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Last night, in the Capulet’s tomb three people were found dead by the guard that was guarding the tomb. The people that were found dead was the prince of Montagues, Romeo, the princess of the Capulets, Juliet and Lord Paris who was the son to one of the richest people in Verona.

So how did they died? Friar Laurence told the story of the two lovers Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet were from different families that were fighting for years and years. So, when they randomly met each other in a party they fell in love. So, a couple days later they told Friar Laurence that they wanted to get married secretly. But then everything changed after the death of Tybalt, the cousin of Juliet. But why did Romeo killed him; because he had killed Mercutio Romeo’s cousin so he took revenge. Then Romeo was banished from the city for doing this and left Verona.

But this didn’t end here. Lord Capulet told Juliet that she was going to marry Lord Paris at age of thirteen! So, Juliet went back to Friar Laurence and told him that she wanted a potion to make her family think that she was dead because she didn’t want to get married with Paris. So, he gave to her a potion that she would sleep for 42 hours to not get married with Paris. Friar said to Juliet that he was going to send a message to Romeo to come back to Verona and run away with her. But a mistake happened as the letter was travelling to Romeo. The man who was giving him the message couldn’t continue because there was a virus and they didn’t let he pass. So, the letter never arrived. Soon the “death” of Juliet was learnt all over Italy and the bad news arrived to Romeo. And because he was really in  love her, he bought  poison and went back to Verona to end his life. So, he went to the tomb of the Capulets and there he found Paris. When they saw each other they fought and Romeo killed Paris. So Romeo went inside the tomb where Juliet was and he drank the poison and died and as Juliet woke up and saw Romeo dead and heard people she took Romeo’s knife and stabbed herself. From now on the two family’s will never fight again.



The Pink Bow Tie

Today I was standing outside the head teacher’s office to give him the report for the Balloon D’Or winner. I was waiting for him to call me in. The first thing that I noticed was that his office was a mess. There were folders, papers and boxes everywhere. He turned his chair around and looked at me. At that moment I noticed that he was wearing a very funny pink bow tie. But before I could even say a word, he stopped me and asked me angrily “Why is your hair white. You know that you are getting suspended for coloring your hair.” Although I felt like shouting, very calmly I answered and started telling him about what had happened.

I was going to my grandmother’s house in Liverpool by train. At the stop in Manchester an old woman came inside and also a very tough teen. The old woman was so old that you could definitely say that she was really ugly. She was holding a machine which looked like a camera. She was smiling too in a very strange way. On the other bus stop I understood why she was so happy. That small machine was a machine that could turn you to any age you wanted to. So by the time the train stopped and she was ready to turn younger herself a big man suddenly pushed her and the machine fell down. Then it started turning people older and younger, even into babies about 1 year old! Everyone was frightened. At that moment the tough teen turned older and older and for a reason the machine didn’t stop and the teen became an old man and then he died!!! I was really scared and so frightened that I could hardly breathe. So I grabbed that thing and shut it down and put it in my bag. But I didn’t realize that I’d been turned older until I went home and saw myself in the mirror. My face was back to normal apart from my hair.

“And that’s why my hair is white” then I left the machine on his table for him to see for himself. For a few minutes everything was silent. Then he started laughing. “I do not believe your story little boy” he said to me. “I’ll see if you’re getting suspended and I’ll call your parents”. Then he sent me back to class.

            Weeks and weeks passed and nothing came from the head teacher. Also he had disappeared from school during the last two weeks and I was a bit worried but I didn’t care. A new student came to school last week. But for some reason that I don’t understand all the girls of the school are in love with him. But why would a girl like someone wearing a funny pink bow tie!






Tyler Joseph was born in December 1st on 1988 in Ohio Columbus. He’s a singer, songwriter, musician, rapper and a record producer. He also plays the piano, keyboards, synthesizers, ukulele and bass.

After an interview with that famous person our magazine found out some very interesting facts about his personal life.

At first we asked him about if he likes being a celebrity. He answered to us that he likes most of the times he does and he always tries to understand his fans. Next we asked him what he does in his free time. He told us that   he always listens to music; not especially his, and he thinks of lyrics. Sometimes he also rides his bike to get some fresh air when he does feel stressed.

          Then we asked him what his favorite food is. He answered that it is pizza. We also questioned him about his favorite pet and he told us that he loves dogs, especially fluffy dogs. His dog is named Boogie.

          We asked him about his childhood and answered that he has two sisters and one brother. With his family he didn’t have good relationships with his family. When he was a child he also liked playing the piano and rapping and liked the “Queens” and at age of sixteen he was diagnosed with cancer. He also loves Eminem.

          The weirdest question that they ever asked him is if he could smell his feet!!!  He obviously answered no. He was also asked about his thought about climate change. He believes that it’s true and that everybody can help. Also he told us about his thoughts about drugs. His thought is that there stupid, and that his never taken any and he are never going to try any.





                                                                        Invisible Friends

Hey, what’s up?

               I am going to tell you about what happened the last few days and what actually happened in the end.

               It all started one day when I came home with some great news. I thought that my parents would be interested and proud of me for joining the swimming team.

               What really happened is what happens every time. I tried to tell mum about my exciting news but she’s always in her own world. She always talks about herself and she feels that she is doing all the work. So I went in and tried to tell her the news but all she was talking about herself. Dad was sleeping as always pretending to watch every stupid program on the TV and last but not least my brother was listening to his annoying heavy metal music. So I went upstairs to leave my bag. Then mum shouted that it was dinner time and to wake up dad and tell Gary my brother, to come down. I went to my room to talk to Sara my invisible friend. I know that I’m very old to have an invisible friend but Sara was my best friend and she always understands my problems. I made her when I was 13 because I had no friends and I needed someone to talk to.

               Anyway dinner time came so I and Sara went down to have a seat. But I forgot that my mum warned me when she heard me talking to myself because dad hates it when I’m doing it anyway.

               That night there was a huge storm outside. While I was sleeping I suddenly woke up from a thunder and heard something downstairs. I was sure it was Zara but as I was going downstairs I fell down and hit my head.

               When I woke up I saw Zara. At first I couldn’t recognize that she was Zara so I was ready to call mum and dad but then she started telling me things that only Zara knew. Then I realized it was her. She told me that I’m the only one that I can see her so I must not talk to her while I’m in front of my family. She told me that I could do almost anything by believing it strongly enough. She also told me that from now she was going to live with me. I was so happy that I quick fell asleep.

               When I woke up I couldn’t find Zara. So I went down to find her shouting her name. I found dad sleeping in the armchair, mum in the kitchen and Gary listening to music as usual. Anyway, as I was searching for Zara I remembered what she told me last night so I tried to move a vase with my mind but I couldn’t. Then mum came in and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was trying to move the vase with my mind. But mum was made fun of me.  She started to tell me how to move the vase sarcastic. She was so annoying! So I went to the kitchen to help mum for breakfast. But suddenly, as I was holding knifes, I saw Zara. So I accidently dropped everything on to the floor. Mum shouted at me so I quickly picked everything up. Zara was making fun of my parents so she decided to troll them with the Crispies and the Corn Flakes. She switched the bowls and made a disaster. Dad wanted Crispies and Gary wanted Corn Flakes so she switched them up. Dad thought that they have put the Crispies in the Corn Flakes packet and the Corn Flakes in the Crispies packet.

               Then, after the breakfast Zara switched the TV program as dad was trying to watch the TV and then the TV blew up but for some reason they blamed me again as usual. So they sent me upstairs. Zara came with me and told her that I could make my family disappear until I wanted them back. So I did what Zara told me to do and it worked!!!

               So now I was alone. But suddenly three people appeared. It was Zara’s family. So now they live with me and I was so happy.

The day after was a fantastic day. We played a lot of games with Zara’s family which I always won, but it was fun. Chuck, Zara’s brother was a little upset with me for rolling every time six on the dice. Chuck was always the loser so he had to pick up every game. Night time came and Zara’s father had an excellent idea for tomorrow to go to the funfair. I agreed to the idea, so we are going to the funfair.

It was time to go to bed when I remembered that Chuck had to sleep in to Gary’s room that was a real mess. But Chuck in some seconds cleared it and it was shining. I was really impressed. Anyway me and Zara slept together and Zara’s father in my parent’s bedroom. I really slept well last night but Zara woke me up at 6 in the morning.  I was really tired but Zara and her family, were already downstairs ready for breakfast. We had nothing to eat so I had to go shopping. And then everything was a completed nightmare. They started questioning for everything. I told them to make the food because I wasn’t good at cooking but they said no. So I had to go shopping, school, and cooking. I was so upset that I couldn’t hide it from the others. I lost in the card game because they cheated.

I think that this is the first time I ever missed my family. Even Gary’s annoying music!

               That day was the day to go to the funfair but because I was really upset I said no to the others so I was at home all alone. I tried to make a cake to say sorry but when they came home from the funfair and the cake was ready it was just disgusting looking. Felix Zara’s father made a cake with his hands in some seconds but when I was ready to eat they told me that I had to clean the entire house before eating the cake. I was so tired that I couldn’t clean the house anymore so I sneaky tried to eat the cake. But as I opened the cupboard, where the cake was left, there was only a candle on a plate. I was really angry now! It was my house had brought them here and they were raiding my house.

               Night time came when I had finished cleaning the house so I went upstairs to have a sleep. I was ready to lie on the bed but I found Zara on it. I told her to move because I wanted to sleep but she told me that I was going to sleep on the most uncomfortable bed. I was upset when she threatened to kick me out of the house. So I went downstairs to sleep but a noise came from the door. I was really scared but felt brave and opened the door. Nobody was outside. I went out to see and suddenly the door closed. Now I was locked outside. I threw a rock at Zara’s window to let me come in but when she opened the window she told me that she had locked me out because I was to annoying. She closed the window so I tried to reach an open one I sneaky went in grabbed some of my money from my room and tried to go downstairs. But as I went down Zara appeared out of nowhere and I fell down and hit my head again.

                And then I suddenly woke up and I saw my mother father and Gary. There was a doctor too that for some minutes I thought she was Zara. Then two nurses picked me up and I also thought they were Chuck and Felix. The doctor told me that I had fell down the stairs and hit my head hard and lost sense. The doctor also told my family that I should never left alone and that they should do whatever I asked.

               From now on I was the happiest person in the world. They were interested in me and I think it was the first time we talked as real people.


My fairy Tale


Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a very rich man and he had a daughter named Ariana. She was a beautiful girl and she was very kind .Unfortunately her mother was very ill and they couldn’t find any medicine that could make her feel better. One week later she died. Her husband was very sad so he decided to marry another woman named Aphrodite that was the most famous and beautiful of all. But she was very rude to people. Every day she asked Siry: “Ohh Siry who is most famous and most beautiful woman in the world” and Siry said “you madam”. But it was a fact she was. Years later when Ariana was older she got more famous and she was now the most beautiful woman in the world. She had millions of followers and she was as beautiful as a goddess.

            One day when Aphrodite asked Siry the same thing as everyday Siry told her “Is Ariana madam she has the most followers on Instagram and Snapchat and she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Then Aphrodite got very angry and told her servant “Put sleeping pills to Ariana’s drink to sleep. Then live her to a big city in the other side of the country”. The servant did what she called. But her servant didn’t want to leave her alone to the big city and she left her to a house with seven basketball players. By luck they were very kind to her and they made a deal. She was going to do the house work and they were going to enable her to live there. Some months later Aphrodite went to see a basketball match. Suddenly she saw Ariana and began to go red by anger. So that day she called her servant to order her a pizza and tell her that is a present. Then put poison inside it.

That night when she ate the pizza she fell in coma and her friends sent her to the hospital. By luck the doctor who was going to check her was expert to his job. Two months later she suddenly woke up after the doctor tried to. So that day the doctor called her friends to celebrate. They went to the best restaurant of the city and ate and danced. That night Ariana fell in love with the doctor.

 A month later Aphrodite was watching TV and suddenly she stopped and saw Ariana in the news. When she saw the news she told her servant not to tell anybody. But a minute later Ariana’s father went to the room with the exciting news. So at night Aphrodite when no one could see her, she jumped of the balcony to death. After that night the doctor and Ariana started to go out together as date. Some months later they got married and celebrated every year with the basketball players-friends of Ariana the day that the doctor saved her life. They had kids after some years and lived a very enjoyable life.  And they lived happily ever after.



Phantasy quest

I was sailing with my best friend when we hit a rock and our board sank. Luckily, we managed to swim to the shore. But then suddenly two Amazons appeared. One of them grabbed my friend and took him away. The other hit me and I fell down. Now I have to find a way to rescue my friend.

I noticed a beautiful shell near me on the ground, so I picked it up. Then I saw a house, so I decided to walk to it to see if I could get help. I knocked the door of the house and went inside. In the house an old woman was sitting on a chair and next to her there was a young boy fishing so I decided to talk to the woman. I asked her if she saw my friend and for the Amazons. I also asked about her. She told me that she didn’t see my friend and that the Amazons are very dangerous people and that you don’t want to meet them. She also told me that she lived in this small house with her grandson. I continued walking right and then I saw a blind man. He looked very old man so I asked him about the same things that I asked the old woman. When I talked to him I went near the barrel and saw that inside were some shrimps so I thought that the boy would need them for the fishing. I went back to the little boy in the small house.  I gave him the shrimps to him and he gave me a minnow.

Then I went to a field and I saw a scarecrow with a glove on it hand, so I took it. While I was walking I saw a sea urchin. I thought that it would be useful and I picked it up. For once again I passed near the small house and climbed up the stairs that were near the house. Lucky for me I saw a parrot with beautiful feathers so I gave to the parrot the minnow and it flew and sat on my shoulder. I walked inside some trees when I saw a rock with ancient words on it. It was really a strange language. I continued walking when I saw a small house. When I rang the bell near the house with the hammer and a man came out of the house. He was not really friendly because on every single question that I asked him he didn’t answered to me. I got bored of him so I went back to the small town.

I went to the shop a shop and I asked the lady inside the shop about that strange language and she told me that she had a book about it. She let me go up the stairs and ask her mother about the book but she was too old to remember where it was so I went down the stairs again. But in surprise the young lady was gone so I went upstairs to tell her mother but she was gone too!!! I went down the stairs and went to the fireplace to see why the fire was not burning. But while I was looking at the fireplace I noticed that a brick was a little broken. I went close to the brick and I broke it with the hammer because I saw something shining. When I broke it I saw a shovel and I took the brick too because somehow it could be useful.

After that I went to Corky if he could travel me onto the other island and he told that he needed something to travel me. I asked him what did he need and he told me that he needed a medicine from Magritte. So I went to Magritte and rang the bell with the hammer and Magritte came out of his house. I told him that I was a friend of Corky and then he told me ‘why didn’t you tell me before” and he putted some steps for me to go in to the house. He told me that he Corky needed a medicine from the mountain grass. So I went in the half way of the mountain and my parrot (Captain Junior) helped me to catch the wild grass. I went quickly back to Magritte and gave him the grass. He made the medicine and gave it to me and told me Corky needs the medicine now! So I ran to Corky and he thanked me. He told me to meet him near his boat in 5 minutes.

I went to the boat and there was Magritte too! So we traveled to the other island. It was a really mysterious island. I walked a little bit and I found a graveyard. There were two stones with the names of the two women I met in the little shop that they disappeared.  I dug the ground of the two graves and I found a key. In my surprise near me there was a tree with a rope on it so I took it and I walked more. As I was walking I found a cave with a woman in it. I went inside the cave to talk to her if she knew something about my friend. She told me nothing. Then I went back with Corky and Magritte.

I went near a well and I saw something shining and I went down with the rope to pick it. As I went down I realized that it was a glass eye. I picked it up and went up and back to the other island because the women that I met before could use her magic and help me somehow. I went to the woman and I gave her the eye and she told me that I needed this to find my way to the amazons castle. She put the eye inside her magic bowl and she made it a real eye! I took it and I went again back to the other island and I went to the little shop with the two women that disappeared and I found letter so I took it. I went outside and I went to the blind man and gave him the eye. Suddenly the man could see and he said” I know wear is a secret tunnel all the way to the castle. But you need a light”.

I went and took the blinds man stick and then I went to the light house near the beach and I went upstairs. I took out of my bag the stick of the man and I fixed the light house and took the light from it. I run fast until I found the man. I started walking inside the creepy and dark tunnel until I noticed a door. But suddenly a ghost appeared in front of me. I went out and went again across the island.           I went once again to the medium woman and I told her about the ghost so she took the letter and putted it inside her magic bowl. She made it magic and I went for the last time across the island gave the letter to the ghost to disappear and I run up the stairs and outside the cages. But the guards took my friend away as my friends came to help me. I run as fast as I could but an Amazon caught my way so I quickly threw him the hammer and went outside. My friend and an Amazon were in a balloon some seconds to fly away so I thought quickly and threw the sea urchin to the balloon and it fell. The Amazon died from a great fall and we left the island.



One sunny day I and my best friend Vasilis decided to go for a trip with a ship. Vasilis is short with brown skin and short black hair he loves football and likes playing video games. While we were sailing a huge storm crashed into the ship and we all fall over board. We were really afraid so we shouted for help. Latterly none heard so we all grabbed to a piece of the boat to not drunk. The other day when we woke up we were in the nowhere. We tried to find the other people we were sailing with but we found nothing.

-        Where are we I asked Vasilis

-        I don’t know and where are the other people we were sailing with

-        I got no idea where are they and were we are

-        Nice. Really really nice

-        We are in the nowhere with jungle and a hill with no food. I want to believe that none else is in this island except of the sailors and us

We got up to are feet and started walking towards the hill. After sometimes we climbed up the hill and we were looking for other people. We found none so we climbed down the hill and started to explore the other side of the island. While we were walking we heard some animal noises so we had to be careful.

-        Do you think there are really wild animals here

-        I don’t know, but if they are hope they won’t eat us        

Just at that time a huge lizard came out of the bushes so we climbed at a tree to safe our lives. Some minutes later the lizard left so we check if it returned. Seconds later we were running out of the jungle and up the hill. We stopped there because there was some fruit and some animals to kill and eat. So we made with some sticks an arrow and a knife. That night we saw a fire burning and small dots moving.                       

 - Who do you think these people are?

- I don’t know but I hope not to be cannibals

- For now let’s sleep

- Good night

- Good night to you too! 

The next day we woke up and ate some fruit. After that we started to explore the island. Suddenly we heard a strange noise so we hid into some bushes. Then we saw some people speaking in a strange language. When the people left we ran as fastest as we could to be safe. We just realized that the people that we saw there were cannibals.

-        I’m really afraid

-        Me too!

-        What are we doing now

-        Just be careful don’t make any loud noises

We climbed up the hill again to have a better look to the island. It was a beautiful but wild island. Just then a ship arrived so we hid to not see us.

-        Who do you think these people are and what they want

-        I don’t know just be careful and hope not to be pirates or something like that

-        Yeah! Otherwise we are busted

The day was as normal as it could but something was telling us that something was going to happen.

The next when we woke up we saw the two enemies in the one side of the island and the other in the other side. We climbed down the hill to find some food in the jungle. While we were walking I told Vasilis

-        I’ve got a bad feeling that the people who landed at the island are pirates

-        Are you sure because their looking friendly to me. But if you’re right I would be really careful not to fall on them

Just then by accident like it wanted it we fall on to those people. We started running fastest than all the time we ran for our lives. The five men followed us. Suddenly we came to a dead end

-        What are we doing now mister genius, Vasilis, asked me frightened

-        I think we just say bye to our lives I answered him shaking hands

Just then the men arrived and put us in the corner.

-        Don’t kill us please. We are too young to die.

The me started laugh for some minutes and then stopped

-        What are you talking about little boy we’re not going to kill you or hit you we just want to know who are you and why you’re here.

Just then I felt embarrassed and sad because I told them that they would kill us.

-        We’re archeologists and we are here because we found that in this island is a city that’s been lost. Why now are you here

-        We’re here because we had a shipwreck while were sailing with another twenty three people. So now we’re in an island with cannibals and five archeologists

-        Wait what?! Cannibals live in this island. So we have to be very careful

After that we had to return to the small ship to leave this place. Just then we heard some footsteps so we hid in bush but two of the men hid in another place and the cannibals saw them, caught them and carried them to the other cannibals.

-        What do we do now a men asked

-        We can’t leave the island without the other two men

-        I’ve got a plan and it won’t fail. Do you have rescue flares?

-        Yes!

-        Nice, we can fire the signal flares onto the cannibals and burn the trees to scare the cannibals. So other ships will see the rescue flare and come to save us.

So we ran until we found the flares and an back.

-        Three , two, one… fire

So we fired and the cannibals got scared and left the men on the ground. Then we ran back to the boat. Just then a ship arrived and took us with him


                        THE END   













Hi, I am Paul. I am 16 years old. This summer I got a summer job at the museum of our town. During the summer job something strange happened!!! Now listen what happened:

When I got the job the next day I started working. I worked with Anna a pretty young girl 5 years older than me. The same day that I started working, Mrs.Gilbertson lent a very old and expensive necklace. Anna and I worked on the displays for the new part of the museum. Two days later I was cutting some wood for the displays with the driller so I couldn’t hear what was happening in the other rooms and Anna went to the coffee machine to bring some coffee for us. Just then the alarm rang and I heard it and ran to the room where the necklace was. The necklace was gone!!! After that the museum closed and all the workers of the museum stayed and waited for the Chief Inspectors to search us.

    Everyone told that they weren’t in the room when the necklace was stolen. It was 11:00 when the theft happened. Soon they suspected me because when the necklace lent I just started working there. Well someone from the workers of the museum could steal the necklace because nobody except of us knows where the necklace is. The next day while I was finishing the pirate display I found in the fake treasure chest the Gilbertsons necklace! At first I thought that I should give the necklace to the police but then in I thought that nobody would believe me that I found the necklace in the treasure chest and they will think that I stole the necklace.

 After some days I saw a lot of mysterious things:

First I met Ian and he needed money to buy a new motorbike because of an accident. Then I suspect Cora because her brother needed money for casino and things like this. I suspect and Anna too because when the theft happened she “went” for coffee but I didn’t want to believe that Anna stole the necklace. At last I suspect Mr.Yardlay because his businesses were bad and poor and he would steal the necklace to sell it to get money.

   Two days later thought of a plan to catch the thief but it was a dangerous plan. I knew that the thief will come and get the necklace so I told everyone except of Mr.Balfour that I was going to remove everything on the platform and cut it. So the thief would know and come to take the necklace. Then I can get the thief and call the police. After work I went to watch a film to calm down but I steel thinking of the night. I went back to the museum and in was the cleaner so I asked her to give the keys to lock the door because I was going to stay at the museum. Then I asked what time was it and she told me that it was 19:00 and then she told me that on Monday when the theft happened the clock was 10’minutes ahead. Just then I remembered that Derek was with Linda at 11:00 so it wasn’t 11:00 it was 10:50 and he told Linda to look at the clock to have an alibi so nobody could catch him. So I went down to start the plan. First I wore the police officers jacket to be part of the wax dummies then the only think that I could do was to wait for the thief to come. At midnight I heard a breaking glass so I knew that the thief was here. I heard someone coming downstairs and I frizzed. The thief was in the next room and I could see him but his face. Then I heard a laugh. I knew this laugh it was Derek Halliday. I quickly turn on the light and I said to him

-Hello Derek.

-How…, he began to be but I answered to him…

-How I knew that you was the thief, when the cleaner told me that when the theft happened the clock was 10’minutes ahead and I remembered that you was with Linda at 11:00 on the fake time and you had time to come downstairs to steal the necklace.

-Someone paid me he told me, and just then I heard a BANG!!! And Derek fell on the floor. I quick ran up the stairs and called the police. I went again downstairs and I heard the other man/women shouting where are you little boy. This voice was a women voice and for shore she didn’t know this place well because she was going in the cage of the display. Just then the police and an ambulance arrived so I locked the woman in the cage and I went upstairs to say to the police where the two people were. We went downstairs and switch on the light and when I saw her face I could not believe to my eyes … Mrs.Gilbertson!!!

The next day the two people were in the prison and Derek wasn’t dead.    

                     WIZARD OF OZ

It was a normal day in the jungle and suddenly I saw a girl, a man that was made of tin, a man that was made of straw and a dog and I tried to scare them. When they saw me, they were very scared but the girl punched me on the nose. I was afraid. Then the girl asked me why I attacked them because I was afraid of everything and I wanted to be like the normal lions. After, I asked them where they   were going and they told me that they were going to Emerald city to visit the Wizard of Oz, to give to scarecrow a brain, to the tin man a hard and to the girl Dorothy a way to travel back to Kansas. Dorothy said to me her story: she was a girl that lived in Kansas, a city that wasn’t very colorful and everyone and everything was grey. One day a huge cyclone went to Kansas which picked up her house with Toto and her inside. Finally, they travelled and landed in the Land of Oz. After they asked me if I wanted to come with them to the Emerald City and I said that I wanted courage. Then I, Dorothy, scarecrow and Tin man were travelling to the Emerald City.




I was watching TV at grandmother’s house, when suddenly the phone rang. It was my mother; they went to Nicosia for a job and they said to me that the car had broken down and that they couldn’t come home that night.

It was a very stormy night, with rain and strong winds, lightening was in the sky. Some hours later I went to bed. I felt nervous. I started reading a book so I could fall asleep easier. It was about after two hours midnight, when I woke up. I had a nightmare.  Soon I got back to my bed. It was just then that I heard a noise coming out of the window. I looked out just some seconds later and a lightening came and I saw a person looking at me. Then there was another lightening. But when the lightening stopped the man had disappeared! “My imagination is playing tricks to me” I said to myself.  I was still scared so I covered my body with the blanket. However, when I covered I felt that someone was in my bedroom. Then I saw a shadow moving and I covered even more. For some reason I felt braver full of courage and uncovered myself and got of the bed and tried to catch the shadow. Then it run away very fast and I couldn’t get it. Some minutes later I felt someone was behind me standing. Then all went black to me . The last thing I could remember, I was in the hospital with my mother.













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