his bones and organs.  He just stood there staring at me and I felt really frightened. Then he asked me something very strange. I thought I didnít hear him correctly so I asked him to repeat it . I was right he asked me how I had died. I didnít know what to say and I panicked and ran for the exit. While I was running, I saw that everyone in the graveyard was wearing zombie costumes and they all seemed so real!

When finally I arrived back home, it was about nine oíclock. It was too early to sleep so I turned on the TV. I let out a scream in shock and stared at the screen! I couldnít believe my eyes! It was showing a picture of me!

I was in the news. But why? The reporter said that a fifteen-year-old kid had been hit by a drunk driver who put the body on the backseat and drove away. I was in shock It couldnít be true! That couldnít possibly be me! I rushed to look at myself in the mirror but it didnít show my reflection!

It was true.

I was dead!

I was a ghost!


The Story of Two Lost Children

Brian and Lisa Once upon a time in a creepy neighbourhood there lived a family. The father Dad who loved his children, Brian and Lisa. He worked hard, and all the money he earned went on food and electricity. Sometimes he bought toys for Brian and Lisa with the little money he had managed to save He always loved to see their smiles. However, their stepmom hated the children and wanted to get rid of them. Why? She was always angry and shouted at them for no reason. They both were frightened of her.

One day their mother decided to lose them by taking them to a carnival. She thought that she could lose them easily because of the huge crowd there. Their stepmother was so happy losing them but unfortunately for her the kids came prepared. The kids were disgust by their stepmotherís plan. They had brought with them their phones and used the gps to return back home. When they came home their father was suprised because he thought he had lost them forever. But their mums face was terrifying. She was furious. Their stepmom had figured out another plan to lose them.

This time she needed their father. They took the kids into an old dangerous road. The road was empty and full of broken glass and trash. Their father and stepmother left them with the excuse that the road was too dark and they had to bring a torch. The kids knew they werenít going to come back because half an hour had pass. They were unlucky because they didnít have any battery left on their phones. They kids were again disgust by their mums plan and disappointed in their dadís behavior. They had no chance of surviving in that road. They were lucky to see that there was some light coming from further away. They decided to go there with the hope they would find somebody to help them return home. They didnít know that there was a criminal that sold kids organs in that area and they were in huge danger.

They found that the place with light was an old bar. In the bar was an old dangerous woman who seemed very happy to see them. At first the children were a little worried, but then were happy because the woman promised them that she would take a good care of them. She gave them lots of healthy food and put them to sleep in the next room. The children were half asleep when they heard the woman talking on the phone. She said she had two more children for today and would get their organs on the next week. She was obviously talking about them. They were terrified and didnít know what to do. They only had a few days to think of a good plan to escape.

next morning, the old lady fed them breakfast and then told them to clean the bar while she went shopping. They tried all the doors and windows but they locked. Then they found a note with six numbers written on it: 973521. They didnít know what to do with the note but they thought it could be important, so they memorised the numbers.

When the old lady returned they pretended that they were sick and so she said she would take them to a doctor because she was worried that the organs wouldnít get a good price if they were really sick. Unfortunately for her, the womanís ďspecialĒ doctor was on holiday so she decided to take them to another doctor with the that was where she made a huge mistake. The doctor took one glance at the woman and immediately made a quick call to the police. The woman didnít realise that anything was wrong and ten minutes later she was arrested by the police.

 The children thanked the doctor for rescuing them. The children were very proud of themselves and happy . That They were finally able to return home. However, before going home, they asked the police if they could go back to the bar to collect all their stuff they had left.

It was Then that Lisa noticed a something shining behind a ripped picture on the wall. When Brian helped her to remove the picture they saw that that it was a hidden safe. All of a sudden he realized that the numbers they had found on the notes were actually the password combination for the safe.

When they opened it they discovered it was full of money, shining emerald rings and diamonds. They took every single thing from the safe and the police drove them back home. Their father was surprised and glad that the children had to survived and also very surprised but happy with the money they had brought with them. The children were happy too because their father had got rid of their stepmom after eventually realizing that she was what a wicked and evil person she was.


Murder in the Library Detective report

The crime happened at ten to ten and thirty in Mrs. Horsehairs mansion. She was having a party and many guests had arrived. After dinner Mrs. Horsehair was hit in the back of her head in the library with a heavy object.

There are three suspects Daphne, Jeffrey and Mrs. Topless. Daphneís motives are that she loved Young Archie and wanted to marry him but if she married him Mrs. Horsehair was going to stop paying her. This argument happened at 7:00 p.m. between them. The second suspect is Mrs. Topless because she was in love with Mr. Oscarson. She was furious that Mr. Oscarson was flirting with Mrs. Horsehair. Also, she was annoyed because she and Daphne were wearing the same color of dress that was blue. The third suspect is Jeffrey, Mrs. Horsehairís son. He had a gambling problem and needed money that he owned.

I do not think that the killer is Daphne because she was going to lose her job and the love that she had between Young Archie. The killer cannot be Jeffrey because if he killed his mother, he would lose every think and was going to have many problems with the people he owed money.

I believe the killer is Mrs. Topless because she was furious with Mr. Oscarson flirting with Mrs. Horsehair and, she was wearing a blue dress that the vicar saw before he was hit in the head. Also, if she killed Mrs. Horsehair, Mr. Oscarson would marry her.

When I arrester Mrs. Topless she confessed telling us that she was very jealous of Mr. Oscarson and Mrs. Horsehair for flirting.





A spaceship flew in the galaxy. When suddenly it stopped on a planet. It was Samorostís planet. At the time the spaceship landed on the planet Samorost was sleeping. Two aliens came out of the spaceship and started stealing SamorstĎs fruit. They were putting the fruits in the bag when a dog came and started barking at the aliens. The aliens put threw the dog in the bag and flew away with their spaceship. At that time Samorost woke up and started chasing them in his spaceship.

The aliens finally arrived in a planet looking like an onion. They hit a metal robot in the face with the spaceship and and went inside the planet. When Samorost  arrived he got out of the spaceship and started exploring the planet. Suddenly a plant caught him and didnít let him go away. Near him was an insect that was eating the plants. With the mouse I grabbed the insect and put him in Samorost Ďs  plant. The plant let Samorost go away.

Samorost saw a slug mining near a strange looking house. Next to the slug there was an empty bucket. Samorost entered the house and saw an empty pot. He opened fire under the pot but every time he was opening the tube to go water. The water didnít appear. So he got out of the house to see where the problem was. Then he noticed two slugs drinking all the water from a small hole . He pushed one of the slugs to fall so the other one would help him. Then he closed the hole with a lid that he found from an empty jar. The water now started appearing and going straight in the pot. Samorost took some hot water to the slug that was mining. When the slug drank it he falls asleep. Samorost had the chance to take the slugís mining tool. He took it and hit the metal robot in the head then the robot opened the door to go inside the planet.

He climbed down the stairs and landed on a giant tube. The tube broke and a hole appeared. Over  Samorost was a giant web. At that time a mouse ate an insect and then he threw up. Over the insectís dead body came flying a fly. The fly took some parts of the dead body and flew away. Unfortunately the fly got stuck in the web and a spider came and put more webs on the fly, then the spider went away.  Samorost took the fly and with the webís help he managed to get in the hole.

In the hole he found a room. In the room was a lamp that was connected to an electrical outlet and a fridge. Samorost wanted to make the fridge to start work. But every time he was taking off the lampís wire the light was off and he couldnít see anything. When he opened the fridgeís door a mouse came out of it and climbed up the sealing to another hole. From it the mouse pushed a double electrical outlet. Samorost was able to put the fridge to work. The fridge started moving closer and closer to the electrical outlet. Under the fridge was a secret door. Samorost went to see what it was. Unfortunately it was too dark for him. He needed a torch so he continued walking to other holes.

 He found a hole. Inside the hole there was an alien working in some machines. Samorost took a torch from there and went back to the room. The room was full of water and in the bottom of the room was a hole. Samorost flushed the water with a cauldron. The water disappeared and Samorost went to the next hole. With torchís help Samorost was able to see in the When he arrived there was another room full of water. In the other site of the room was another hole. He started turning the round metal handle. After a while the water again disappeared and Samorost continued. Finally he arrived and he was under the alien.

In that room there were two floors. The alien was in the second floors he couldnít see Samorost. A metal robot came in the same floor with Samorost. The robot had a key in its hand. Samorost grabbed it and opened the machine that was connected with the machine the alien was working at.  Then he broke the inside of the machine so the alien would go fix it. In that time Samorost went the whole way back to the room with the fridge so he could entered in the first way he had found.  When he went the alien was at the first floor and Samorost was in the second.  He climbed up the stairs and saw a bucket with fruits and next to it a tube that all the fruits went.  He closed the machine, took all the fruits out of the tube and put them in the bucket. Then he went down the tube and ended inside of a jar. The alienís machine directed Samorost the alienís boss. He was giant and fat. He grabbed the jar with Samorost inside it and ate it. After a while he threw up and saw Samorost. He pressed a button and slime came and took Samorost away. Inside the bossís room was Samorostís dog. The dog was locked inside a cage and was trying to catch a piece of meat. I grabbed the meat and put it in the other side so the dog would run the opposite direction and the all the contacts would do the opposite thing. The slime brought Samorost back and Samorost pushed the boss under the slime. The boss pressed again the button and this time the slime took him. Samorost found the key and let the dog free. Then they escaped from that place.    

The metal robot opened the gates so Samorost and his dig could get on their spaceship and fly back to their planet. Unfortunately as they were flying the fuel of the spaceship was gone.  The spaceship crushed into another planet.  Samorost and his dog landed with parachutes. The dog helped Samorost to take off from the pole he got stuck. When Samorost took off he helped a bug to overturn so Samorost could get on it and start exploring the planet. They finally found a person. He wore Chinese clothes and wanted a grace with Samorost. He wanted his pipe that was on the tree. A bird had stolen it from him.  Samorost grabbed a shiny ball from the personís and threw it near the bird. The bird flew to get it. That time the birdís nest fell to the ground and the pipe got out from it. Samorost got it and gave it to that person.  The person wanted another grace. He had lost his smoke sand. The dog went through a hole that into the ground. There was a raccoon and behind it the smoke sand.  The dog started drinking water from an underground water source and was peeing it near the raccoon. Then a plant grew near the dogís pee. The plant was so big that the dog was able to climb it. Then the dog found a bone and gave it to the raccoon. While the raccoon was eating the bone the dog stole the smoke sand from it and gave it to that person. The person started smoking and gave to Samorost  a glow warm so he could continue walking in the night.

  Samorost found a taxi driver that was sleeping. He made him a coffee and gave it to him. The taxi driver woke up after Samorost rang the bell to drink his coffee. Afterwards the taxi driver told Samorost that the taxi spaceship needed fuel. The machine needed the farts of the flying elephants. Samorost took the balloon and put it in another machine on the top of the hill. That machine was collecting the farts of the flying elephants. Samorost fed the flying elephants and they farted and the machine collected their farts and the balloon started filling up. Then Samorost took the balloon and put it in the other machine where the taxi driver was. They used the machine to put the fart fuel in the taxi spaceship. The taxi driver took Samorost and his dog home.



The X-files


My name is Fox Mulder and I work with Dr Dana Scully for  the FBI in the Violent Crime Section.

 There was a murder in Baltimore offices at night. The victim was George Usher. Who was found in his office without a liver. The killer had entered a high security building but the cameras didnít record anything.  He was the third victim without a liver this year but there was nothing in common.

I had found a long fingerprint in the vent. Later I found some other fingerprints that were over a 100 years old which I decided to show to Scully. The fingerprint that I had found was exactly the same as the fingerprints that were over 100 years old.  I told my theories to Scully but she didnít believe me. She believed that the serial killer was male, twenty five to thirty years old and intelligent suffering from OCD.

The next day I was looking at the duct security basement  and called Scully because  there was somebody in the vent. The vent duct flexed from the inside. A man named Tooms with a childlike face came from the vent. He was wearing an emblem ANIMAL CONTROL.

We arrested him and gave him a lie detector test. We asked him some questions about the last murder. He answered everything correct except the question twelve <<If he was over hundred years old>> and the fourteenth << If he had been in Usherís office>>. But the detective in charge let him go.     

The next day another victim was found. His name was Werner and he too was found without a liver. I noticed that the killer had stolen a small thing from the fireplace.

I searched Ď1903 Recordsí and found Tooms or the killerís address. Scully and I went to Frank Griggs house. He was an old man that was working in the police in 1963. He had investigated the same crime. He told us that the killer killsí five innocent people every thirty years. He said that the killer takes  a small trophy from every victim he killís. He showed us a picture of Tooms. He was wearing the same clothes as we saw him the last time and had the same childlike face.

Scully and I went in Tooms house in sixty six Exeter Street. Scully found an old mattress.  Behind it was a ladder going down to the basement of the building. We found many old things that were Tooms trophies. There  was a nest too. Made out of greasy rags, torn strips and newspapers. I was right Tooms was a mutant that uses the livers to slow all his organs and live longer. When we were leaving Scully noticed her necklace was missing.

The next day I went in Tooms basement alone. And noticed that there was a necklace the same as the necklace Scully had lost, on the table with Toomís other trophies. I was scared and drove as fast as I could to save Scully from the mutant. The mutant was attacking to Scully trying to kill her. I was lucky because was fast enough to save Scully and arrest the mutant.

Some days later I visited Tooms in the mental hospital where I saw him making a new nest in his cell.





The Canterville Ghost




My name is Toto and I live with my person Dorothy and her family Aunt Emily and uncle Hendry in Kansa. One day I started to tease a bad womanís farm and she said that she is going to take me away from Dorothy. Dorothy tried to tell that to uncle Hendry and aunt Emily but they didnít heard her. So Dorothy got me in the basket and we left the farm. In the road we so somebody cooking sausages his name was Marvel. He said to Dorothy that her aunt and uncle were crying and they wanted her back. Dorothy got me on her arms and we left to the farm. When we got there we saw a cyclone coming. The other were in the cellar so they couldnít hear us. I was afraid so I hide under the bed, Dorothy tried to get me but, the window opened suddenly and hit Dorothy in the face. Then Dorothy fall unconscious. After a while Dorothy woke up. When she opened the door she saw a witch. It was the witch of North, she was the good witch. She was surprised because the witch told Dorothy that she killed the bad witch of East. Dorothy didnít want to kill her. Then all the munchkins came out of the bushes. Dorothy was surprised again and told that she wanted to go back to Kansas. The witch gave her silver shoes and said that she has to follow the yellow road to go to the wizard of Oz. Then she kissed her and said <<wisdom, love, courage>>.In the road Dorothy and me met a speaking scarecrow. We lifted him down from the stick. He told us that he wanted a brain to think. So Dorothy told him to join in our journey. Scarecrow was really brave but, the only think he was scared was fire. The next morning we woke up early and went to find food. As we were searching Dorothy found the Tinman near the trees. He couldnít move so we found oil in a small house near. Then he could move, he thanked us and said that he wanted a heart. So he joins in our journey.  The next day Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and me were walking throw the jungle. Suddenly a big lion came in front of us. He knocked down Scarecrow and Tinman then I started to bark at him. Dorothy came in front of me and hit him on the nose. Lion didnít know why Dorothy hut him so she explained. Lion needed courage and he join in the journey. In the way to the Wizard of Oz there was a big ditch. The lion curried us across the ditch by jumping it and we continued our journey. Dorothy, lion, scarecrow, Tinman and me we were close to Emerald City we had just to get throw the poppies but, we didnít know that they had a magic spell on them .After a while Dorothy, lion and me started to sleep. When we woke up Tinman told us that he cut off a catís head and saved the queen of the field mice. All the mice thought that the queen was going to die he saved her. Then those mice saved our lives. We finally got to the Emerald City, we couldnít believe it. In the city was all green walls, houses, even the people. At the start the guard didnít believe Dorothy but when she showed him the red shoes he believed us. So he gave special glasses to protect our eyes. When we got in a tall beautiful woman told us that the Wizard of Oz was in the next door. We were waiting lot of time outside the door. When a scary voice said<<GET INSIDE>>.WE got in and we saw a giant green head shouting <<WHAT DO YOYU WANT>>. We started to say what we want and we all got the same answer<<GO KILL THE BAD WITCH OF WEST>>.Again Dorothy, lion, Scarecrow, Tinman and I were walking throw the scary wood. There were everywhere spiders and scary trees. Suddenly a team of flying monkeys took Dorothy and me and left. They took us to the wicked witch of west. They put us in witchís bedroom I made it and left the castle and went to the others. I showed them the way to the wicked witchís scary castle. Then they knock down the last three guards and stole their clothes. We found the door where Dorothy was inside and Tinman started to cut it with his axe. When the door broke we saved Dorothy but, the witch came and put all the guards to catch us. After a while we got trapped and witch put fire on scarecrowĎs arm. Dorothy got the bucket with the water and threw it on the scarecrow but by mistake the water went over the witch. Then witch started to melt and in the end died. When we got back to Emerald city



o   What things have you enjoyed doing this term? I like getting book quizzes, play Fun and Games and watch movies in the class.

o   What have you disliked doing? I havenít disliked anything.

o   What about homework - is it too much or too little, helpful, interesting etc? I think homework is helpful and interesting!

o   How can I make our lessons better? You donít have because they are great!

o   What would you like me to do differently? Nothing because what I wanted from a teacher was to be funny.

o   Have you enjoyed your lessons? Yes, I have.

o   Do you think you have you made any improvement? Yes, I think.

Write about these things: 

  • Reading
  • Do you think you are reading enough? I think I read a lot and I love to read this kind of books.
  • Is reading books and magazines helpful? When I read books I think that it is helpful because you can learn many new words.
  • Do you find them difficult? No, many of them arenít difficult.
  • What do you think of the book quizzes? I think that they are amazing and I like them.


  • Do you write enough? I think I donít write enough.
  • Do you think you are getting better? Yes, I am getting better.
  • What do you find difficult? Sometimes I find difficult the spelling of some words.


  • Do have problems understanding what you hear? When? No, I donít have problems understanding what I hear.


  • Why donít you speak only English in class? I donít now, sometimes I canít remember a word in English so I say it in Greek.
  • Do you think you are getting better. Yes, I think I am getting better.
  • What would you like to improve? I want to improve my writing and when I go English lessons I want to talk only in English.
  • Do you think talking about your magazine is helpful? Why / Why not? Because you learn more things about the world and you prove it that you read it.


  • Do you need to know more? No.
  • Do you have problems remembering new words? Yes.
  • What do you think of Memrise? Itís great and it helps me to remember more words.


  • What don't you understand? I understand everything.
  • What would you like to learn? I would like to learn more verbs.


New year promises: 1) I am not going to do silly jokes. 2)I am going to play more memrise. 3)I am going to write more.